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Buy $pean Roulette online$pean Roulette is another very popular form of classic gambling roulette. As the game in America in the 17th. Century was invented, the popularity of this game was not only bound to America & # 8211; Other countries and continents also wanted to have the game for themselves and play the so-called American Roulette. There was only close that the game sometime crossed the marine limits and landed in $pe. There were then two offshoots of the American version: the so-called French roulette and the $pean roulette, which is only a modern name of the French variant. The latter is a very popular variant of the roulette, which retains the basic rules of the American Roulette, but still adds his own small rules. What arises in the end is a fun gambling that you can find in each casino. Also on the Internet, the game is very common - many casinos advertise with the game and often forms the front morning of each $pean online casinos.

Priority, of course, the game is played in $pe & # 8211; In the US, the American game prevails about the casinos and online casinos. The $pean version is very popular mainly in $pe. We explain the rules of popular gambling, show the differences between these and other versions and give tips on how the game runs and how to maximize his profits. Nevertheless, it is a gambling, and luck you need at the $pean Roulette in any case, because the coincidence dominates the game and Fortuna must be a self-hold if you want to achieve maximum profits.

Features of the various $pean roulette variants

Software provider RTP Max. Profit (coins) Min. Use, $ Max. Use, $ Creation Date
Lucky Spin $pean Roulette Fugaso 97.3% 1400 0.1 40 10.05.2017
$pean Roulette Deluxe Pariplay 97.3% 2800 5 80 15.07.2018
$pean Roulette Pro Play & # 8217; N Go 97.3% 3600 1 100 03.07.2018
$pean Roulette Bgaming 97.3% 3600 1 100 05.03.2018
$pean Roulette Play & # 8217; N Go 97.3% 3500 1 100 10.02.2014
$pean Roulette 1x2Gaming 98.65% 7000 1 500 01.01.2017
$pean Roulette Funfair 97.3% 720000 1 20000 15.04.2018
$pean Roulette Isoftbet 97.3% k.A. 0.1 10 01.01.2015
$pean Roulette Net 97.3% 17500 1 500 01.01.2017
$pean Roulette Oryx 97.3% 3500 1 100 01.01.2012
$pean Roulette Rival Gaming 97.3% 17500 1 500 k.A.
Multiplayer $pean Roulette PlayTech 97.3% 3500 0.5 100 15.04.2016

The rules of the $pean Roulette

Since the $pean Roulette is destroyed by the American version, the rules are largely the same. Nevertheless, there are a few small little things that the $pean roulette stand out more or less strongly from the classic. We go to these rules below a little more accurate. The gameplay of the $pean version is in every casino and online casino the same:

  • The game board itself consists of several red and black fields. A total of 37 numbers are written down on these fields. These are your betting options: You can bet on any number or field and design your own combination. Did you come up with a combination, the next step begins.
  • All have to put their chips, so their money, to the number and / or the color they chose themselves and confirm their use. The number of chips determines how much money they deserve or lose them. You can also sprinkle your own chips on multiple fields, but that decreases in the end but the profit.
  • The so-called shooter is the one who supervises the whole game. Have all your bets set, he releases the game and lets roll the ball. It usually takes a few seconds, sometimes almost a minute until it comes to standing.
  • Then the ball ends on the field you have chosen (color or number), you win. The amount of profit depends on the rate and its own set chips. Otherwise you lose your set amount. After that, a new round starts that happens as well.

Who closely looks at the rules, will notice: The $pean version of this exciting game is very similar to French, even almost identical. This is because $pean Roulette represents an advanced form of this version - this was only a little modernized. So if you know the French game, you will also be able to play the $pean variant perfectly. The main difference between the American and French version is only in the fact that the $pean or. The French roulette has only one number less - the double duf is missing, which reduces the number of numbers from 38 to 37 and thus eliminates a possibility.

This means that the house advantage in $pean roulette is a little less. So if you want to maximize your own profit, without any Roulette tactics to use, then the $pean roulette is exactly the right game for it. In general, the winning opportunities are relatively high. Even the actual gameplay is a little more modern than the French roulette or still quite old-fashioned American Roulette. It's all a little thwarted and thus the rounds and gains can run faster.

Video: How to play $pean Roulette

Where can you play $pean roulette?

You can find it quasi everywhere in $pe, often free. Since the two versions mentioned above are the same games - the $pean variant is just a bit more modern - you can find this kind of roulette quasi in each casino. If you like to go to the casino yourself, you often find your own area in which several tables are standing. If you prefer to play in the online casino, you will find there many different $pean roulette online tables, where you can play online for free or genuine players for free against computer opponents or genuine players. In this case you can choose to either play with play money or to use real money. In the latter, most casinos also offer bonuses, for example, for the first time on the roulette table. So you can simply play $pean roulette for free.

Also for the phone there are many games that captivate the feeling of the casino perfectly. Just look into the App Store or Google Play Store & # 8211; There is an almost infinite selection of adrenalingeladen playing. Simply enter "$pean Roulette Free" or "$pean Roulette Free" and you should find enough results.

$pean Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games that exist in $pe. The small tactical component as well as the high random share make every round that is played at the $pean Roulette table, exciting and full of adrenaline. Whether in the casino or at home on the sofa, whether with real money or even with play money, whether against real opponents or just against the computer - with the exciting game you can always have fun and experience one of the oldest casino games. A must for everyone who likes to play!


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Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 5, 2021