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Classic slot for tradition-conscious
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Fruitastic: a bang-bearing fruit mix

The topic of fruits has a tradition in gambling. Who wants to play Fruitastic for free, will see this tradition quickly. She started with the first vending machines, which sparked up fruity tasting bubble gum instead of real money. The symbols on the rolls were also the display for the respective taste direction. Also with this slot machine fruits are the main symbols. But not enough, you can also spin the classic symbols stars, bell, diamond and the bar sign here.

The slot was developed by the British playman BF Games, which could also be known in USA by the machine Cave of Fortune. This game is unlike the other, quite original ideas of the manufacturer a tribute to the ancient times and the traditionalists under the casinogästen. We introduce you to the colorful fruit machines here.

graphic & Sound Effects: Pure relaxation

Like so many providers presenting games with the theme of fruits, Bf Games also puts in terms of graphics on the colorful fruits. For this purpose, the provider has very bright fruit symbols lying in front of the white background of rollers and thus stressed even stronger. Behind the roll system you can see in the background a kind of wallpaper from wild in the air fruiration fruits. An automatic machine game, which is just in summer in the sun, sand, sea and a fruity cocktail. The fruits and other symbols in the slot machines always come in pairs.

So you see two peaches, two plums and a total of four cherries. Thus, above the manufacturer is purely graphically with the topic of fruits, as discreetly, he behaves in the acoustic area. Background music consists of spherical sounds and lightweight voices reminiscent of a marketplace in summer. Even the sounds that arise when turning the rolls are unfamiliar discreetly for a slot like Fruitastic Online, almost meditative and thus a true peculiarity of this title.

The game mechanics: solid crafts

The slot machine is under construction a prime example for a fruit machine. Here you can see three rollers with three rows where nine symbols find space. The machine has only five paylines that can not be adjusted. If you play with us Fruitastic for free without registration, you can choose in the demo version between a use of $ 0.10 and 200 $. You have as a budget at the sample 10.000 Fictive $ available. These values ​​may of course differ in a real money game with a real currency in the different gambling portals.

If you go over the three rolls of winning combinations, you can look forward to high gains. However, the highest revenues do not come through the fruits, but about the symbols bell, star or the bar sign. A special symbol is the diamond that brings far less than the fruits. However, this symbol has another purpose, to which we will come later.

Here are the different symbols of descending value at a glance:

  • Bell jar
  • star
  • Bar sign
  • peach
  • melon
  • plum
  • cherry
  • diamond

As is often the case in the different games of the manufacturer, there are also a few characteristics here. So you can look forward to Fruitastic about an additional gain if you could fill all nine fields of rollers with the same fruit. The profit is doubled in this case.

Wild or scatter symbols

In fact, there is no wild symbol in Fruitastic. So you can not confide that every now and then a kind of joker symbol fills the winning combinations. Here is the game very old baking on the way. Because many players and players require such an additional symbol. Also a scatter symbol that does not have to appear in a sequence on the rolls, but also scattered profits, can not be found here.

However, the slot machine has another supplement. With the diamond can be extrassy. Could you bring the number of diamonds in a rotation on nine fields, reach the so-called "Diamond Bonus". This is an additional game where you can drag a profit by selecting one of the nine diamonds. Behind it hide values ​​between 10 and 200, which are multiplied by the betting insert in the respective spin.

So they do not get any free spins here, which are otherwise often associated with bonus games. However, they will be plenty of rewarded, as long as happiness plays along. In an online casino, in which you play with real money, the diamond will be a joyful event. Who creates it to the Diamond bonus, has won in any case.

If you play fruitstic for free, however, you will notice that the function does not occur very often. As rarely as there are diamonds in the earth, you will also find them in this game, at least as a 9-times combination. However, the gems are similarly valuable.

Additional functions

The game is relatively economical, as far as the additional functions are concerned. Since there is no game or scatter symbol and only with the rare diamonds more than the profit from the profit combination is deserved by default, they have an additional chance at least with each regular hitch. You can participate via the GAMBLE feature on a card gamble. For this purpose, the option will be given to a profit in the lower control panel to collect the profit amount ("Take") or to play ("Gamble").

Take the money, you can go to the next turn. However, decide for "gamble", they will be forwarded to a new game. Here you now see two fields in red and black. In between you have a card. You now have to decide between the two colors and a card is revealed. If you have typed the color correctly, you will now receive twice your win. If, on the other hand, they were wrong, lose the set amount.

Play and win fruitstic

If you play the title for the first time, you do not have to read a manual nor a strategy by memorizing. The game is very easy. You must set a use and just click on the trigger, the green BF button in the lower screen area. Then the rollers in motion and spit hopefully a winning combination. For many players, the RTP is of interest. This is here at average 96.18%.

A jackpot does not have this game. So you can not fill a winning pot through longer games here. The profits remain adapted to the respective use. Since there are no free spins that could increase your chances for free, you can only acquire a little more knowledge about the behavior of the slot when you play the demo version without registration. So you can collect a feeling for missions and the payout behavior of the machine.

All characteristics of the game at a glance:

  • 3 & # 215; 3 roll system
  • 5 paylines
  • Card Gamble
  • Bonus game

Incidentally, if you want to turn the vending machine yourself while taking care of more important things, the autoplay offers itself as a function. Fruitastic also has such a function, here you can choose at least in the demo game between 10, 20, 50 or 100 car pins. In addition, you can then set your profit or loss limit. However, note that autoplay is no longer permitted in a casino with a license in USA according to the new Gambling Regulation.

Mobile version: faultless on all devices

This slot published in 2016 is up to date. Thus, like all the manufacturer's online automatic games, it can be played on all mobile devices that are currently commercially available. To do this, you do not have to digit for download or install software. You can simply play the game via a browser. The page then adapts to the screen and the operating functions of your computer. Here with online acasinomits start credit.org you can Try all machine games for free, If you do not know exactly if the slot works on your device.

You can also take advantage of the page a bonus without deposit Or take the first payment bonus, she should also interest you.

Play fruitstic without registration

One of the most important Slot machines Tips is probably that to use every opportunity for a trial game. Because only those who played in advance under real conditions, but without the burden of the financial risk a few free rotations, knows how quickly or slowly you can lose in the respective gambling and win. On our site you can play all the machines completely free of charge, even without having to make a registration.

Fruitastic to play real money

If you have enough of the sample, you can also view the best online gambling portals on our site, which we could collect for you in the thicket of the gambling halls and who would like to invite you to a game with real money. For this we have sent our experts and experts sent to individual platforms for them. Among the tested features of the game banks, it was important to the license, the game offer and the options for deposits and withdrawals.

Only the top skylacts have made it to our side. So make yourself a picture of it and visit one of our online platforms.

Conclusion: Play for free Fruitastic!

The title certainly counts to the more simple in the product range of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the fruit machine can convince us with its colorful optics and the relaxed atmosphere. Take advantage of the chance to play the slot machines for free and practice as long as you want before you dare in one of our recommended online gambling halls the first real money game.

graphic 8th
Bonus rounds 4
Fun 9
Mobile version 10
variety 6
Payout 8th


Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: August 2, 2021