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Queen of Hearts properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Bonus properties
Bonus rounds, free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols
Profit lines
Free games
Video and screenshots: How to play Queen of Hearts
Easy to use
Successed Cupid feature
Many free spins possible
Flexible pay selection
No multipliers

Queen of Hearts: A fairytale gaming experience

The Queen of the Hearts, around you loud title in the game Queen of Hearts. What should mean and what you can actually expect when visiting this slot machine, you can easily find out by playing Queen of Hearts for free. This is now right now, without download and directly here on online casinomits starting credit.org.

Select Queen of Hearts from the extensive playbothe and embark in a fairytale fantasy world in which you can indicate conical dreams as well as to play attractive profits. Due to the integrated features and cupid, the angel of love, which emerges again and again in the game, variety and entertainment is guaranteed - despite the very simple graphics.

Graphics and sound effects: the release accordingly

The Queen of Hearts Online Slot Machine was already published by manufacturer Novoline in 2008. At that time he was probably one of the most modern and graphically particularly convincing machines. Today, however, the slot can only keep up in terms of graphics and design only. Nevertheless, there is an impressive game environment and subtle sound design that enable us light and imaginative dreams, especially in view of the very sensual blonde queen.

The symbols in the game are partly designed according to the theme, partly but also only simple card symbols against white background. The thematic signs are very well suited. Why you have chosen a bright white wall as a background of the letters, we can not quite understand. Here you would have been able to provide a much more sensitivity for a much more positive design effect. But color background or from, all symbols bring pleasing profits and that's exactly what it's about turning on the slot machines.

The game mechanics: How works Queen of Hearts

Fans of Novoline have probably already suspected: Anyone who wants to play at this slot who does not have to do much. As always, the game mechanics of the Novoline Games is so easy that everyone can really successfully participate in the online casino on this game.

The machine is served by a few buttons below the rollers located in the center of the action.

  • Line selection
    A series of buttons can be selected whether to play with 1, 3, 5, 7 or all 9 paylines.
  • Mission
    The selection of coin values ​​allows the setting of the total insert, calculated from the coin value and the selected number of paylines. Also, separate buttons for the lowest (Bet One) and highest (Bet Max) are present.
  • Risk game operation
    The two buttons Bet One and Bet Max also serve as keys for the decisions in risk game, but more later.
  • Start
    You can always start the next spin over the regular start button. Alternatively, there is the button for the autoplay button in which the slot machine does multiple spins automatically executes it automatically.

Need a complicated strategy or sophisticated Slot machines tricks? No, all this is not necessary fortunately! With just a few steps, everyone can really turn on this machine on this machine.

Winning combinations

Basically, it is very easy to win in the game. Everything that is needed are winning combinations that appear on the capitalized paylines. They all are based on the different symbols of the games. A symbol is something special about the formation of winning combinations: the heart. It not only ensures payouts if it appears in a winning combination, but also as a single symbol. In other words, already a single heart on the field can be ringed in the cash register!

Of course, that sounds very tempting, but they maybe stay back with the game for real money and read a little further. Also a good idea: Games Queen of Hearts for free without registration. In this game mode, you can also find out about all important peculiarities of the games, without suspending risk situation.

But back to the symbols. Namely, in addition to the heart, there is also a number of other characters (listed after descending value):

  • The queen of the hearts
  • The yellow rose
  • The fairytale castle
  • The crown
  • A diamond ring
  • Card symbols from the 9 to AS

As we already know it from a variety of other novoline games: the card symbols are the signs that bring smaller profits. They all, as well as the ring and the crown, pay out of three symbols. The other characters, on the other hand, already pay out when two combinations are created.

Discover love and lustful features

Of course, there is a bonus in the gameplay in this machine game. A feature according to our taste: There are also tens of free games that can be resolved - an extra kick at entertainment and variety as well as additional winning opportunities.

  • Free Spins
    The feature is always started by emerging at least 3 scatter signs (queen of hearts). 3, 4 or. 5 Scatters 8, 15 or. 20 free turns.
  • Love feature
    After every free free play in the feature, the angel of love, Cupid appears, and shoots with his arrow in the hearts of the people. In the game, this is represented by the placement of additional bonus hearts. Cupid then disappears again, but the hearts remain for all other free spins at their position.
  • Wild function
    Last but not least, we want to mention the wild symbol. A function that is really almost almost every slot machine in the casino. In the case of Queen of Hearts, the heart can step as a wild mark for all other symbols (except the scatter).

Queen of Hearts play and win

In the already mentioned free play round, the key to the winning success. Such free spins bring the chance to particularly high gains, without own money. Of course, the mission will not be deducted from your account. Incidentally, most machine games work.

Even if you play for free Queen of Hearts and thus get no real sums of money paid - the profit figures have a significant impact on how well the game feels and how often profit-making character combinations appear or may even appear one or the other jackpot. You should know the following:

  • Payout
    Although the GAMES rtp is not specified directly in the game description, but is specified by experts in the average to possibly somewhat below average range of around 95.5% to 96%.
  • Profit lines
    Overall, you can play up to 9 paylines. More specifically: You have the choice between 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 active payout lines.
  • volatility
    Volatility is in the middle area.
  • risk
    The risk of a medium volatility slot machine can be referred to as an average. You can increase this risk via the integrated GAMBLE option. This feature allows you to use gains received in a rating game to use the right card color and double with a 50/50 chance.

Mobile version: just play, even on the way

Medium risk, medium payout quota, but definitely above average fun - This game we can recommend, even if you want to play immediately by mobile device. Due to the simple graphics, the game can also be easily played on small screens. The operation also works flawlessly.

Even if it is a slightly older game, it was now implemented accordingly and can thus be played on all operating systems, whether you directly with us this or Use other machine games for free or want to set real money in the online casino.

Play Queen of Hearts without registration

Play the slot machines for free, we will allow all our visitors quite a matter of course without prior registration. We are not interested in your data or your money! Try the different games of our playbothing easily free of charge and without hidden traps and inform yourself so much about the potential of this slots and many other top games.

This game mode is particularly well suited for exploration of the GAMBLE option. The risk game sounds very tempting at first glance, but can also turn out as a true monetary greater. It is all the more important to look at this function of the machine without risk. This is nowhere easier and faster than here with us. Kick is enough and the fun can start.

Queen of Hearts play real money

If not only the fun should start, but also the hunt for real money gains, so no way leads past the online casino. There you can pay money after successful registration and then gain real money. The special feature of virtual playsheids are the bonus offers that you can secure yourself as a player. A bonus without deposit For example, always ensures a good start with a new slot or in a new casino.

All information about the various bonuses and the best casinos for USA as well as all important tips for a successful game pleasure on the Internet can also be found on our website. All information at a glance, so succeeds the successful casino style guaranteed!

Conclusion: Cupid, Love Flair and Top Entertainment

All this and much more awaits you when visiting this slot machine. If you fear kitschy pink fairytale worlds, we can reassure you. Novoline never exaggerates it in the design - so not in this game. Look at the vending machine Queen of Hearts for free and impress yourself easily yourself. The slot has a touch of fairytale flair, but is equally exciting and dared.

graphic 8th
Bonus rounds 9
Fun 9
Mobile version 9
variety 8th
Payout 8th


Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: June 16, 2021