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Gold of Persia Demo
Gold of Persia Features
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Free spins, free spins multiplier, multiplier, scatter symbol, wild icon
Publishing date
Profit lines
Free games
Video and screenshots: How to play Gold of Persia
Interesting topic
Graphics and sound are adapted to the topic
Some exciting additional functions and games
Do not play free of fault on all mobile devices

Gold of Persia: 1001 night as a slot machine

If you want to play Gold of Persia for free, you should definitely try the demo version, because this slot machine puts all its players in a world of oil lamps, belly dancers and glittering gems. The slot with five rollers and three rows of the playman Mercury From USA serves a topic that many people will like to play the slot machines to escape their daily lives: 1001 night. And of course, Scheherazade and the prince of Persia.

Here you are surrounded by a lot of gold-red sand and the domes of the Persian temples. The classic slot with only a few animation and additional functions surprises a total of a lot. However, lovers of the topic will not quench this.

graphic & Sound effects: atmosphere and tradition

The game enthuses mainly through his graphic ideas of ideas. Because here you have not only symbols selected and drawn to the topic, but also card symbols of ass to 9, which were drawn to the topic according to Persian culture. The rollers themselves are not particularly adapted to the topic of Persia also the user interface outside the playing field is rather functional and reminiscent of other slots of the US manufacturer.

This would then have arrived at the sound effects that remain significantly behind the expectations that offer other manufacturers now. Because who expects here to dive even acoustically at 1001 night, unfortunately, something will be disappointed. The sound that accompanies the game with every turn of the rolls, a bright melody of 16-bit tones, recalls more than 80's computer games than on the sounds of the clamps and drums that are found here as symbols. Only when it comes to a bonus, you can hear a melody in Gold of Persia online, reminiscent of sounds from the Orient.

The game mechanics: for romantic traditionalists

The game is very classic. In addition to the five rollers and three rows that you see when playing, the construction is relatively simple to declared. The slot machine has seven image and six card symbols, each retracting all in determining profit combinations revenue. The individual characters, of which the picture symbols are higher, have descending values. So the prince brings twice as much as a shoeazade. The least valuable symbol is the 9.

You can win a total of five paylines. These can not be adjusted in the real money game. Here are the symbols according to their value (descending):

  • prince
  • Shoeazade
  • Diamond and oil lamp
  • clamp
  • Drum and shoes
  • Card symbols A and K
  • Map symbols Q and J
  • Card icon 10
  • Map symbol 9

Wild symbol

The game in this game is also the most valuable icon in the game at all: the prince. This is a bearded, young man with turquoise cape. He can replace all other symbols except Scheherazade and completes a possible combination on a payline when appearing. In an online casino with a genuine money game, this may be the key to a high profit, as depending on the number of one or more prince's winnings can be doubled. The symbol also acts as a multiplier.

Scatter symbol

If you play Gold of Persia for free, you will be particularly happy about Scheherazade. For the lady, who, according to Persian poetry, told the women's wesir 1001 night stories, brings free turns as a scatter symbol. The lady with the fine veil in front of her mouth and nose brings 15 free games at three times appearing, with four-time appearance 20 and five appearance at 25 bonus games. Thus, it contributes significantly that one can win very much more with a low use in this game.

Since the symbol also brings profits from two appearance on the rolling on the rolling, it is one of the most desirable symbols of this machine.

Additional functions

In addition to the additional symbols such as Scheherazade and Prince, you can also enjoy a profit for a bonus game that your profit can double again: the card risk. With this additional chance you can double your profit in a 50% probability or lose your just preserved proceeds.

However, as an alternative, you can also choose the ladder game where you can choose from choosing the options or not betting on a profit conductor in your profit quasi. This is also a 50/50 chance.

Gold of Persia play and win

To play the machine, you need neither strategy nor manual. The game works at the push of a button, which sets the rollers in motion and determines a result by chance. I can not influence as a player or player. However, many players and multipliers will be interested in the RTP, which is 95.97% at moderate 95.97%. For a relatively modern-built slot, which also has additional symbols and games, the five paylines are not a number that makes experienced players and players.

However, if you start with a game on the slot, this drawback is fast in the background. Then the five paylines do not appear too little anymore. The reason is that the title is quite varied and high, if not frequent profits brings. This is the responsibility of the symbol Scheherazade, which can also emerge in free play mode. So you have some luck, you can get into a long-lasting loop from Free Spins. Those again bring many profits with a little luck.

Anyone who likes to play progressive jackpots will not find it here. You can not win a jackpot in this game. But you can also select a gamble option. Here you have the choice between the mentioned card gamble and the ladder game. If you want to win in this game, however, should try the demo game first. Here you can not only play immediately, but also try the game mechanics without registration to get a feeling for the game overall.

All characteristics of the game at a glance:

  • 5 & ​​# 215; 3 roll system
  • 5 paylines
  • Card and ladder gamble
  • Scatter and wild icons
  • Multiplier

If you like to play by autoplay by the way, this can also do this with this machine. To do this, only click on the button with the two arrows. Here is a selection between 5 and 100 automatic rotations opens. You can also enter a maximum profit or loss. Note, however, that this feature is no longer allowed in a casino with a US license for the new Gambling Regulation.

Mobile version: Oldie But Goldie

Although the title does not necessarily look after it, he already has ten years on the hump. For online machine games is a handsome age. But the game is still almost error-free on all modern mobile devices and easy to use via touch input. So the game adapts to the screen size, which you use with your mobile companion. However, use some older devices such as the Galaxy S5, it can come here and there for display problems.

The best is the presentation therefore on the desktop. No download from software is needed here. Depending on the browser, the game is displayed as your screen allows it. Diabt our website onlineCasinomitsStartBalances.org and you can do this and others Try out the machine games for free. Incidentally, you can also have one Bonus without deposit or other welcome bonuses, if you want to take your start to a new online game hall.

Gold of Persia without registration

If you want to play Gold of Persia for free without registration, you do not have to look for a long time. We present the demo version of the Slot, with which you can play for free and with a fixed budget. The advantage is obvious. You do not have to worry about your finances and can get to know all the functions and extras of the slot machine. One of the hot mains tips is to pay attention to the dynamics in the payouts. Because every machine has a very own behavior when it comes to the amount and height of the payouts.

Through the demo version you get a feeling for the behavior of the machine and so can already draw conclusions for your missions in a subsequent real money game.

Gold of Persia to play real money

If you prefer to play with real money, seeks best a trusted online casino. We have picked up the best gambling portals for you, where every investment is worthwhile in a spin. The portals were extensively tested in relation to their gaming portfolio, their valid license and their possibilities for deposits, which are important selection criteria for a game with real money. The customer service is also tested for user-friendliness and competence.

So you get from us an all-round selection, in which you will certainly find the right portal for yourself.

Conclusion: Play Free Gold of Persia!

Who is looking for a slot machine that takes you to the world from 1001 night, will certainly come to its expense at this machine. Here, just the overall package is true: a solid game mechanism that provides tension with some additional functions, a topic that will enchant you and with a little luck the necessary profits still. If you want to get to know the title, you should play the slot machine for free. This is best about our free demo version.

graphic 8th
Bonus rounds 9
Fun 10
Mobile version 7
variety 9
Payout 7
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: July 9, 2021