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Magic Mirror Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Magic Mirror properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
x2.000 per turn
Bonus properties
Wild icon, scatter icon, autoplay option, free spins
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Magic / fairy tale
Profit lines
10 unalterable
Free games
Progressive jackpot
Video and screenshots: How to play Magic Mirror


Magic MirrorMagic Mirror Online is a Slot machine, who can be played for free on the internet. He was from Mercury developed, a company that is known for, many Slot and Casino-Developing software with high quality - Magic Mirror is only another of high-quality pieces of software, for the Mercury stands. On the Internet you can Play Magic Mirror for free And it is in slot machine, which has been found in many different casinos for years - but why is he so popular? The answer is very simple: The game principle is very easy to understand and the winning opportunities of the slot machine are very high. The machine itself has some bonus functions and offers a changing gaming experience; This means that every time you experience something else and that To play thus remains exciting. But which features offers Magic Mirror and how to play with these slots? Also play Blazing Star slot machine.

How to play the Magic Mirror Slots?

As already mentioned, the Magic Mirror Slots are very easy to use; The game principle itself is similar to that of Other slot machines, which were produced by Merkur and offers a very easy to understand but still again exciting game pleasure. Here are the features of Magic Mirror Online Listed:

  • Classic and easy to understand game principle: The gameplay resembles many other slots and is very easy to understand. Magic Mirror owns 5 different rollers and different paylines. For a better understandability, all paylines are active at the same time; So you always have the best winning opportunities. Depending on the symbol and profit line you get a profit paid and your own game account score increases.
  • Familiar icons: The symbols at Magic Mirror are well explained by the game and are very familiar, especially for those who have already played Mercury slot machines or know an older version of Magic Mirror - for example fairies, amulets or magical mirrors. The latter even solve a bonus round when emerging Freeze out, which will be explained in more detail in the next section!
  • Free trial: As with as good as every Merkur slot machine you can also Play Magic Mirror for free. In addition to the free games that you can get through the bonus round, Magic Mirror also has a free demo mode that you can try with play money - so you know exactly if the slot machine will be fun one yourself!

So you can see that Magic Mirror plays from Mercury like a classic slot machine - with all the trimmings. Of course, the 5 rollers are known as an experienced player from many other machines, but the other systems also have a family and invite you to play.

The bonuses and real money opportunities of the Magic Mirror slot machine

Of course, a slot machine like Magic Mirror also has a bonus opportunity - in this case just the namesome "Magic Mirrors". These can randomly appear when playing on the field and take the place of other symbols. If you have 3 of them on the field, a bonus round begins in which you have pretty good chances for a higher profit. But how does this bonus round work?

The bonus round in Magic Mirror is that you get free spins - so games where you do not have to put a mission and still win a lot of money. The free spins start that an existing symbol becomes a bonus symbol. These symbols are very valuable over the 10 free spells that you get through the Magic Mirrors. Then you get a certain number of these symbols on the field while you are in the free games, these will spread over the entire playing field and bring you additional profits again. Not only that - if you get three Magic Mirrors once again during the free spins, you will once again gain 10 free spins, and so on.

So the bonus round is a central element in Magic Mirror. Mercury once again made it, an exciting and fun gaming experience on the hunt for the jackpot to offer that by achieving the bonus round is even more exciting.

Magic Mirror can be found as well as everywhere in online casinos, as it is a very popular slot machine. As already mentioned, you can do that game then first play in demo mode before then dares to the real money mode. Whatever you decide, Magic Mirror is a very fun game pleasure in both cases that animated for playing again and again!

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 22, 2021