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Blazing Star Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Blazing Star properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
X5.000 per turn
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
Risk (double) game, gambling
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Fruits / retro
Profit lines
5 unchangeable
Free games
Progressive jackpot
Video and screenshots: How to play Blazing Star


Blazing starWe have good news for all veterinary gambling and casinos in the world: Blazing Star, the world's well-known slot machine of Merkur, is now also available in the virtual gamebanks of this world. A gift that has been brought us past Christmas and which we assume. Because there are countless reasons why you should decide exactly for this slot machine, which has already made some player positive cardiac grass. Why you should consider exactly this slot once more? We give you an insight. 

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Decisive Blazing star is that the slot machine is very simple and not trying to convince through colorful and shrill design. Rather, a large audience enjoys its simple presentation, good winning opportunities and the numerous combination options. Everyone who has had some experience in the scene of slots, we have no problems with working in this version and enjoying them as well as the many other fans too.

Construction of the machine

As described above, the machine is very simple and similar to his relatives from the series of fruit slots. The number of rolls is the same and also with the paylines is no great change possible.

Here is the exact information about Blazing star online:

  • 5 roll
  • Minimal insert: 5 cents
  • Maximum use: 10,00 $
  • Largest multiplier: 1000x
  • Paylets: 5 (no free selection possible)
  • Scatter icons: None
  • Gamble feature: Yes


The game procedure follows simple rules. At the beginning you just have to choose his use, which one wants to have for the subsequent spin. Since the minimum use is 5 cents, is long Play Blazing Star In the worst case little losses possible. Then you let the rollers "dance" and is waiting for the result.

If one has now from left to right on one of the given paylines at least three of five same symbols (triple), so you win. The height of the gain is dependent on the respective symbol. The highest profit promises the sun, here the multiplier 1000x is the use, a really satisfactory and high value. Of course, the probability of the profitable symbols is lower than, for example, for the cherry, which only promises a multiplier of 4 in three appearances.

Special feature of the cherry: Here are two symbols one after the other to win (1: 1 payout).

Below are the different symbols according to their value arranged in descending order:

  • Sun (multiplier: x20 / x200 / x1.000)
  • Grapes & Melon (multiplier: x10 / x50 / x200)
  • Orange, lemon & Plum (multiplier: x4 / x20 / x50)
  • Cherry (multiplier: x1 / x4 / x10 / x40)


The only peculiarity of the machine is the gamble feature that is available to one after each gain. You can decide if you either take the money after a gain, or also wants to play "double or nothing". So if you decide for the risky variant, it comes to cards. You are brought to a button where you can decide either for the color red or black. If you decide for the right color of the following playing card, you get a bonus and doubles its profit. If one is wrong, one has played his complete win of the previous spin. Subsequently, the next round begins.

Reasons for the great popularity

Who is surprised, why that's exactly this slot is so popular, you can probably explain that to two points.

  • First, he was one of the first of his guild. Merkur had started early to bring slots to the market with several rolls, this was already very advanced with his 5 rolls at that time and thus considered an example of many those who were followed. That probably probably that many conservative and older players prefer this slot.
  • ZWideness, many gamblers looking in casinos a compensation for stressful everyday life. A hobby, which promises thrill and tension, but also mentally not too much demands. It's not bad that you just play a slot that does not need much to arouse enthusiasm. Sometimes it's the simple things that we liked the best. As well as Mercur Blazing Star.

Blazing star Free play without registration

The slot is a great thing for every new player to immerse yourself in the landscape of casinos. There is the possibility, Blazing star to play for free, To try everything first. On the page of Sunmaker there is the Game as a free demo version or for free download. Before you um Real money plays, is that the perfect way to try the slot. It can be useful, first about The slot machines tricks to read.

And have fun with one of the classics of casino history - Blazing Star!

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 22, 2021