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Merkur Magnus 7 Demo
Merkur Magnus 7 properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Bonus game, risk (double) game
Publishing date
Profit lines
Video and screenshots: How to play Merkur Magnus 7
Fruit slot with traditional symbols
Quiet mood to relax
Gamble functions
Good payout ratio
No extrafunctions of the symbols

Merkur Magnus 7: A disco fruit salad

If you want to play Merkur Magnus 7 for free, is just right here. Because we looked at the modern fruit solder from the Game Provider Merkur from USA more accurately for you. The slot machine, which first attempts with its unusual name, can be more than just fruits. Already the first impression when the roller system builds on the screen, let us become nostalgic. Memories of old arcade games come up. To do this, the retro sound old slot machines & # 8230;

The game is a classic fruit solder with various well-known fruit varieties and the magical lucky number 7, which comes here as the main sign and gets the highest profits. The slot is a quiet machine game for all those who prefer traditional symbols and still do not reject a few visual innovations. This is the game in the queue of the classic fruit slots, which is currently cited by vending machines such as Royal Seven XXL or Fire Joker.

But behind this, this game does not have to hide. We show you what is hidden behind Mercury Magnus 7.

graphic & Sound Effects: Retro Charms and Comic Fruits

The theme of the slot machine is clear: Fruits from A to Z. The only exception is the number 7, which is also name specification of the title, with the first name Magnus, however, what is Latin and is "big". And that's it in this game. Because here the pink seven has the function of a main sign and brings a lot of profit. Optically, this is underlined with a wreath of pink-colored rays, which seven is barely supervised.

But the fruits also fall on. On the black background of rollers and the black of the indicated universe behind it lit the fruits literally. This is supported by the comicha-black-purple border.

Despite the many colors, the Mercury Magnus 7 slot machine is equally kept comparatively quiet. He acts literally tidy, as is otherwise more likely from the genre it is more likely to be. Also on the sound level the machine is relatively tempered on the way. Music only sounds when the rolls are in motion in motion or performs one of the additional matches. Otherwise there is peace. For all players who like to play Merkur Magnus 7 online for evening relaxation, that's exactly right.

The game mechanics: simple construction

Anyone who has already tried Games from Mercury will already know the reserved slot design of the company. If you play Merkur Magnus 7 for free without registration, you have the opportunity to take a look at the simple construction of the machine itself. The natural species of the game will have them quickly understood, because there is a lot to see hereby not admitted here. The basic structure is based on five rollers and three rows, on which 15 symbols find space. Overall, you only have five paylines available that you can not adjust.

You can between 500 and 100.000 Choose currency units per spin if you play the slot machine for free. Accordingly, therefore, the profit is also high if you exploit the main character fivefach in a combination. In a virtual casino, the possible inserts and thus the profits of course can look different depending on the currency and priorities of the game room.

The characters are up to the lucky number 7 around fruits. These symbols go back to the beginnings of the machine games. One of the first machines was a fruit machine, the chewing gum opened instead of money, and in the taste of the fruits that can be used to roll on the rollers. Later, the chewing gum was then replaced by money. But the fruits remained.

Here are the characters at a glance:

  1. Lucky number 7
  2. Grapes and melon
  3. Plum, lemon and peach
  4. Cherries

Wild and scatter symbols

Unfortunately, there is no single additional symbol in this game, which brings, for example, free spins or other additional winning opportunities. The game presents itself here as a purist. None of the signs has more functions than its default value, which makes game mechanics manageable. In fact, however, the manufacturer has made it very simple, which so many a player or a player can bore long.

You can win here from a number of only two symbols in the winning combinations for the cherries. The rest of the signs will only return to three symbols in a row.

Since no jackpot or another bonus is triggered when a winning combination of a full grid, the game is made primarily for a core audience, which is mainly concerned with profits and less about entertainment. If you play seven Mercury Magnus free, you can get an idea of ​​whether this slot is right for you or whether you still need a little more variety in the game itself.

Additional functions

In games of this provider, it is common to make one or more additional opportunities for gains possible. More precisely, said that usually a gamble feature that suggests the amount gained just as feed. Male and female players can double with the feature the winning amount as a bet in one fell swoop. The manufacturer shall for this game, two different options that the card Gamble and Ladders.

In the first you need two colors, black or red, choose. If your color drawn doubled your profit. If you guess incorrectly, you lose the win amount just received and you rise to 0 from. The same 50/50 principle also applies to the second option, the Head of Risk.

Mercury Magnus 7 play and win

To play such a machine as possible successful and thus profitable, you do not have a strategy to memorize. Especially when Mercury Magnus 7 slot the principle is understood quickly. You just have to click on the green spin button and have the rollers set in motion. One of the most important Slot machines Tips however, is that you look at the game in a free version carefully before you make a bet at an online casino with real money.

Only through an audition, you can estimate the payout rate of the slot machine better. How common are profits before and how much are they? What's the impact on my application behavior? All these questions you should know before a real money game clarified for themselves. Only then can you use a financial limit to play on this or another slot.

For many players, a feature of this machine game is particularly important, the RTP. It is here with good 96.31%.

All characteristics of the game at a glance:

  • 5 & ​​# 215; 3 roll system
  • 5 fixed paylines
  • Card Gamble and Head Risk
  • No Free Spins
  • No Wilds or Scatters

If you are already practiced as a player or player and want to play their use as quickly as possible, you will also find a button for autoplay in the demo version. The green button with the white arrow ensures the automatic triggering of the spins or. In this case, shows the final results. Because the turning of the rolls is completely skipped in automatic mode.

Mobile version: state-of-the-art technology

Automatic games that are already a bit older, sometimes can only be played on certain devices. However, the Merkur Magnus 7 slot does not belong. You can start the game on any mobile device that you have, if it has a current browser and also exists with memory enough scope for an online game. The game can be played directly without download.

Who first All machine games for free If you want to test on your device, this can do that via our site immediately. Because we have this and a number of other Mercury games for you in the assortment. So you can see yourself if the provider's games are compatible with their mobile companion.

Merkur Magnus 7 without registration

Have you caught fire and would like to play the unusual fruit lot immediately, and if possible without registration? Then you are absolutely correct on our portal. Under online acasinomits start credit.Org have the opportunity to try the title for free. There is no registration necessary on the page. You just have to focus on the game and get rid of.

If you want to get out more from your first game with real money, you can get a current one Bonus without deposit for certain gaming halls. We have given new promotions for you and present them on our site.

Merkur Magnus 7 to play real money

If you want to feel the thrill in gambling, you must change to the game with real inserts for short or long. After all, a demo game is only a little exciting. However, who dares the step of going to full risk can also count on rewards. A real money use also makes real money gains too, and that already for little money. Who still lacks the right gambling portal, which can be advised by us.

We have tested countless online gambling halls for you. Our strict criteria for license, games offer and service providers with deposits and payouts make only the best gambling portals for recommendations.

Conclusion: Play for free Mercury Magnus 7!

If you prefer traditional slot machines, will choose the right game with this Mercury classic. You will have a lot of fun with the title, if you see wilds, scatters and other additional symbols and functions as superfluous. For everyone else, the game might be lacking in crucial pepper. However, since this arrives on their own taste is recommended to turn a few rounds on the slot for free before they dare in the real money game.

graphic 7
Bonus rounds 4
Fun 7
Mobile version 10
variety 5
Payout 8th


Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: July 14, 2021