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Registration bonus in online recordings

In recent years, the number of online casinos has risen dramatically. In order to be able to compete with the competition, the casinos can always come up with new strategies. An idea is an attractive starting bonus.

Current welcome bonus and promo codes in October - November 2021

Casino name BONUS REQUIREMENTS To the provider
100% first payment bonus up to 500 $ + 120 FS
  • X30
  • Minimum deposit - 10 $
200% + 50 free spins
  • For Gonzo's Quest
100% up to $ 500 + 200 free spins
  • X35 for real money bonus
  • X40 for free spins
100% bonus up to 1000 $ for AT player
  • X45
1500 $ + 300 free spells for at players
  • For the 4 first deposits
100% up to 200 $
  • X40
Last Boni Update on 25. Oct 2021

Starting bonus

A casino with welcome bonus provides a credit, which will receive new players as a kind of start bonus. The players receive a credit on a real deposit on their player account in the online casino. However, each casino can decide with new customer bonus itself how this bonus is designed.

Some providers set a fixed sum of money for the new customer bonus for their own promotion, the preservation of which is usually bound to certain bonus conditions. As a rule, a larger online casino with welcome bonus promises even better conditions than smaller competitors. Serious online casinos Make sure that best real money welcome bonus is linked to a fixed percentage of the paid outcome. Some casinos prove particularly spendable and offer when playing Bonuses of up to 200 percent.

tip: Who chooses a welcome bonus, should take a look at the fine print. Please inquire about the bonus conditions related to the starting bonus. Only when you fulfill the conditions for the online game book registration bonus, you can enjoy the financial benefit of a bonus payout.

Thats how it works

The most common form of a welcome bonus is a money bonus at the first deposit. With this Casino new customer bonus, an additional credit is granted on the amount paid first by PayPal or by other services. This provision of money works for a bonus when registering as follows:

  • For example, a deposit of 100 $ is added to another deposit bonus of 100 $
  • Accordingly, 200 $ are available to play

Some casinos offer the starting bonus for new customers through several deposits over days or even weeks. Through this system, amounts in up to four-digit area are possible.

Video: Sunmaker offers you two welcome bonuses

Types of bonus and differences to other bonuses

Although the granting of a credit to the first real deposit is the most commonly used type of registration bonus, there are other options in addition to the bonus first deposit. Often the welcome bonus is supplemented with free plays. These games are often limited to a limited selection of slots in combination with a new customer bonus. Nevertheless, this bonus style offers some advantages. The free spins welcome bonus often refers to classics under vending machines - games that many players often enjoy joy.

Info: However, these free games have one relatively low value. As a rule, players receive 20 cents per game. But given is gifted - under certain conditions. For these bonuses, it also applies that you can not easily pay out gains obtained from free spots. The receipt of these profits is also closely linked to the bonus conditions.

Other online casinos donate the Free games as a casino bonus on registration. Then you get a few free games for pure registration, which you get completely free of charge. Experience has shown that the free spells available through these bonuses are also minimized on a few slot machines. All of these bonus species, however, you only get when you join a online casino for the first time - in contrast to other discounts or credits. For other betting boni, it is common for their receipt to be linked to a confirmation of the credit of the credit.

Which conditions are connected to the bonus?

Sales conditions for starting bonus

The conditions for obtaining the welcome bonus are very similar to most online casinos. Experience has shown that you have to make a specified amount of real missions before the amount provided by the casino may be distributed. The terms of sales are individually regulated by a casino to another. But everywhere you should pay attention to the prerequisites really completely understand. In case of doubt you are well advised to contact the Live Chat Support. Generalizing the following bonus conditions are associated with the receipt:

  1. You must fulfill the sales conditions for the online casino you selected.
  2. If the receipt of the discount, the additional amount or free spins bound to a certain period of time, you must also meet this requirement.

When should players waive a casino welcome bonus?

In general, it is of course free to reject the welcome bonus. Gatch experts emphasize that this renouncement is even useful in some cases. If you use the start bonus, you may not request a first payment if you used the bonus plus your own deposits in certain frequencies. In addition, there are restrictions that the credits only once per household or. IP address will be paid. For example, they regularly play at their workplace, they only benefit from the bonus, if not the whole company is linked to an IP address. This limitation is strongly limited to bonus reception in some cases.

But how can you reject the bonus?

  • Please confirm the acceptance of the bonus not by hand. Here it is important to tick the right checkmark.
  • Optionally, you are obliged to tell the online bookmaker this wish about an e-mail.

Where are the best welcome bonuses?

The question of the best welcome bonus is not easy to answer. Yet More important than the type of bonus are the bonus conditions, which are linked to the preservation of the credit. That's why it is particularly important to study these conditions always. In the event of violations of the bonus guidelines, the providers make their account lock their account. The free welcome bonus is extinguished.

  • Decisive for the choice of a suitable bonus also the software affects you prefer to play.
  • Be sure if your favorite games are offered.
  • The interaction from graphics and action should also inspire you.
  • Load a lot of value in good odds, the number of online casinos with an attractive welcome bonus is also limited. Here, for example, the type of slots is crucial, which is geared to the preservation of smaller or larger amounts.

How is the bonus available in a mobile usage?

A casino for the mobile player can be used by an app. Online casinos for mobile devices are for smartphones such as Android or Apple or Apple. New tablets such as Apple, Microsoft or Samsung designed. Good representatives for a mobile online casino are 888 Casino, Bwin or Bet-At-Home. These and other bookmakers offer their clientele the mobile banking. Important is the search for a suitable provider that the service providers offer so-called pull payments from the app. This service is made possible by most apps, as these have almost all functions such as web versions of the website.

A preservation of the welcome bonus is guaranteed by using the cash area. If you have already selected a payment method via the web access, you still have to enter an amount. Otherwise you should specify the payment method at the first payment via app.

Is there the bonus also via PayPal?

Meanwhile, there is a clear trend, consequently always online casinos PayPal accept as a payment option. However, this method is severely limited for a payment from a bonus. An example is the provider $grand, which rewards a PayPal deposit with a credit of 15 percent. The only downer: This service is not available for players with US residence. Other options exist as follows:

  • CasinoClub: when entering the promo code & # 8222; PayPal10 & # 8220; Get players for first deposit a start bonus of 10 $
  • Some online casinos offer internet customers a welcome bonus regardless of the payment method

Tips for paying the welcome bonus

If you want to make a bonus payment immediately, you should Take the following top tips:

  • Compare different bonus offers with each other.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the conditions associated with the receipt of the credit
  • Decide on these aspects for or against an online casino.

On our website you can also over others Online playothek tricks and tips read.

Important: Since a high competitive pressure prevails on the gambling market, best offers of casinos highly different from each other. Therefore, the bonus conditions are the most important aspect that refers to the payment of bonuses. Find out how casinos proceed in the payout and what terms and conditions submit companies. A look at the fine print is important to decide how lucrative the offers are actually. Generally, the higher the welcome bonus is, the sooner you should pay off the credit if the losses increase.

A crucial role plays the amount of revenue of deposit and bonus amounts. If the frequency is, for example, 30x, this means that a player must use the complete amount at least 30 times prior to the initiation of a payout. This turnover frequency deviates from Casino to Casino from each other.

Important information about the free welcome bonus

A free new customer bonus is an interesting option, which is only offered by a few casinos. Who allows the players to win real money without their own initial payment. If you want to receive a welcome bonus without deposit, you must usually register on a player account. This free bonus offer offers you the advantage of the casino as player & # 8222; on heart and kidneys & # 8220; be able to test. Only then if you like the service, you need to do deposits. Please note that these usually set a base currency. In $pean casinos mostly the euro circulates. Currently, bonuses are available without a deposit among others at these online casinos:

  • Superlines
  • Orientxpress
  • Winner
  • Gratorama
  • Scratchmania
  • Winspark
  • EnergyCasino

Choose the best yourself 5 $ Casino or 10 $ Free Casino.

The welcome bonus: FAQ

  • What are Casino Bonus Codes?

Bonus codes are unique strings that certain bonuses & # 8222; unlock & # 8220; if you are used in the respective online casinos. These codes are normally entered directly in front of the deposit to get a bonus. Codes can be available from many sources. You can be used to unlock unique bonuses, like a new customer bonus.

  • How can I maximize my welcome bonus offer?

To maximize the welcome bonus, it is important to check the terms and conditions of use exactly. If the conditions comply with your usage behavior, you may hope for a high credit note. Each online casino has a very own rules that restricts the payment of money. It is all the more important to check the details in advance.

  • There is providers with a particularly attractive bonus without deposit?

As different as the expectations are also the casinos. Follow a reputable bookmaker, which is characterized by a good FAQ area as well as professional terms and conditions. The more detailed the conditions for a welcome bonus are described, the better.

  • How often can I get a bonus?

For a few exceptions, players can only take a bonus once. Online casinos specify how often a bonus can be claimed, especially if he is part of a running advertising campaign. Players should assume that a bonus can only be claimed once, unless otherwise stated. This is especially true for welcome bonuses.

Interesting welcome offers at a glance

As already mentioned, the question of the best welcome bonus can not be answered. Personal preferences and expectations are important evaluation criteria, as well as the number and amount of bonus. Nevertheless, there are some particular interesting options. A good example is the Bonus by Jackpotcity, the a credit in the form of cash from up to 2.400 $ granted. Exactly 200 free spins and a bonus of 200 $ wave at MR. Green. Who, for example, Registration bonus of Casumo want to secure 200 free spins and a bonus of 1.200 $ hope.

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