Online casino with US license

Online casinos with US license were so far only game banks with the license from Schleswig-Holstein, which now like all other providers offer the online gambling according to the new US guidelines. The question of gambling regulation is one of the most important in the Igaming area. This includes casino providers rules for a secure game environment, reputable payouts and fair scenes. If an online casino has no license, it can make it de facto what it wants. Therefore, the question of online casino licenses is crucial in factors such as security and seriousness.

There are different requirements for the different regulators. The regulations of offshore authorities are not quite as strict as those in the $pean room. Trusted online casino licenses in the EU area are issued by the Government of Gibraltars, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta (which is one of the most famous jobs), the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom and the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man. On our site you will always find currently serious and recommended casino providers tested by our experts.

The new legal situation in USA

USA has long ignored the EU specifications for gambling regulation. An exception was in 2012. This year, Schleswig-Holstein started to offer EU-compliant licenses. However, the issued online casino licenses were only for their own federal state, not USA.

From the 1. July 2021 entered into force in USA the new Gambling State Treaty. This envisages that online gamebanks are allowed throughout USA. This legalization goes hand in hand with strict measures relating to player protection and gambling addiction prevention. Until then, online gambling was only allowed in Schleswig-Holstein. Due to the new change of law, real money can offer casinos with license now throughout USA their services.

Which rules are to be considered by online gamebanks with US license?

Player protection & Gambling

Particularly important are the areas of player protection and preventing in sliding in a gambling addiction. To comply with these points, a button for self-lock must be visible at any time. So the player can protect themselves and obtain a lock for 24 hours with one click. In addition, the casino offer must show all the information in US.

Furthermore, providing addresses of aid organizations on gambling addiction prevention as well as compliance with youth protection. Players must be the 18. Have reached the year to log in to online casinos with license in USA. Also, there is a nationwide lock file. If a player is captured there, it is no longer possible to open an account in the online casino with license in USA.

1 $ use limit

Another point for player protection is the setting of use limitations. So per game round can be set with no more than 1 $ of the credit.

1.000 $ deposit limit per month

The player can set a weekly and monthly deposit limit. This may not be 1.Exceed 000 $ per month. There are exceptions. If a user sends a proof of assets, higher limits are possible.

Spin border with online machines

In slot machines, a 5-second rule was introduced. The time frame between two spins must therefore be at least 5 seconds.

No autoplay at slot machines

The autoplay that is popular with many players, so at a slot machine spins in a certain number of and go through, is no longer allowed in online casinos with license in USA.

No live games and progressive jackpots

Unfortunately, customers have to do without certain games in online casinos with license in USA. Roulette with real dealers, so live games, are also prohibited as progressive jackpots on online slot machines like Mega Moolah of Microgaming. This is part of the player protection. Just rapidly growing jackpots as with Mega Moolah, which attributes with millions of winning, lose to play more and longer. However, there is also a disadvantage for the player.

So online casinos with license own a worse payout rate. By offering Jackpot slot machines, potential main profits fall higher. If these slot machines are not available, the average RTP value is automatically lowered (return to player) of a platform.

Detailed transaction overview

Each player presents a record of his profits and losses in his log-in. This serves to keep track of the overview. In addition, the user knows exactly where he has used, won or lost how much money. This precise representation is not necessarily common at Casino Licenses in the EU area. This regulation also serves to promote responsibly play.

Document detection

The account verification requires document detection. These know players from international providers. The only difference: With a US casino provider, a proof of assets is required as soon as its deposit limit of 1.000 $ per month wants to expand.

Only one account per player

Players may not open countless accounts. It is strictly paid attention that there is only one player account per registered user. This applies to all online casinos with license in USA.


For a license from Schleswig-Holstein, for example, an online casino needs a proof of assets. It must prove that the funded funds of customers are stored independently of the remaining assets. This serves to protect the customer and its deposits. In addition, payout requests can be carried out successfully in this way.

Bonus conditions

Here are the specifications a little spongy. It helps the comparison with the British regime. With this bonus conditions must be well recognizable at a glance. The specifications in terms of bonuses could be improved at online casino licenses 2021. Thus, the US rules also allows providers to limit payable profits from a deposit bonus.

The name & # 8222; Casino & # 8220;

A little curious mutates the definition of naming. Online Casino Licenses in USA are subject to a strict witness. An online casino with US license can no longer call "casino". So if you are looking for an online casino with US license, you will not find this term. Only land-based gamebanks and play halls may call themselves as a casino. This is how alternative names arise like "virtual game world" or "real money game bench".

Casino advertising

Casino advertising must not run consistently. This is prohibited in an online casino with US license from 6 to 21 clock.

What are the benefits for the player?

With online gamebanks with US lucky license, there is a crystal-clear advantage: 100% legal play. The user has to worry about all the legal grayscale. An online casino with a US license gives the player the opportunity to completely legally gamble.

In addition, the focus is on US players. Accordingly, the portfolio is aligned thereafter. So find yourself in the best online casinos with license gambling machines by Bally Wulff or Mercury. Also PayPal should then give it again as a payment method. This guarantees secure one - such as payouts. Player protection is strongly written and thus the core topics of every good casino provider: security and seriousness.

Another big advantage for the player is the creation of a central registration office for online gambling in the course of the new gambling law. Transparency is guaranteed here. Because every US casino, which wants to offer the game for real money with the appropriate license, must provide any new registration and the respective deposits of your players to this point. This institution provides an overview of the game behavior and may intervene if unusual game behavior occurs.

The deposit limit of 1.000 $ per player and month refers to all reputable online casinos with license in USA. A player can not trick. For example, he can not create an account at three casinos in parallel, there each consume its limit and thus 3.000 $ available to play. By the central registration office, this order is monitored and also enforced. A player account counts for all casino licenses in USA.

Bitter for many US players is the hard regulation in terms of games in the live casino as well as jackpots with particularly high win sums. These areas are extremely popular. This could be one reason from which players decide in the long term for other online casino providers. Because also table games like roulette or blackjack are no longer allowed according to the new law. Therefore, there will be online game banks in USA in the future, which will only offer slots.

Foreign casinos are excluded from all these regulations. You can pamper players with a far better and more comprehensive portfolio and offer higher deployment and deposit limits. Straight high scooter and risk-to-risk players are likely to be very better off here. So if you often play for real money, could have little pleasure with the strict rules of the US online casino licenses.

Beginners, careful players or users who know their potential for problematic game behavior are better canceled in a stricter scale. In this play protection and transparency comes first. Just putting a deposit limit helps that you do not play a large part of your money within a short time.

Better bonuses for US players

Casino provider with US license can switch targeted advertising than this is the case with other providers. This makes serious online casinos with license easier the attention of the US customers and can be so easier to attend introductory services such as free spells and other premiums.

Can a US player also use other online casinos?

Clear yes. While the point is still controversial whether casinos may be allowed to offer their services with international license in USA, yet the offer is available and each player resident in USA can also use online casinos with EU licenses. He does not necessarily have to avoid online casinos with license from USA.

In reversal, however, this does not mean that online casinos, which have no US license, are dubious. Particularly popular and popular are online casinos in international comparison with the valid luck license license of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Who has such a license, at the same time has an EU license. Gibraltar also awards EU licenses. The British Gambling Commission mainly looks after customers from the United Kingdom. All licenses must meet certain prerequisites.

If one compares the conditions, the rules for US casinolicences fall much stricter. The consistent regulation in deposits or the time restriction on spins at slot machines drew the game pleasure. For international providers you can risk so much money as you like, and play on the entire game range with live or play millions of jackpots.

When asked if Generally Online game banks with other regulations in USA are legal, there is a Jein. US players can use these easily, really legal are only online casinos with US license.

How to recognize a good online casino with US license?

The recognition features do not differ significantly from secure online casinos with EU license. In general, there are some points that speak for seriousness and that the player should have in mind:

Casino games

Online casinos with US or EU license only perform games of known manufacturers who are also licensed and reviewed. Game developers like Net, Microgaming, Mercury, PlayTech, Play & # 8217; N Go, Yggdrasil and more have their own license as the online casino. Also table games and live casino games are checked. Thus, the player has double security: the online casino itself as well as the trusted games. These are checked in that they pay their profits properly. Manipulations are excluded. In addition, manufacturers of casino games and games providers must undergo regular controls.


All games have to expire fairly. It is important that an RTP value is cited. The RTP value (return to player) can also be referred to as a long-term payout ratio. Most online games have an RTP between 94% and 98%. Far higher than with machines in the gambling halls, where the payout rate is between 40% and 50%. The higher the RPT value in a slot machine, the better winning opportunities for the player.

user friendliness

Whether website or casino app, real game pleasure only then introduces when a simple navigation, a clear gameplay and an optically appealing interface facilitates finding the favored slots. The user trails must be clearly designed on the desktop, functionality and simplicity should be in the foreground. Users who register should be able to find out immediately.


The platforms should have a SSL encryption, best encrypted with at least 128 bits and certified by well-known security companies such as McAfee, Norton, Truste or TÜV. Furthermore, a clear list of GTC and the terms and conditions for transparency and trust ensures. The most important questions should be answered in advance in a separate extensive FAQ area. The offered software must work without error.

Independent probe seal

If an online casino has on its website Siegel independent test institutes such as Ecogra, Gli or Itech Labs, this is a valuable guarantor for a fair game offer.


Serious operators offer a wide range of different payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, direct transfers and prepaid methods. Deposits and withdrawals should be handled free of charge. A good selection is a quality indicator and can be stepped up in providers with online casino licenses from USA. The time also plays a role in the payment. A maximum of 48 hours should take.

Customer service

When supporting is the customer king. The customer service should ideally be accessible by e-mail, live chat and telephone, around the clock. If the telephone hotline is free, this is as a plus. The advantage of reputable casino platforms with gambling license is US-speaking customer support.

Bonus offer

Bonus offers and their conditions should be recognizable and understandable at first glance. Is particularly popular A bonus without deposit (No Deposit Bonus), which may contain credit or free spells. Both rewards offer the possibility to get to know an online casino without real money use without risk and free. The most famous bonus is the welcome bonus for new customers. This is up to certain conditions that vary depending on the provider.

Again, the connection is asked by a bonus credit with free play. Reputable platforms rely on a moderate sales factor and a generous timing to meet the bonus conditions.

For some providers there is the possibility to try the games without registration in the demo version. In this way, one learns the platform and their user-friendliness as well as the individual games risk-free.

Another plus is the offer of a loyalty program. Many years of players can collect bonus points and convert them later, for example, in free spells or other bonuses. A loyalty program, bonus without deposit, free slots and a welcome pack for new players are among the most popular bonuses and are very in demand at online casinos with license.

Mobile app & Live casino

The mobile casino on the smartphone or tablet experiences a boom. The game offer is constantly expanded and there are also free spins for specific machines. In addition to the casino as a mobile app for playing the live casino is becoming increasingly popular. Here platforms with US license clearly have the note against other providers. Because live games are forbidden. So if you do not want to miss the thrill with Live Dealers at Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat, can only fall back on online game salons licensed in the EU room.


Online casinos are analyzed by experts with sufficient experience in the igaming area and rated accordingly. Before registering and the first deposit, you should read the evaluation or test of a platform and benefit from the experiences of the other players. Is created expressly before registering because there is no valid license or there were problems with payouts in the past, fingers away.

Reviews help the player to come up with the jungle of providers. So serious online casinos can be found more easily with license or online casino licenses with no deposit bonus. Also on our platform you will always find current reviews.

Particularly popular are free slots for casino players, so free games. Also according to terms such as online casino licenses without deposit is often searched. Understandable, because a bonus without deposit opens up the possibility to be able to test a casino for example about freelays without obligation. Therefore, demand for providers with valid online casino licenses and corresponding bonus offer is high. Currently, however, it is likely to be difficult for players to find platforms with bonuses and online casino licenses without deposit. For this, the new gambling regulation is not long enough in force.

Responsible gaming

Every good game room on the Internet should have an area for responsible gambling. There is warned against gambling addiction and, if necessary, refer to aid offers. Only to offer games, is now too little, the new online casino licenses 2021 provide with a comprehensive social concept for a support of the players. Customer service is also sensitized to topics such as gambling addiction and prevention for its advice.

Why did it take so long until there are online casinos with US license?

USA lags in the area of ​​the online gambling something afterwards, as the federal states could not agree with each other for a long time. Malta already legalized the igaming in 2001 and has its own regulatory authority with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). MGA now supplies hundreds of $pean suppliers. This competition does not make it easier for the new online casino licenses. However, they have a decisive advantage: they give each player the good feeling to move to legally very perfect ground.

Conclusion: Lots of security stands to some restrictions

Holders of the new US license are serious thanks to stricter editions and put the conditions for player protection much better and rigorous than in international comparison. Clear rules, deposit and set limits as well as a visible self-lock button helping the user to expire in no game. However, there are the strict rules at the expense of popular games in the live casino and with progressive jackpots.

Advantages and disadvantages of casinos with US license

The advantages

The disadvantages

  • 100% Legal with Online Casino Licenses from USA
  • Perfect for US players
  • Strict rules and conditions for player protection
  • Visible buttons for 24h self-lock
  • Reputable payment service provider
  • Game portfolio aligned with US players
  • No live casino with live dealer
  • No progressive jackpots
  • Worse average payout ratio
  • Set and deposit limits brake the game pleasure
  • Often lack of transparency in the bonus conditions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play in a online casino in USA?
Here may be the 1. July 2021 be celebrated as a milestone. On this date, the new Gambling State Treaty came into force with online casino licenses 2021. And this means, online gambling can be legally offered in accordance with certain regulations in all 14 federal states in USA. Players from USA can visit in the EU-based online game banks with other licenses and register there.
What are the characteristics of a legal and secure online casinos?
Serious provider can be briefly summarized in some essential points. The platforms should have a valid EU license or online casino licenses for USA. The data security should be given by a secure encryption. Various payment options are available and fair play conditions must be guaranteed. The bonus program should rely on fulfillable and transparent conditions and provide different offers. A good customer service is also a plus.
May a player legally play in an online casino with $pean license?
Clear yes. Although every single $pean country has a different scheme, but players can register across countries across countries in online casinos with $pean license. Through the EU freedom to provide services, each provider can settle within the EU and acquire a gambling license valid there and each player will open an account regardless of his registration office there.
Online casinos with US license - where are these to be found?
These providers will become increasingly established in the US market. However, there will be some time. Until then, one can use online casino licenses from Schleswig-Holstein, which should now be legally valid for players from other federal states. Currently, twelve different providers have a license from Schleswig-Holstein.
Author: Melanie Schnurr
last update: August 27, 2021

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