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American Roulette onlineIt has certainly been one of the roulette once - that's a gambling that puts an amount on a certain color as well as number and then rolls the ball. If the ball falls on the chosen color or. Number, are waiting big profits. The game is a pure gambling, which has been enthusiastic for many years both young and old, similar to bingo, that already exists very long. You can find it as good as every casino. It is considered original variant of the popular gambling. Therefore, both the game principle as well as the American roulette table and the circular game board come. American Roulette is just one of the three most popular variants, which are also called standard variants. The other two are the French and the $pean Roulette. The American Roulette was in 17. Century invented, is a real veteran of gambling. The original variant had 38 numbers at that time and a so-called doubleull. This brought the house, so the casino, but too many advantages, what the game seems a little very unfair appear. The Doppelnull was then removed in the other variants of the game while still present in classic American roulette. So much so the story of American Roulette. But how do you play the game at all and what you have to pay attention to?

Features of different American roulette variants

Software provider RTP Max. Profit (coins) Min. Use, $ Max. Use, $ Creation Date
American roulette Isoftbet 94.74% k.A. 0.1 10 01.01.2015
American roulette Net 94.74% k.A. 1 500 k.A.
American roulette Oryx 94.74% 4375 1 125 01.01.2015
American roulette Rival Gaming 94.74% 7000 1 200 k.A.
American roulette Tom Horn Gaming 94.74% 4500 0.2 25 20.02.2014
American roulette GVG 94.74% 52500 1 1500 05.06.2015
Premium American Roulette PlayTech k.A. 3500 0.01 100 05.04.2016
VIP American Roulette Betoft k.A. 35000 10 1000 01.10.2004
American roulette Betixon 94.74% 1750 0.25 50 15.04.2014
American roulette Belatra Games k.A. 17500 1 500 01.01.2016
American roulette Realistic 98.65% k.A. k.A. k.A. 06.04.2011
American roulette Microgaming 94.74% k.A. k.A. k.A. 01.06.2003

How to play American Roulette?

American Roulette is basically very easy to play because the game principle has remained the same over the years: so it is still very simple and easy to understand. Basically, the rules of American Roulette are the following:

  • The game board consists of different fields, 38 at the number, which can be printed both red and black
  • Players put on the so-called "racetrack". The value of the game chips, also called "Jetons", is different from Casino to Casino
  • Then the ball is rolled and lands on a color and number
  • Lands the ball on the color and number that you set, then you have won

In addition, one has to mention that this American variant of the roulette differs a little bit of the French and $pean. On the one hand, it is a simplified variant in which the focus is placed on the setting and playing. On the other hand, you can also set to multiple numbers by distributing its chips a little. If one wins then, the profit in the casino is lower, but win the chance is a little higher.

At American Roulette, a maximum of seven players can attend. Also fewer are possible, but more are not supported by the game environment. As already mentioned, the American variant of the roulette also has the so-called Dukelnull, while in the other roulette variants this zero was painted.

Video: How to play American roulette

Where can you find American Roulette?

As the name already reveals, American Roulette is usually found in American casinos. But fortunately, you can experience it in this country on the internet, because the internet knows no limits. However, there are also a few casinos in $pe, which also offer the American Roulettes as well as French variants in addition to the $pean variant. For each variant, there is usually a separate table where you can sit down and bet.

But as already mentioned, there is every roulette variant everywhere on the Internet. If you want, you can also sit on the Internet at an American roulette online game against real players and even bet real money, if you want.

So you can say that American Roulette is a true classic. Everyone has seen it once, almost everyone knows the game rules after all in the approach and the red and black colors immediately call the feeling of roulette on the screen. In other words, it is now really a game with cult status. If you want to play American roulette online, you will find it in virtually any online casino and also in real casinos it is played around the world, albeit prevailing in the US. So have fun with betting and do not forget Roulette profit system, that can help you win!


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Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021