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Legacy of Egypt Demo
Legacy of Egypt properties
Play'n Go
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Bonus Wheel, Freespins, Freespins multiplier, multiplier, RTP area, scatter icons, wild
Publishing date
Profit lines
Free games
Video and screenshots: How to play Legacy of Egypt
Interesting features
Many free spins with high multipliers
Attractive payout rate
Outstanding graphic design
Paylets not flexibly adjustable

Legacy of Egypt: This game is legendary

The theme of the slot are the legends of Egypt. Legends that you can still experience risk-free today by playing Legacy of Egypt for free. Legendary is almost also the slot machine itself. The game developer Play'n Go shows us with this five rolling video slot once more, why he belongs to the big one of the igaming world.

Legacy of Egypt is a slot machine with 30 paylines on which you have not only sufficient opportunities to earn profit combinations, but on which you can also enjoy a completely successful gaming experience. Not only is the high number of paylines, but also the high multipliers that exist within the free spells. With them, you can get profits to be paid up to ten times!

Understandable that every player would like to get this multiplied payout immediately. This is possible now both directly in the Legacy of Egypt Free version, which we are ready for you, as well as in the real money game in the casino. Before you visit the next best game bench just because you really want to play immediately and no longer want to wait, here a little tip: Take a look at the game banks we rated us. So you are guaranteed to play on a recommended platform. But now back to the special features of this slot.

Graphics and sound effects: outstanding and completely successful

The slot scores as almost all the games of the manufacturer Play'n Go with superior graphics. That is not surprising, this provider has already produced a lot of graphically well-successful slot machines in its long years of existence and even receive one or the other award for its top slot machines.

Legacy of Egypt is a slot machine from 2018 and already includes the most advanced graphics and some very well-suited animations. Variety and amazement is guaranteed by such a good design. Admittedly, however, the theme of the Egyptian legends is not necessarily particularly imaginative. Play'n Go makes it with the top graphics and the at least as convincing sound design in no time again.

The game mechanics: construction, process and more

Not only with sound and graphics, but also in the game design, the operation and the Slot machines tricks Let's see this game at the front among the best current games & # 8211; and that, although the slot was developed three years ago. The game mechanics meets a point between simple handling, but still a lot of variety and features that will leave the slot one of the favorites for online casino visitors in USA. You should also watch that. To use Legacy of Egypt for free allows the game immediately and without registration or download.

Legacy of Egypt at a glance

Basically, automatic games are always similar. This slot also works as we already know it from countless other games on the net: You call the game, set the desired operating height and start the spin. Everything else does the machine do now. The following applies:

  • You choose the desired game mode: Legacy of Egypt Free play without registration or real money game in the online casino.
  • You choose the desired operating amount: you can decide for an amount between 0,30 $ and 90 $.
  • You select the desired rotary mode: A single turn is started via the green start button, several spins via the autoplay.

The paylines are fixed and thus always activated automatically. All game functions and profits arise purely, so that they successfully play successfully without strategy, but above all a guaranteed fair game can expect.

The symbols and winning combinations

To create profits in the game, you need at least three same characters side by side. An exception is there from this basic rule: the scatter symbol (scatterbox), where profits arise regardless of the position on the field.

Overall, the developer has equipped the machine with eight thematic and four card symbols:

  • Cleopatra
  • Pharaoh
  • God Horus (Hawk)
  • God Anubis (dog)
  • God Sobek (Crocodile)
  • God bastes (cat)
  • Skarab Beetle
  • Pyramids
  • Map symbols from ASS to BUBE

The special functions: Now it goes to the point

The element for which the slot machine is particularly well known are the innovative, versatile and lucrative special functions. It's best to experience them directly in the game. That's possible even if you are with us Use machine games for free. We still want to give you a small overview of the five special functions.

  1. Wild symbol
    The Joker in the game is displayed by the Scarab Beetle. It pays both own profits for three to five-rows, but also acts as a joker that can replace other symbols.
  2. Scatter symbol
    The stray sign, the pyramid, triggers profits regardless of the position and also activates the free spells.
  3. Free games
    Within the Free Spins, Scatter symbols, ie the pyramids, also to support jokers that support other characters in the formation of winning combinations. The number of free spins is determined by the function "wheel of the gods".
  4. Wheel of the gods
    This feature consists of a simple wheel of luck where you turn as a player and thus determine the number of free spins and the respective multiplier. Up to 20 free spins with up to ten multiplier are possible.
  5. Pyramid rotation
    The function of the pyramid rotation can be activated in the free spots. Two pyramid symbols are needed for this. The result is a new lucky wheel revolution with the chance of many more profits.

Legacy of Egypt play and win

The many different and exciting game functions are a bonus in this game, over which most players are particularly happy, right! The game functions do not only provide particularly entertainment, but above all for particularly attractive profits. However, in order to come to these high profits, one must first create it to activate the special functions, and that is not so easy in this game.

  • The machine has a high volatility
    The free play function with the many potential multipliers therefore likes to wait very long. As a player, you also have to have the necessary change in order to survive long thirst trails. Who is something restrained with their own financial resources, who can play the slot machine for free and thus skill their own money losses.
  • The winning opportunities are good overall
    Despite high volatility, it can be worthwhile to play the machine because of the high payout ratio. With a RTP of at least 96.5%, the slot is slightly above the average.
  • The jackpot can be seen
    Even if Legacy of Egypt is not a progressive game, the possible maximum payment can be seen. Of course, we owe the jackpot to the tenfold multiplier within the free spells, which the highest possible payout up to the 5.000-fold insert can be created.

Mobile version: Just play on the go

So many special functions in a single game, such a machine can be suitable for the fast game on the go? We say yes. Play'n Go does not belong for free to the most prestigious providers. Here you know exactly how to attractive a game with many features for mobile use.

The operation is intuitive and the entire gaming experience also by mobile device has a successful matter. We recommend the game in landscape format.

Legacy of Egypt without registration

Start immediately with the game, that works when you choose the free game variant. This variant does not require registration, registration or deposit. Everything you need to do so to finally enjoy Legacy of Egypt is, the game directly here on online casinomitsStart credit.to call. It was so easy to play at the best slots from Play'n Go!

And best of all: this game is of course not the only slot you can play with us for free. The playbothe includes countless games from the best providers of the Igaming industry. What are you waiting for?

Legacy of Egypt to play real money

Yes, the high payout rate can be very attractive to real money player, especially in conjunction with the magnificent gameplay and the integrated features. And also fans of the free game would like to experience the tension in the genuine money game from time to time. But we all know: when it comes to real money, a little caution is always on the Internet.

Just let us take the part of the exam of the best casino pages! With our expert opinions and independent reviews of the best platforms, you will find it even easier to find all top gamebanks for US players at a glance. Read in our test reports, where you guaranteed to play safely and above all, where you may even use the game with a rewarding Bonus without deposit be able to start.

Conclusion: A successful antique world

In our opinion, the Legacy of Egypt Online Slot is clearly among the best games of the developer Play'n Go and probably also to the best online slot machines available on the current market. Attractive winning figures paired with a more convincing graphics and sound design as well as a full list of successful special features, this combination is of course a guarantee for a top slot machine.

A top slot machine is this slot so. Whether he can also become one of your personal favorites, you can easily see this by turning a few rounds for free today: Without registration, without deposit, without problems.

graphic 10
Bonus rounds 10
Fun 10
Mobile version 10
variety 10
Payout 9


Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: June 15, 2021