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Tesoro del Amazon Demo
Tesoro del Amazon properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Free Spins, Risk (Double) Game, Scatter Symbol, Symbol Collection (Energy), Distribution of Wilds or Wild Rush, Wild Symbol, Additional Free Spins
Publishing date
Profit lines
Video and screenshots: How to play Tesoro del Amazon
Adventure slot with detailed symbols
Great graphic
Various additional functions
Sound is repetitive

Tesoro del Amazon: over land and water

If you play Tesoro del Amazon for free, you will be accompanied by a matting researcher on a lonely island on which a treasure should be hidden. The slot machine is surprised with all sorts of additional functions and extras that make the game enormous. So you can see on five rollers and three rows of various symbols that bring some tension and winning opportunities. The slot was developed by the game manufacturer Mercury from USA and is a colorful mix with an appealing story around the gray-haired researcher.

The machine has some additional functions such as wilds and scatter symbols that can not only bring free spins. Overall, you will see a smart well-thought-out New Mercury game, which can perform well with well-known adventure slots like Gonzo's Quest or Book of Dead in the ring.

graphic & Sound Effects: Pure adventure

There is a new trend in slot machines that leads away from the classic fruit slots towards sophisticated machine games with a real story, which is based on the machine as a topic. The story here is about a researcher who goes to the search for the "Tesoro del Amazon". Translated in US, this is the treasure of the Amazon. Borrowed this topic, you can see here an island surrounded by water, on which a jungle grows. Here the treasure should be.

The researcher with his tropical helmet and a rifle armed with his propeller machine of a map following the island to mountain the treasure. All symbols and pictures on the rollers and drums are lovingly drawn. The researcher itself is on the side and nods friendly to the viewer or the viewer. In the background the island is recognizable in the distance.

Acoustically, the slot machine is accompanied by a funny-positive melody, which should animate the visitor or visitor to adventure. There are always acoustic signals again when a rotation was successful. Especially the appearance of the treasure chest is emphasized again stronger. Because the player or the player can get some additional opportunities we will talk about later. Overall, Tesoro del Amazon offers online as a very well composed game with love for exceptional details and a self-contained world.

The game mechanics: complex functions

Anyone who knows the games of Merkur does not necessarily expect the latest technology. But this game is something else. If you play Tesoro del Amazon for free without registration, you can encounter a slot that not only has a considerable look, but also offers abundant features with various exciting moments that keep players at the rod. But first to build the machine itself. With Tesoro del Amazon, they get a slot with five rollers as well as three rows, which comes up with 20 paylines that can not be changed.

The symbols and pictures are all assigned to the topic. Only the map symbols A to J are used as supplementary characters. Here are the different symbols of descending value at a glance:

  • Researchers in propeller machine
  • Island
  • Treasure map
  • Marine backpack
  • compass
  • A and K
  • Q and J

If you enter profit combinations, you can also look forward to about the familiar card gamble or a ladder game that makes additional profits possible.

Wild symbol

Like so many other modern machines, this slot has a wild symbol. The symbol is a golden circle, therein a golden triangle and two more triangles in the opposite direction. If this symbol appears on the roller, it can also transform neighboring symbols that are diagonally from it in Wilds. As with all slot machines, the game also has the function of supplementing a possible profit combination as it can replace all other characters except for the chest.

Scatter symbol

A symbol that can scattered over the grid and still brings advantages, is the golden treasure chest. A number of three chests brings free spins presenting themselves to two levels. Level 1 is the "Treasure Quest", Level 2 is "The Treasure". In the first level you have to collect further treasure chests within ten free turns. Have you reached ten pieces, come automatically in Level 2 with another ten free spins. Here you meet new symbols that only appear in this level and also have values.

The signs from Level 2 (descending value):

  • temple
  • Panther
  • hut
  • coin
  • Bird medallion
  • diamond

If you want to play Tesoro del Amazon for free, you can play until you create it into the Second Level without having to pay a cent. So you can look at all functions and evaluate before you make a game with real money. Just a bonus like the treasure bonuses that do not occur with each spin, can be interesting for that.

Additional functions

Mercury is particularly known for its additional games. In the games of the manufacturer, each profit will be rewarded again by emerging the option of an additional play with 50/50 chance. To understand what it means to select one of these opportunities, you should definitely test the Gamble Feature in Demo game. You can choose from two variants. The first is a card gamble. You choose one of two colors. If this is drawn in the following game, your round gain will be doubled.

In the ladder game, however, tap profit or take your money. Here, too, the chance is 50/50, whether you can increase your profit amount or go beyond nothing out of the game.

Play and win Tesoro del Amazon

To play this title, you do not have to learn a strategy. The game has its own rules and laws, but those only relate to additional opportunities, functions and profits. In order to win ultimately, you have to leave everything to chance and just hope for a little luck. Nevertheless, one of the most valuable Slot machines Tips, which one should be held as a beginner or beginner, the troubleshooting. You should definitely test any slot machine you want to play in an online casino later with real money.

Because only so you can get completely riskless a feeling for the slot and paying behavior. If you are a multistor or a multi-player, you will certainly have already gained a lot of experience. For you, the RTP is interesting. This is the payout rate of the slot machine. At Tesoro del Amazon is 95.95%, which corresponds to a fairly good value.

The game has no progressive jackpot. So you can not speculate that you get higher profits, the longer you play. The probability of receiving a profit in the regular game every time.

All characteristics of the game at a glance:

  • 5 & ​​# 215; 3 roll system
  • 20 fixed paylines
  • Card gamble and ladder game
  • Free games
  • Additional games and symbols

If you do not want to press the spin button every time the spin button, you can play by autoplay. Here he or she can choose between five and 100 turns that are played in a row. However, pay attention to the fact that your credit allows you too. Finally, the automatic turn stops only when the preset number of laps has been reached or no more money can be used on the account for inserts.

Mobile version: state-of-the-art technology

For modern machine games like this slot developed in 2018, it is important that the game runs perfectly on all current mobile terminals. Also at Tesoro del Amazon, the Westphalian manufacturer has used state-of-the-art technology to make the game on every screen and with each operating function liquid. Incidentally, you do not need to carry out a download. A current browser is sufficient to play the title. You just have to call the game and already adapts the technology to the ratios of your mobile terminal in the background.

But you should basically Try all machine games for free, To see if the selected game also works on your mobile device.

Tesoro del Amazon without registration

For most players who have not yet played Tesoro del Amazon, offers online casinomits on our website.org the opportunity to try the slot for free. To do this, you just have to call the game. You can play immediately, without registration. The advantage is not only that you can do without a cumbersome registration in a virtual casino. You also get a game credit from our platform that you can use for your missions.

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Tesoro del Amazon to play real money

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Conclusion: Play for free Tesoro del Amazonas!

Who wants to mount the treasure on the Amazon island, should definitely turn a few rounds free of charge with the demo version. On our side you can play the slot machines for free, at all times and as long as you want. So you get to know the gray-haired researcher and the mystical treasure chest and can start soon for a solo flight. You can tackle those in a suitable casino of your trust, because with us your new favorite portal is ready for you.

graphic 8th
Bonus rounds 8th
Fun 10
Mobile version 10
variety 8th
Payout 7


Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: July 13, 2021