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How to win in the casino - the secret tricks of the professionals

A Swedish player has succeeded in cracking the giant jackpot in Leo Vegas Online Casino, which was filled with 7.8 million $. He played with the mobile phone and with a small use of 0.50 $ at the Yggdrasil Slot "Joker Million"!

How to win such a sum without manipulation? The question that represents: Has the player used certain tricks or used a strategy so that this mad profit succeeded? Certainly not, because there are no functioning casino tricks with which it is possible to increase its chances of winning and to earn correspondingly high profits. With him, as with all other gamblers in scores and online casinos, it is pure luck.

Although some players are still claimed that there are secret casino tricks and cheats, such advice can not be classified as serious.

Unfortunately you can not just trick a casino. There are also no software, programs or other ways that allows manipulation of slot machines possible. Behind every offer, which adapts a hack and behind each trick book is always fraud and rip-off. Slot machines are a pure gambling and they will always stay. That means that one loses one while the other wins!

Experience is mandatory

However, the team knows onlineCasinomitsStartBalances.org that there are some tips and slot machines tricks, like example. The behavior in the game, with which you can preserve your chance for a profit. This is especially patient and not the greed to fall!

It makes absolutely no sense when you restore your losses. We can only advise you to identify personally corresponding limits, for example a loss limit or a limit in terms of the operating height. It is also helpful to take a look at the payout ratios of the individual games as well as the online tracks. Even free spins and bonus functions are helpful when it comes to optimizing his game and to protect your own bankroll.

The truth about the secret casino tricks & Tips

Spielothek tips

Casino players entertain, it is usually one thing: what they have won in the casino and with which tricks they made this. If you are looking for "Outline Casinos" on the network, you will encounter numerous portals in which strategies, cheats and tricks are offered, with which it should be possible to successfully play and increase your own winning opportunities.

But how can that be? Does that work??

To be honest, most tricks 2019 is a casino manipulation. However, this will not manipulate the slot machine in the playbothe, but the player. The videos you find for example on YouTube are cut together and partly the "superfsome player" acts even in free game mode and just waiting for the profit cycle to set up.

Often these secure casino tips are sold. Especially for known games from USA and Austria as the Mercury playing or the Novomatic Slots are always a variety of strategies.

Our tip: Just forget it! Because there is no secret online casino hack, but here is just about money. Pay for no trick or software money, because these are fraud and rip-off meshes and nothing else.

roulette & Blackjack - here can be won with strategies

If you are among the experienced players, then you will certainly have an objection and explain that there are certainly systems with which it is possible to increase their own opportunities for profits - namely at Blackjack and roulette. But too, we have to contradict partly, because that's not really the case. Because as soon as the ball rolls in the boiler, the game is no longer influenced.

There is no mathematical probabilities that after a longer loss phase is ultimately at the point where you win in the casino. Put on red or black, you have a 50/50 chance to get a profit. But there is no guarantee here.

It looks different from blackjack. Because here it is actually possible to increase its winning opportunities in the race to increase the "21". Split or double you sent, the house advantage can easily drive the zero. But this is not a playing hall trick, but mathematical skill as well as a strategic style of play.

Incidentally: one of the online casino tricks at the blackjack game is that Card count, which is forbidden in stationary casinos. This can be very successful.

IMPORTANT TIPS & Tricks for the game in the online casino

If you have decided to play in an online playothek, then you are on the way of success. Surely one of the most important tips is to play better in a virtual arcade as in the traditional casino. The reason is that the differences in relation to the games are serious, even if the game providers have implemented them 1: 1.

While slot machines in gambling portals have payout ratios between 90 and 97%, the identical slots in the stationary scores pay only between 60 and 70%. If you want to indulge your hobby, then offers you a better starting situation online. However, what you always have to lead yourself in mind is that ultimately always the casino operator wins - no matter whether on the internet or on site. In reverse, however, this does not mean that you can not hike on the winning road.

The arithmetic is simple here: while most casino lose customers, other big gains drive.

Casino Hack: 10 tips for a successful game

1. Set deposit limit: develop a bankroll management

It's about playing successfully, the use of a thought-out bankroll management takes great benefits. The total budget is the bankroll and just this should specify which inserts are possible. In addition, you should not only set monthly limits in terms of deposits. The important playboth tips also include the daily or weekly profit and loss limits. They should keep them strict without if and but.

It is ideal if you also set a clear time limit, ie a time frame, for example a day an hour. Afterwards, they get out of the game, regardless of whether they have won or lost.

2. When you should stop playing

Have you ever had the impression that you have a real crash strand? No matter how long you play, it just does not have a profit! They are not alone, because there are many players who complain about that they never win in scores. The best is here to stop playing and thus minimizing loss.

But how does it look, when a real lucky strap is set and high profits are achieved? Unfortunately, this question is not a flat rate to answer, because in the end, nobody knows when the right time has come. But if we have to give an answer here, then we can only advise you to stop immediately as soon as the winning run is set up and the first loss has to be accepted.

3. Find bugs and get a bonus in the casino

Spielothek tricks with bugs

Imagine, you will find a bug, a mistake in the game that could bring you ordinary profits. Surely they will be tempted to exploit this bug for themselves to skip the slot machines and casinos and achieve high profits. But they know at the same time that it is fraud and casino manipulation and ultimately only have trouble.

In forums, something is always discussed. Only last year a player has found a bug in which the money was duplicated on the player account, which came through the cancellation of the payout. The player was not sure what to do: use the bug for themselves or better report to the casino operator?

Our tip: Report such a thing to the casino operator, because as soon as it comes out that you have enriched yourself over the bug, you will not only be locked, but it will also be a criminal complaint. That `s not worth it. Serious online gambling halls offer bonuses when honest players report errors - so you can also win in the casino.

4. Compare the payout rates and odds

You are not sure which gambling you want to play? It is important that it offers fun, a good design and excellent odds. Each matchcasino shows which payout quota have the individual games and basically they should only play the slots in which the RTP is over 96%. A few examples of machine games with good payout quota we have collected in the following table.

slot Provider RTP
Who spun it? Betoft 97.64%
Immortal Romance Microgaming 96.86%
Book of Gods Big Time Gaming 96.35%
Book of Dead Play'n Go 96.21%
Starburst Net 96.10%

5. Use the free game mode

One of the most commonly mentioned playshots is to use the opportunity, Playing machine games for free. Especially if you are not sure how the game you selected works if you want to test if the slot machine meets your wishes or you want to try a strategy, then it is advisable to play for free.

While this is not a hack or manipulation that will help you later to be successful in the real money game, but we can guarantee that the fun is a lot higher if you know what to look for. Because you can avoid errors in the inserts or when using the risk function.

6. Only play with reputable providers

The best game tothint

Too the recommended tricks also belongs to select in principle serious providers. That is, you should check exactly how safe the provider is. Because ultimately it is irrelevant what you have won in the casino if you do not pay the profits.

Players from USA, Austria and Switzerland can use our supplier comparison and check the gambling portal based on the details:

Choose a new online gaming casino with a consideration and take a look at the Test reports, To get all the important information about the gambling provider.

7. Adjust the missions flexibly to bankroll management

While you for real money play, the bankroll or. Your player account constantly changing from the value. Imagine, you have 10 $ available, save 5 $ and lose & # 8211; Then you may have lost 50% of your daily budget. If you continue to play with the same use, you quickly suffered a total loss. Certainly your budget could also double and you could continue to play with the use. But that is by no means advisable.

One trick is to use only a certain percentage of the budget and are between 1% and 3% - depending on the height of the bank Rolls. If you have 10 $ available, then you should not use more than 1 $ per game, spin or hand, because you play longer and thus you can easily increase your winning opportunities.

8th. See bonus offers as an additional chance of winning

This tip is a bit controversial at the professional casino players due to the terms of sales associated with each bonus. But the fact is that it is possible to achieve profits with these premiums without their own financial risk and push their own credit.

If the rollover conditions are fair and transparent, then you should not shy away to accept the bonus. Under no circumstances should they leave free plays left, which often even as Bonus without deposit or be offered in conjunction with a deposit bonus for new customers.

Almost every day the best offer Online playclothes Promotions, Actions and bonuses, where you find the best deals in a current and well-maintained bonus comparison.

9. Never play drunk or under stress

Under alcohol, there are no casino tips

Surely this tip can sound banal, but it is important that you hold yourself. Never play for real money when they are drunk or suffering from a stress situation. Only if you can concentrate on the game 100%, it is possible to win. Of course, the game fun comes first in the first place.

10. Pay attention to the volatility of the games

Spielothek Tricks are there many and our last is about the volatility of the machines. What does it benefit if you manipulate your winning opportunities through certain tips or strategies and then the payouts are more likely to be worse? When looking for the appropriate machine game you should have the necessary knowledge regarding the volatility of slots. Because there are different versions and basically between three variants is different:

  • Low volatility: These slot machines are mainly suitable for newcomers, provided you just want to enjoy the game and relax. On average, the profits fall lower here, but they come more frequently. Perfect for all leisure and hobby players.
  • Middle volatility: The games that have medium-high volatility are mainly suitable for advanced players (Mid and Low Roller). So those who are willing to risk something more to achieve higher profits. While it takes longer until a profit is achieved, but in the end, the yield is higher compared to the games that have a lower volatility.
  • High volatility: That means, here is more rarer, but there are higher profits. It may take a long time for a yield to be recorded, but the profit falls significantly higher. Such games are ideal for all high scooters or. For the professional casino players.

It is important that the strategy you follow the volatility of the machine game is adapted.

Is it possible to influence the payout ratio?

Again and again, players are looking for a software or a hack, which they can influence the payout quota of the games. But these does not exist, because the odds are determined and the manufacturers program the random generators. Even the operators of the matches have no way to make a manipulation.

The decision on gain or loss falls directly with the start of the spins. This means that the rolls are not randomly come to a halt, but that this happens after a precise mode. Thus, in the true sense of exciting turn, on which you as a player lay all hope, nothing more than an optical show.

The best slot machines Tips for Novoline, Mercury, Microgaming, Netent & CO.

Mercury and Novoline Tricks

It does not matter for which slot machines and for which provider you decide if you apply the online casino tricks we mentioned above. The tips can be used for the classic slot machines as well as for modern 3D slots with many bonus functions, special symbols and other features. Even for Jackpot Slots, the tips and advice can be applied.

It is important that you always select such tracks that have a high payout ratio, each of the top providers with high and low RTP suppliers in the portfolio.

When it comes to the question of which provider the casino tricks work best, we can say that this can not be blanked. But there are quite some tricks that work better at machines of certain manufacturers than those of other providers.

Use the best online casino tricks

You should select a secure and serious online casino, for example Tipico to test the tips or tricks recommended by us. Pay attention to whether the provider has a comprehensive playing portfolio that meets your wishes and requirements.

From us the most popular online gambling halls were tested and found out how it is possible to use secret casino tricks for themselves. On the pages of our portal onlineCasinomitsStart credit.Org find a list with top providers. With you you will also find a varied selection of games also lucrative bonuses and promotions. You can also assume that you play in a safe environment in which your personal data does not fall into your own unauthorized third party.

Benefit from secure and fast deposit and payout methods as well as a competent customer support. Thus, everything you need to do what you need to successfully trick the slot machines with the matching casino tips to secure yourself so lucrative profits. It does not matter if you play well-known classics such as Sizzling Hot, Book of Ra or Eye of Horus or top games like starburst, Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck 2.

The 10 best gamebanks in USA in October - November 2021

Casino name VALUATION BONUS To the provider
888 Casino 9.3 / 10 Review 100% up to $ 140
Sunmaker 9.3 / 10 Review No bonus
Betsson Casino 9.1 / 10 Review No bonus
Bet365 8.8 / 10 Review up to $ 220
Casino Heroes 8.5 / 10 Review up to 100 $
Royal Vegas 8.5 / 10 Review 100% up to 1200 $
Casino Room 8.5 / 10 Review 100% up to $ 1000 and 100 free spins
Spin Palace 8.4 / 10 Review 100% up to $ 1000
Sloty Casino 8.4 / 10 Review 100% up to 300 $ + 300 free spells only for players in AT
Casino Club 8.4 / 10 Review 100% up to 250 $
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021

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