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Supra Hot Demo
Supra Hot properties
Rollers * rows
4 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Risk (double) game
Publishing date
Profit lines
Video and screenshots: How to play Supra Hot
Easy to use
Simple set
Well-known symbols
Gamble option
Moderate RTP value

Supra Hot: A fruit classic for connoisseurs

With this continuous burner among the slot machines, the provider Novoline has truly deserved its place among the Evergres of the Igaming Industry. You can play the classic Supra Hot for free and try the typical fruit machines and its characteristic features yourself, such as its four rollers of three rows and 25 paylines that can not be changed. In addition, the loudspeakers, the popular sounds of one-armed bandits, who love traditionalists and traditionalists so, and they can give themselves quite the game.

With this slot you can get to know the functions that can only offer classic machine games, and enjoy the playing for luck completely unadulterated and informal. If you want to know more about this machine from 2015, read on here!

graphic & Sound effects: sounds from old times

Anyone who knows the games provider already knows the sound of his slot machines, because the developer from Austria, which is also known by its brands of Greentube and Novomatic, relies on the acoustic accumulation of his slots on well-proven. So you hear about 16-bit sounds that always have some metallic boards in the ears, but memories of the arcade games from the 80s can be revived. The provider uses a certain, temporal melody that sounds with each spin when a rotation is triggered by clicking.

If it comes to a profit, on the other hand, a small electronic fanfare sounds as a signal and it goes into the so-called "risk" mode. Here you now have the choice between the game at risk or collecting the revenue. This option is underpinning with the sound of a ticking clock to bring the tension to boiling. Also this sound is a classic of the provider, the connoisseur certainly will not be heard for the first time. If you play Supra Hot for free in our demo version, you can also disable the sounds.

Graphically, the manufacturer also adheres to the optics of past decades. Both the background and the symbols look little exciting. After all, the rollers have something like a plastic effect.

The game mechanics: easy to learn

For most players who have already gained experience with slots, the functions of the game are nothing new. SUPRA HOT Online does not count on the simplest range games. The title has a 4 & # 215; 3 grid with 25 paylines and has a rather high volatility. Profit combinations are therefore not so common to achieve, but they tend to be higher. This makes the attraction of this longtime continuous burner from the Novoline family so popular. Because well-tried has not always killed.

Profit symbols are especially the fruits: orange, lemon, plum and cherry. If you play for free Supra Hot and sets 1 credit (here so-called "fun" points), you can reach, for example, for a full profit line of the symbol orange 20 credits as a profit. Main signs, which, however, more value imports in detail, are the lucky charms that make the pork of the slot machine really colored.


In addition to the fruits, there is also a number of classic casino lucky brings, such as the 7, stars, the "bar" sign and the X, which in this case forms the tail light with the values. Especially the first three are particularly popular signs that can import a lot of money. Accordingly, they are also in the individual spins. The signs of experienced players from the casino. You have traditional features there.

The 7 is a lot of luck and thus popular main sign in slot machines, and the "bar" character has often resulted in direct payouts in classical machines. As a small historical reference you can also find in this online slot. Incidentally, you can play the automatic SUPRA HOT for free without registration if you have our descriptions here at OnlineCasinomitsStart credit.just want to follow. So you do not have to look for an adequate game room for yourself, but can directly test yourself, what the game has to offer.

Here are the terms of the symbols at a glance:

  1. Full screen of a fruit variety: 1.000-fold
  2. 4 times 7: 800 times
  3. 4 times star: 300 times
  4. 4 times bar: 200-fold
  5. 3 times 7: 80 times
  6. 3 times star: 30 times
  7. 3 times bar: 20-fold
  8. 4 times fruit variety: 20-way
  9. 4 times x: 10-fold
  10. 3 times fruit variety: 5-fold
  11. 3 times x: 3-fold

special character

As a special feature under modern slots, this game has no special symbols. There are no typical Joker signs that you may know from other machines of these days. Wild symbols that can complete winning combinations, or scatters that could trigger free spins, for example, are not to be found. That means you can not increase your chances here by waiting for a joker, spin your free spins or even duplicate your profits with a multiplier. The only way to multiply a profit is the card gamble.

This option is the lonely free bonus in the game. For this you receive it with every profit. Because only then lights up at the bottom of the control panel for the responsible button. You need to click on the "risk" sign, if it flashes and you want to venture the risk game. Next, you will get access to a second game where you need to guess the next card color and thus can double your profit. Note, however, that the probability is only 50%. Either you win or lose them. A daring additional game that some profit has been destroyed.


Even if it is no longer allowed to offer players and players in USA with the new gambling regulation for US games halls, this feature is at least in our demo version. You can click on the button "Auto" and the rollers are now nonstop moving until your credit is used up. And that's exactly the danger here.

Because you should never leave the slot with activated autoplay alone. Always make it clear that this is gambling and won as soon as possible.

SUPRA HOT play and win

The slot machine has an RTP of 95.2%, which is very little at today's machines. He is already six years old. The 25 paylines can not be changed. Through the card gamble, a classic 50/50 chance, higher amounts can be achieved except for the series other than in the game otherwise possible. However, that also means that one can lose his round win. This additional game is therefore not called for nothing risk game. A jackpot can not be found in this slot.

To get the most out of this slot machine, you should consider a strategy for your missions. Because through the rather high volatility of the slots, the inserts trickle quite quickly like sand through the fingers, if you do not pay attention and counterclockwise. You should therefore think about how far you want to go to a machine like this and when it's time to stop.

All features at a glance:

  • RTP value: 95.2%
  • 25 paylines
  • Gamble option: card risk

Mobile version: try out in advance

Since this slot belongs to the older machines, one tends to expect that there can be a few problems in the presentation. Not every page has the possibility to adapt to the respective mobile terminal. If you are on the road with a tablet or smartphone new kind, the game is best to play via browser. A download, such as an app, does not have to be done, the site adapts to the circumstances of your model. In our test you could play the title about our site on every smartphone.

To dispel every doubt, but you should make a test drive in advance with your device, best by playing the slot machines for free.

SUPRA HOT without registration

If you have never experienced the world of slot machines up close, you should definitely use the opportunity we offer you on our site. With us countless games can be tested for free. This is possible on our portal without registration. Just click on the slot machine and play. You do not need to click minutes by registering forms. If you have decided for a machine, you can play it through the demo version immediately. We have their loved ones Free machine games provided for you.

Supra Hot playing real money

Who is unsure which online casino is for him or she is right, can now be inspired by us. We have discovered some platforms in the sea from gambling portals that are safe and trustworthy and can still offer your favorite slot machines. So you can safely venture your first steps in the Igaming industry in a professional setting and with a little luck and a residual Bonus without deposit some slot machines make a few winnings easier.

One of the most important Slot machines tricks However, the real money game should not remain unmentioned here. Only set the game what you can lose in doubt. Only in this way can you drop in the intoxication of the gambling and do not wake up the next day.

Conclusion: uncomplicated gambling fun

If you choose this slot machine, you chose a classic. This is about very immediate fun turning the rollers. No frills, no superfluous feature, no large visual or acoustic effects that can distract from the essence: gambling in his almost purest form. This slot is something for purists and purists, a declaration of love to the traditional game and best beginner experience for all newcomers in the industry.

graphic 6
Bonus rounds 3
Fun 8th
Mobile version 9
variety 4
Payout 7


Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: June 16, 2021