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Lost Temple Demo
Lost Temple properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 4
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Bonusgame, Substitution Icons, Free Spins, Reusable (+1024), Multiplier, Scatter, Wild Symbols
Publishing date
Profit lines
Free games
Video and screenshots: How to play Lost Temple
Detailed graphic
Exciting bonuses
Different functions
Many profit routes
Rather low profits
Unoriginal map symbols

Lost Temple: dive into the jungle

Who can imagine once in his life in the deep green of the jungle in Central America to visit the pyramids of the Maya, who should definitely play Lost Temple for free. This special slot machine trumps with a variety of detailed symbols around the theme of the jungle and its inhabitants before 1.000 years on. Between Lianen, scorpions and snakes you will find here an abandoned temple behind dense green, which houses ample treasures. The machine consists of five rollers with four rows, the 1.Allow 024 profit routes.

Manufacturer Nextgen Gaming is also active in USA, but is headquartered in the distant Australia. His slot machines can be found in gambling halls everywhere in the world, which speaks for their quality. We introduce this game here in detail.

graphic & Sound effects: sounds from old times

Modestiness, that's the first one that occurs when you focus on the sound of this machine. Here, during a rotation, only with little sound effects is praised. However, one can listen to the sounds of a choir when a winning combination, if only. The games of this provider also lure more with graphics and ingenuity in the topics. Nevertheless, the development team has quite thought about how it can convert the atmosphere of the jungle into sounds.

However, these sounds sound only when the bonus appears icon. Most of the time one hears the rattles of the rollers and now and then a short fanfare when they have entered a profit. The withdrawn noise profile of the slot is a true benefity compared to the often much more influenced competitors. If you play Lost Temple for free as a demo version, you can deactivate the sounds over the menu on the left edge of the screen at any time.

The game mechanics: a few surprises

Anyone who knows about online slot machines will recognize the basic principles of Lost Temple online. Players, however, have the opportunity to play one with a 5 & # 215; 4 degree of pretty big grid. However, the number of payments on which the profit combinations can appear on the five rollers and four rows is somewhat untypical, because there are 1.024 Profit routes.

The profit routes are not flexible, so can not be changed. However, you have quite great opportunities for this. Most symbols bring on a line win by three sequential appearance.

The 9 and the bonus symbol allow a profit from the two-time appearance, starting from the first roller. If you play for free Lost Temple, you can see the variety of characters in action. Because not a few signs have some additional functions. We introduce you here in detail.

The most important signs

The theme jungle is particularly detailed in the symbols. So you can find here as valuable symbols of gold treasures, coins or diamonds. Other characters show a snake and a scorpion and most recently the green-grown map symbols of ASS to 9. But these signs alone do not make the game perfect. One of the main characters of the games is the bonus symbol that can also retract the highest individual gains.

Since this is a classic scatter symbol, it does not have to appear successively on the lines, but brings out of three characters scattered on the roller gains. Automatic games like this, the adventure and exoticism promise, but usually have an identification figure for the rather western audience. Lost Temple also offers this with a young blond lady, which leads as a kind of Lara Croft through the jungle.

The sign has no value himself and thus does not bring direct payouts, but serves as a joker and is a wild symbol. It completes profit combinations and replaces each other character except the bonus sign.

Here all signs according to your values:

  1. bonus
  2. Treasure chest
  3. Coins
  4. Gems
  5. Scorpio
  6. line
  7. Card symbols A and K
  8. Map symbols Q, J and 10
  9. Map symbol 9

A drawback of this online slots is that despite the otherwise detailed theme, card symbols are still used as a sign, instead of thinking out some new symbols. Here would have been a bit more imagination in the developers and developers. If you play the Machine Lost Temple for free without registration, you can make yourself a picture of it. The best demo version can be found with us on online casinomits starting credit.org.

Special symbols

Despite the high age of this machine, he still has a number of additional functions. This includes the game, the blonde woman and the bonus symbol. The first symbol has the task of supplementing profit combinations, and is therefore quite easy to understand. If it appears in the game, it usually has an advantage for the player or the player.

However, the bonus symbol is even more to get. Because this sign triggers the phase "holding and turning" from three symbols. The bonus icon turns the whole roll into a character that snaps into this mode in this mode. The remaining rollers are redesigned up to three times.

Create it to fill all five rollers with a bonus icon, the next phase is triggered, the so-called "temple steps bonus". This allows you to create a little luck up to twelve free spins and up to eight-fold multipliers. You choose the green or red arrow that either bring more benefits or enable free spins and free multipliers of the respective level.


This function is possible in this game in the demo version via holding the SPIN button. Hold down the button that triggers the spin, get a selection of rounds that you can play in succession. You can rotate automatically between 20 to 100 rounds. However, make sure that your financial limit is not exceeded. The machine will stop automatically when the credit or rounds are used up. Since this is coincidence, it may also mean that they lose mostly at 100 laps.

Lost Temple play and win

According to the manufacturer's information, the distribution rate (RTP) is 97.04% at this GAME, which is an above-average value. Since at 1.024 earlier and sometimes can be recovered in two symbols in a row, the machine has a low volatility. He spits more frequently profits, which are not quite as high. You will not find a jackpot in this game. However, by the additional functions and, above all, with the hotly expanded "Temple Level Bonus" far higher profits can be retracted than that with single winning by symbols would be possible.

Especially the multipliers ensure high payments if you have luck here. Because of course, the bonus symbols are not easy to explain. If you want to play this game in a casino for real money, then you should definitely think of a strategy for setting up. Especially who retains the overview of the finances, can enjoy this slot soothed.

All characteristics again at a glance:

  • RTP at 97.04%
  • Low volatility
  • Various additional functions
  • Multipliers and Free Spins

Mobile version: Despite the age top!

Although this machine has already nine years on the hump, he can not only increase content, but also formally. You can play the slot machine on all modern mobile devices. The machine adapts to your screen and the operation switches on to the operation via TouchPad. So you do not have to do anything, when the game about your preferred gambling portal or as a demo version call and get rid of us.

There is no download. You just have to use a current browser and the game can also be played in bus or train, provided that the internet connection permits. You can play the slot machines for free and test yourself if your device reproduces the game error-free if you use our demo version.

Play Lost Temple without registration

You can play our demo version without registration or an elaborate registration immediately. So you can try everything yourself, what has been talked yet, and absolutely free and without any bond. We would like to give you the opportunity to get to know the game first before you fall into your first adventure in one of the many online gambling halls. Who has lust for this game, who should try our other favorites. We have All our machine games for free provided for you as demo versions.

Lost Temple to play real money

If you have enough of winning, who only collect yourself as a play money on your player account, and would like to finally win real money? Then we certainly have the right online casino for you on our site. We offer selected platforms that meet our quality standards and are equipped with the correct security precautions for the online game. You can also one or the other Bonus without deposit get and let her first play in a new gambling portal.

To the most important Slot machines tricks heard that you should always consult. Because whether bonus or 50/50 chance, in the end counts, what matters on the credit account.

Conclusion: Solid tension

If you have decided to visit the temples in the Jungle of Central America, you will not regret it. The game is detailed and varied and is one of the best online playing from Nextgen Gaming at all. Especially the feature of the "Temple Level Bonus" ensures the greatest tension in the game and should definitely be tried.

graphic 9
Bonus rounds 9
Fun 10
Mobile version 10
variety 10
Payout 9
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: July 2, 2021