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Sizzling Hot Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Sizzling hot properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
Risk (Double) Game, Scatter Symbols
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Classic slot
Fruits / retro
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Progressive jackpot
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overview & experience

Sizzling hotCongratulations, you have found him, the absolute classic among the Slot machine. The Novoline game machine has been promising for several years of each player a large amount of fun in simple game rules and easy construction of the entire games. Primarily offered in the deluxe version, you have the great opportunity for Sizzling Hot Online to get a maximum of success and entertainment with only small profits. Also the possibility, Sizzling Hot for free to play, the beginner offers the opportunity to ignite its entire potential first. Let's take a closer look at the Sizzling Hot Slot, looking closely from the Sizzling Hot Slot by looking closer to play construction and chances of winning. Also play Jolly & # 8217; S Cap slot machine.

Backgrounds of the emergence

Fruits machines are probably as old as the idea of ​​slots and therefore date back to 18. Century as one in the United States so-called rolls offered. Quickly one recognized the potential of these slot machines and brought them into the casinos shooting out of the floors. While it was played earlier only with a payline and the slot was kept very simple, it has been expanded again and again in this direction in the coming centuries, but the game idea always remained the same.

The simplicity of the slot is probably the reason why lucky players either avoid the vending machine completely or why he never releases them anymore. Although the online slots have changed slightly in their design with regard to previous variants, the basic idea of ​​fruit pairs remains prevalent and ensures unimaginably exciting rounds in a very classically held ambience.

The worldwide well-known and renowned software developer Novoline is also for the classic design and the conservative design of the Sizzling Hot slot machine. Due to the probably more conservative fans of Sizzling Hot Online If you build on a merely careful design of the slot.


The game is very simple as already mentioned and has therefore achieved absolute cult status in recent years in his followers. Due to the great success, Novoline has never really changed the machines, so the gaming experience has remained the same in the past. One has only a few variants such as Sizzling hot Added Deluxe or Sizzling Gems to offer the fans a little change.

Construction of the slot

Sizzling Hot is very simple with regard to its construction. There are 5 rolls as well as 5 paylines, the minimum use per line is 8 cents, per spin must therefore be bet at least 40 cents. Each roller shows different symbols in the form of fruits as well as special symbols, including cherry, oranges, plums, lemons, grapes and melons. Add to that the number 7, which is responsible for the maximum profit, and a so-called scatter or wild symbol, which replace all fruits arbitrarily.

Here is the structure at a glance:

  • Rollers: 5
  • Minimal insert: 40 cents (8 cents per payline)
  • Paylets: 5 (not freely selectable)
  • Maximum profit multiplier: 5000 ("7")
  • Scatter symbols: no
  • Gamble feature: Yes, after every profit

Game principle

The goal is to get the same symbols on one or more paylines. It is important that three already promise to five profits. How high these profits fail, depends on the end of the fruit and the number of fruits. Of course, four equal fruits promise a higher profit than just three. The exception is the cherry, this requires only 2 out of 5 per profit line to win money. Of course, those fruits that promise a lower payout promise significantly more often than the "Big Boys", for example the so longed 7 can not look very often. However, smaller profits are very likely and often occur what matters the great charm of the game, because they are often rarely empty at the beginning.

Special symbols & Bonus rounds

The simple design of Sizzling Hot requires that there are no real bonus features. Therefore, the game is also very easy to understand and accessible for everyone immediately.

  • The main special symbol is of course the 7, five times the number 7 in a payline promises you a 5000-fold profit.
  • In addition, the rollers also include scatter symbols that can replace all other symbols (fruits).

Gamble function

After every profit, you have the opportunity to double the profit from the past spin and thus to play risk. Novoline has built the well-known risk feature in which you only need to advise the color of a hidden card - red or black. If you are right, the profit doubles and immediately flows on the existing account at the respective sizzling hot vending machine, is you wrong, you lose everything. A very exciting thing, which is well suited for small amounts well and offers the risky player a nice variety and extra thrill.


In general, Sizzling Hot is advertised with a payout ratio of 95.66%, a good value. It is also worth noteworthy that Sizzling Hot has a much higher payout ratio compared to another classic such as Book of Ra. It is also worthwhile on the page of your gambling provider or online casinos to see if this value is met at all to maintain and guarantee maximum fair play conditions.

Play Sizzling Hot for free

For all those who are now Sizzling hot without registration Try, there are numerous demo versions on many online platforms on the Internet. Most casinos, including one of the market leaders for slot machines - Stargames - allow you, Sizzling Hot to play for free, without registration. This is especially a useful and beautiful thing for beginners and novices in the online casino industry, because so games can be tested and tried and prevented any mistakes and misunderstandings in the later game. If you have found a usable provider, then can easily create an account and you can start with the gambling for real money!

The classic under the slots

Who has now licked blood, should not wait long and fall straight into an exciting fruit adventure. The one, who Play Sizzling Hot Online I do not want to have any problems to finding the slot machines immediately. Finally, there must be a reason why the machine is enjoying great popularity and why so many gamblers the cult slot Play Sizzling Hot. Try it and see himself, the colorful fruits have already pulled some players in their spell and no longer released. Pure game fun and thrills are therefore preprogrammed!

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021