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Also belong to the numerous US sports fans, who, for example, wires week after week on football with their team? Then you could become a big winner with your expertise, namely when you place online bets. You can easily do this with one of the countless sports betting providers and the best of it that they even from one Sports betting bonus can benefit. Our professional team is highly motivated, because the goal of every one of our editors is to help you find our website the best sports betting provider with the best betting odds and the best bonus offer. A first impression of how a betting bonus can look like, you will receive in the table below.

Current sports betting provider in October - November 2021

Casino name BONUS REQUIREMENTS To the provider
100% up to 100 $
  • min. Deposit - 10 $
  • Max. Bonus - 100 $
100% bonus up to 200 $

Code: Ggchalky

  • X20
  • 2 days valid
100% bonus up to 100 $
  • min. Deposit - 20 $
  • Sales - x8
100% bonus up to 200 $
  • min. Deposit - 10 $
100% bonus up to 100 $
  • min. Deposit - 10 $
  • min. Quote - 1.8th
Bet 10 $ - Hol 20 $
  • min. Deposit - 10 $
Last Boni Update on 25. Oct 2021

An introduction to the online bets

On the subject of sports betting there is a word with which one can describe the past as well as the current situation on the US sports betting market equally - complicated!

For example, it was complicated until 2010, because until this year it was only allowed to accept state betting providers in USA. The argument for this was that you want to protect the Germans in front of a gambling addiction. Of course, this reasoning was from the outset to shaky legs and was completely brought to collapse in 2010 by the $pean Court of Justice. The state could not assert on one side to keep the monopoly with the betting providers due to the protection against gathering and make diligent advertising for betting on the other side. Since then, a lot has happened to the sports betting USA.

Meanwhile, there is a three-digit number of sports betting providers and there are always new ones. Especially with the online providers and their betting pages, the number is greater, which has from the point of view of sports fans both pre- as well as disadvantages. For example, the benefits belong that due to the high competitive pressure on interesting bonus offers such as a sports betting bonus can come without deposit.

A disadvantage of this rapid development is that it is very fast confusing, if not almost impossible to opt for a sports betting provider. That's why we decided to launch this website. We performed the ultimate sports betting comparison! We also tested the betting providers as well as their sports betting bonus on heart and kidneys and therefore can give you an overview of the offer in 2021.

What matters us on online sports betting

Placing sports bets on the Internet is basically a pretty simple process, which is in principle self-explanatory and can be made in a few moments of every sports fan. However, before it's so far that you can make your mission, you will find yourself faster than you think again in a true jungle. There is so many sports betting providers that the election can become almost insurmountable obstacle for newcomers. But also sports fans who already bet first touches with online bets can feel overwhelmed here and there in choosing a wart provider. Of course this is completely understandable, because eventually the mere number of bookmakers already represents a challenge for themselves.

There are also other factors that must be considered here. This includes the selection of the betartets, the quotas offered, the question of how serious is a bookmaker, customer service, the payment provider and of course the offered betting offer bonus. All these and many other topics around the placement of an online bet we treat detailed in the further course of our website.

Below we have created a small overview, so that you can make a first picture of what you expect from us. With our betting provider comparison, topics such as the bonus or the quotas are of course the central components of our tests, but just components, because we go much further. We do not make a topic untouched to achieve our goal of being able to help you with your online sports betting experience as well as possible.

We give you sports betting tips

Under the preamble of sports betting tips we gather everything that helps you in some way to get the maximum out of your online bets. These include, for example, sports betting forecasts for an event in sports, a player or a team. But also references to the betting odds of the games or any differences between the betting odds of system betting and the classic result bets are of course for us.

Tips we give you not only to the bets and the sporting events, but also for everything else to the sports betting, such as payable. PayPal sports betting are z. B. Popular with the US fans.

We have a top sports betting strategy for you

A strategy is the A and O during sports. Without a match plan, no team enters the place, the Court or the field. Sometimes the strategy even becomes clear only during a race, which plays in our case, however, a subordinate role.

It is only important and alone that they place their bets with a strategy and not as pleasure and mood. But what should not mean that they could not be successful with randomly placed sports bets, they will probably not win millions. In our strategy we leave nothing to chance, we pay attention to details such as previous encounters, the current form, possibly. Failure to play or combine the betarts and their respective betting odds.

The betting providers in direct comparison, these criteria play a crucial role for us

Of course, a betting service comparison must run fair, D.H. All betting providers must be evaluated according to exactly the same criteria. However, it may already come with regard to these criteria under certain circumstances due to personal preferences to partly serious differences. Some of a sports fan, for example, is particularly important to the betting offer bonus, while this in turn plays a subordinate role in other fans.

That's why we limited ourselves to our big sports betting comparison not only on two, three or five criteria. All bookmakers are evaluated by us based on nine criteria, so on the one hand we make a fair betting provider comparison and on the other hand we can give you a greatest possible insight, where the strengths and where the weaknesses of a sports betting provider are.

The sports betting bonus and the free bets

In a bonus offer you can always win as a fan, regardless of how the sports betting bonus is awarded. For example, you can receive a bonus after logging in or at first-time deposit.

One in the betting providers popular version of the new customer bonus is the free bay. You can place a bet in the value of a particular amount with it without having to resort to your own credit. For us, however, not only the amount of the new customer bonus or the presence of a free bet is crucial, we also look at the bonus offers for the existing customers in our betting provider comparison.

The license and safety

Fairplay is a prerequisite in sports and this principle is of course also for us with our sports betting comparison. Fairplay is also a commitment of the bookmakers to the sports fans, at least if they have nothing to hide. Therefore, reputable bookmakers can show a valid license and companies are all in their power to ensure safe data transfer. Protecting your privacy and your data is also an aspect that the bookmakers like to promise. Whether this is actually the case, of course we check by hand.

The betting odds

In addition to the bonus offers, the odds are among the important criteria in our tests. Especially with these two points, the sports betting providers can distinguish themselves. Betting with an advantageous rate can pay off in the truest sense of the word and therefore we take the odds very close to the magnifying glass.

Especially when an outsider has the nose ahead, it can make a huge difference if you have placed its bet with a good or the best quota. If a provider of itself claim to own the best odds, we find out if it is actually the case.

The limits

Limits are true when betting on each corner. Among other things, there are limits for deposits or payments, when using the free bay, the Deposit bonus or in the payment of bonus money gained sports betting. However, you can rely on that we have watched our tests wherever you meet your online sports betting on limits. Limits can ultimately take the fun of one and what can be worse at the betting?

There is live betting or streams?

Of course, we also ask ourselves this question. Live bets eventually belong to the most popular sports betting. Some fans even claim they are the most exciting at all. Your advantage is that you can react to changing game situations or relying surprises, while the game or race is running. But you always have to know exactly what is going on on the field or the racetrack.

If you are not at home and the game happening can be tracked live on TV or by stream, then the live score, which some sports betting providers provide their customers, a great way to track the development of their bet. Some bookmakers even go further and have their own streams. Whether and what options there is to be able to pursue the game or race, we have come to experience for you.

The customer service

The customer service is the figurehead of a betting provider. In this area of ​​our evaluation, several aspects flow into our final result. It is important, for example, whether the website has been translated in US including the terms and conditions.

We also note whether US-speaking customer service staff can be contacted. Of course, the contact possibilities themselves play a very important role. For example, you will learn how to contact the bookmaker and whether you need to consider certain times. It is also important for us whether there is a FAQ area that can even make contact even superfluous. In addition, we are in experience if there is a phone hotline or even a callback option. It is also important for us, however, whether the provider has its own database with statistics, where you are supplied with up-to-date information.

The payment methods

According to the most popular, the fun is known to listen. For most betting providers, fortunately, he starts here but right now. However, for payment methods, we not only consists of a list of available payment service providers such as the Paysafecard or PayPal. Especially because modern payment service providers such as E-Wallets or credit cards are now available to the standard anyway.

Especially with regard to the payouts of competitions, there are sometimes important questions that of course are also addressed in our tests. These include the questions for minimum payments, offered payment service providers, possibly. incurred fees etc. In addition, it may happen that deposits are excluded with certain payment service providers of bonus offers.

The user-friendliness and design of the website

This criterion is not just about the website itself. The mobile version is also checked by us in our betting provider comparison. First of all, whether a separate sports betting app is offered. The mobile placement of online sports betting is finally in 2021 a matter of course and a sports betting app makes this even easier. We are about factors like the clarity, the general user-friendliness and the design. There is probably no sports fan, which nothing brings on the palm to have to work through a website. Especially information must be quickly found and available, whereupon we also value.

The different bonus offers

If you bet online, then you will get to know the biggest advantage of the virtual bookmakers pretty quickly. These are usually granting a bonus to your customers. Actually, however, it would mean that one can benefit more or less regularly from a bonus. For some betting providers, it can even be the case that they receive the first bonus after registration. To get an overview of the many different bonus species, we have selected the most common and divided into two categories. These are:

  1. Bonus offers for new customers
  2. Bonus offers for existing customers

The new customer bonus

Just as ever, a welcome bonus waiting for the online sports betting on the newly announced sports fan. However, this can be granted in different forms. Some betting providers are already called them with a so-called Bonus without deposit welcome. Often this consists of a small amount that is booked directly to the user account. You can then use this amount with a few limitations quite normal for betting. The bonus without deposit can also consist of a classic free bay.

There are also the actual welcome bonus. This is bound to the first-time deposit and increases it by a certain value. That's why he also has the nickname deposit bonus. He is given as a percentage value that provides information about which percentage the deposit is increased. If a supplier advertises with a 100% bonus up to 100 $, then that means that their first-time deposit is doubled up to a maximum value of 100 $.

The existing customer bonus

It is by no means one of the very secret sports betting tips when we point out to pay attention to the bonus offers for existing customers. These bonus offers are also extremely diverse and can even consist of further deposit bonuses. This is usually called Reload Bonus. However, the percentage and maximum amount are identical to those of the welcome bonus.

Furthermore, existing customers are often rewarded with free-betting for their loyalty. In general, regular bets can be worthwhile at the favorite bookmaker, because many online sports suppliers have a loyalty program. The faithful player blew at attractive prices such as a cashback, a quota boost or a personal birthday present.

The sports betting comparison in terms of bonus offers

A bonus is a gift that every sport fan is happy. With all the joy, however, they should not forget that it is a gift that will help you to exciting moments in a game, race or other sporting event. This is one of the sports betting tips we have to emphasize occasionally.

We emphasize this because of course it is not possible to pay off a preserved bonus amount immediately. Furthermore, in most cases it is also not possible to immediately pay off a profit achieved with the free-bet or used bonus money. This is due to the so-called bonus conditions and around this is now.

What are bonus conditions at all and where can I learn more about you?

The bonus conditions can also be described as a game rules of a bonus. You are more, sometimes less extensive, but always the goal of offering you the greatest possible entertainment and tension when placing your sports betting with bonus fees or free bets.

You could also refer you to the bookmakers insurance insurance, because bonus conditions prevent, among other things, that bonus money can be paid out and so do the provider in the ruin. Most of the time you find all information about the bonus money or free-betting directly in the respective offer, either briefly summarized or in a link. The three most common bonus conditions are explained in detail, so you can get started well with your bonus.

The sales condition

This bonus condition says how often a bonus or a profit resulting from a bonus must be used again before a payout. They should pay particular attention to this bonus condition, because this is as good as always used.

In the sales condition, it can also come to serious differences. While it is already enough for some providers, if you only redeem the resulting bonus amount several times, you have to use so many other bookmakers both the bonus amount and the amount paid to which it refers to several times before a payout can take place.

The time limit

On a time limit we come across the bonus offers of online sports bets in two ways. For example, it is sometimes the case that a bonus is only active for a certain period of time and can be used. These periods can relate approximately to the duration of a sports event or a seasonal highlight. If this is true, you can usually find instructions like: "Only valid in the period of ... until ...".

The second time limit says in which period we have to have fulfilled the bonus conditions. This indication often refers to the number of sales conditions. So you have to meet the specified number of sales conditions in a certain period of time to apply for the payment of its profits.

The payment methods

Also with regard to the deposits, it is important to pay attention to two points. It often happens that deposits with certain e-wallets are excluded from a bonus. It should therefore be important to pay attention to whether this is the case and accordingly select a different deposit method. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for a minimum pay amount to be specified. In summary, this means that you should take into account a bonus offer, how and how much you deposit.

Sports Betting Tips: How to Tap

As soon as you fill your betting button online online, the tension begins to rise. Especially when it comes to a race or game of his favorite team, the already existing tension is further increased. Exactly that makes you tapping and although you can not influence the outcome of a game or tournament, you can do a lot to increase the chances of a winning bet.

Especially for newcomers, our tips could pay off, but already experienced tips should now be the ears, because maybe they have overlooked something in their strategy?

The current form could decide

There are no doubtless information that should be obtained before placing his online sports betting. As it is about the shape of a player or a team, one of the most important ones is. Again and again one hears from the athletes themselves that the day form or the current form was not there. However, this sometimes indicates on the basis of the past games.

Hostity or away weakness?

Some predictions for free is not a feat. This includes, among other things, the old football powers that the home team with their own fans in the back is the advantage. In addition, some teams have a notorious, yes almost traditional away weakness. But even with such details, it is cautious, because there should also be teams, which mainly points out.

The zero must stand, at least behind

A look into the statistics is always worthwhile, especially when it comes to sports betting, which turn around game details such as shot or conceded goals. While some teams have a strong defense series, others have their strengths in the offensive and that's exactly what it is important to find out before placing his online sports betting. In addition, details like the time in a game where a team likes to be particularly striking for a tip.

The players or teams have a story?

It seems to be without question players or teams who have a favorite opponent. This is especially true to scorer and exactly this type of information is to be obtained. Some a player, on the other hand, is a lucky charm, so they see if he is in the startup this time.

The team has just a run?

Whether a descent candidate has just discovered its strengths or a championship candidate blows up to catch up, sometimes just everything is true and even happiness is on the right side. Such series announce, for example, if some games have already been won in a bit.

With our match plan you can become successful Tipper in USA

Before it is time and you can place his sports betting, there are some key decisions. They should approach similar to a coach who analyzes the opponent. By leaving nothing to chance and prepare for the best possible way, you can eliminate some sources of error that can take you the fun of tapping. At the beginning, the question is the question of which bookmaker you sign up. Here you should try the numbers, because as little as the table lies, lies also the naked numbers are not lying.

1.     Compare the offered bonus

There are actually some big differences in the offered bonuses. However, you should always keep an eye on the overall package. If a provider grants about a particularly large deposit bonus, this looks promising at first glance.

But what, if this is provided with an almost impossible sales condition or a very narrow time limit? Also inform yourself about the offers for existing customers and whether the offered bonuses can be reconciled at all with their own preferences such as their preferred deposit method.

2.     Take the betting offer and the betting odds under the magnifying glass

The next step is to look at the sports betting offer more precisely. It is important that the bookmaker has a wide range of sports as well as betting options for this. Keep in mind that as well as every professionally operated competition will be held only at certain seasons or months.

Olympic Games, Football World and $pean Championships take place even every four years. Through a varied range of sports can be bet all year round. In addition, you should make sure that the odds meet the values ​​offered by the competition.

3.     Wanted, found, sign up

You have found a provider that meets all these criteria? Then it is now logging in and secure bonus. If this is associated with a deposit, you can do it directly after accounting. Now it can start, place your first sports bet on the player, the team or the sporting event of your choice and let the tension rise.

Let the games begin

With all this information in the luggage you are ready for the online sports betting. Typeing on the Games of the Football Bundesliga or a race of Formula 1 is not only scary exciting and a highly exciting type of entertainment. You can even win money and for these reasons we recommend that you definitely try it yourself.

The way to profit can no doubt a bit time consuming, but also a real champion is always well-thought-out, well-informed and with a strategy in the game or in the ring. Exactly these champions you should take yourself as a model if you perceive the betting offers.

In all of this, the fun may not be too short. If you follow the games of your favorite team, then they will eventually do this because they give them pleasure and not because they have to do so. There is probably not a beautiful feeling when his favorite team winning to win and become winner and even get money as a price.

All this can be experienced if you are tapping on the internet with a bookmaker and by the way you will even get a bonus! However, keep in mind that the basis for this is always from the evaluation of data and obtaining information.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Taxes are due when tapping?
Basically yes, but there is a big one. In 2012, the US state introduced a betting tax of 5%. This falls on all sales, which are made with tapping in USA. However, the tax will be due for the bookmaker and not for the sports fan. This means concrete that there are no taxes for their profits and their assignments!
Can I open several user accounts at different bookmakers?
Yes, that is easily possible, but the emphasis is very clear with different bookmakers. For each provider, you can only open up a single user account due to the license requirements, which is explicitly pointed out in the Terms and Conditions. If a bookmaker offers a better quota for certain sports, but a slightly lower bonus than another, then you can benefit from the advantages of both bookmakers by opening a user account with both bookmakers.
Is the tap on sporting events legal?
Yes, tapping was fully legalized in USA years ago. Furthermore, they do not have to identify their profits before the tax office. When tapping the Internet, they do not violate any laws or regulations, but they should be careful when choosing the provider that this is the case with him. A valid license confirms that everything goes with right things.
Are competitive projects actually useful?
Predictions and forecasts can be found today at every corner. When renowned sports journalists or former players or. Trainer in the trade press issue their tips, then it can be worthwhile to hear closely. However, the predictions are made of doubtful sources, then you would rather not waste your precious time with these and instead deal with the official data.
Earn money with sports betting - is that actually possible?
This is always possible, assuming that your tip turns out to be correct and your tip ticket becomes the winner. Some fans actually earn their livelihood with tapping sporting events. However, this is the absolute exception and destroys the fun. That's why it's better when it stays with the hobby. Sport fan is finally out of love for the club and with passion and not because it is a job.
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: May 13, 2021