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Wishing Well Demo
Wishing Well properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
N / A
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Bonus game, Free Spins, Risk (Double) Game, Scatter Symbols
Publishing date
Profit lines
Free games
Video and screenshots: How to play Wishing Well
Exciting topic
Good payout ratio
Risk game available
Modest sound
No jackpot

Wishing Well: The search for happiness

Have a special request that is difficult to fulfill? If you are now playing Wishing Well for free with us, your dream may actually reality, because a wish fountain is known to be any request. Whether he also hears her desire will show himself. In any case, however, you have a lot of fun while playing. Wishing Well of Novoline is already an older slot, but is quite well aged, as we find. In addition to the name-based wishful well, everything revolves around a magician and his laboratory in which magic potions and some reagents are. If you like the theme of magic, you should definitely watch this slot.

Your wishes will be fulfilled on five rollers, three rows and at a maximum of ten paylines, at least we hope for them. Since you can set the number of paylines, you decide indirectly how high your prospects for winning combinations. In general, this machine is all sorts of recruitment options, which is why he may overwhelmed beginners. Even players who reluctance make many attitudes will reject the slot rather. Good that you can play on our portal Wishing Well immediately and try it for free.

We have a closer look at the slot thrown and introduce you to all the rules and symbols. In addition, you will receive Slot machines Tips from us, you hopefully help you.

graphic & Sound Effects: Mystic Vintage Feeling

Well, the machine is a bit older, accordingly, nobody can expect modern graphics. The symbols, for example the magicians and the potions, are still nice and animated in gains. In the background, apparently a magic forest can be recognized, before whose backdrop of the slot is embedded. So everything works something mystical and scary.

The sound is usual classic. Background music does not exist. Only when you press the start button, the novoline starts typical machine program. If it comes to a profit, a jingle that sounds almost crazy. Overall, the sound failure at this machine is but rather modest. While you play for free Wishing Well, you can listen a little yourself. Finally, do not like these retrosound.

The game mechanics: Some settings must be

This game is not complicated, yet it is necessary to make a few settings before you can start. In the first step, select the number of lines. One up to ten paylines are possible per turn. In the second step, they opt for use per spin. Here you can set between 1 and 200 credits. Note that you always pay per line! Decide for the peak set, play around 2.000 credits.

In addition, the value of the coins can be selected between 0.5 and 10. In demo mode, this value is not that important. Would you play in real money mode, increase your use directly. The actual use is the amount of coins multiplied by the coin value. This is at the beginning a little confusing, especially if you play in game money mode. Do not be irritated by it.

On request you play by autoplay. Activate the button, the rollers turn off alone until you disable the feature again. If you assume the balance in the meantime, the slot machine stops as well. Additional autostart settings have been dispensed with Novoline.

Up to the top right can make further settings that affect the slot. Deactivate, for example, the sound or enlarge the screen. Tip: While playing the slot machines for free, you can test all these functions and try it without risk.

The symbols in Wishing Well Online

All symbols are presented in the Payable. A look at the list is sufficient and you will find that the fountain is the most valuable sign in the game. Appear five pieces of it on the rolls, get at the maximum set 200.000 credits paid. They generally need two or three identical symbols so they come to a profit.

These signs are there:

  • wizard
  • green amulet
  • mushrooms
  • Potion
  • A, K, Q
  • J, 10

We had already identified the fountain as the most valuable sign. But he is also the wild symbol and replaces all other symbols on the rollers. He also acts as a scatter symbol. Show three, four or five of these signs, win 10 bonus free spins. During free spins, another symbol is randomly selected, which can land on the rolling. Thus, your chance of winning increases during the free turns.

Wishing Well play and win

You can manipulate vending machines somehow? This question asks many players. The answer is always no. Games of gambling are random and can not be influenced. What you can do is vary the use and determine the number of paylines yourself. So you can increase the profitability in which you activate all ten paylines.

A little tip: play with small inserts and for it longer. Every turn means a new way for you. This strategy pursue millions of players worldwide because it has proven itself. And if you win free spins, you have better chances. However, if someone wants to tell you a trick as you manipulate a slot machine to your advantage, you just do not believe him!

The risk game in Wishing Well

If you win something, you can accept or reject a risk game. It is the well-known card risk. You are asked to decide for red or black as coming card color. Choose the right color, the round win doubles. Tap the wrong, lose it. The risk game can be repeated a few times. But just turn the risk if you can get the loss of winning.

What is the RTP in Wishing Well?

The payout rate is 96% in Wishing Well. The value is average and often occurs in slot machines of this kind. He is a clue for the winning probability, but it can also come differently. Luck you need in any case. More interesting is volatility, which is located according to the manufacturer's instructions in the middle area. So averaging it often comes to a proceeds and that can be different from different.

Is there a jackpot at Wishing Well?

No, there is no progressive jackpot at Wishing Well. However, good profits are possible if you cart the peak. Play Wishing Well best for free in demo mode and try different inserts. Accordingly, the values ​​of possible payouts change. So you see at a glance, how much you can win.

At this point we summarize again briefly:

  • Roller system: 5 & # 215; 3
  • Paylets: 10, variable
  • Gamble option: card risk
  • Jackpot: No
  • Mobile version: Yes

Mobile version: The smartphone as a wish fountain

The magic fountain is always there. On request, play the slot without download on the smartphone. Thanks to HTML5 programming, Wishing Well runs on all devices. There are differences to the desktop version in the control itself. The start button moves to the top of the middle so that you can reach it more conveniently. On larger screens, the slot is generally beautiful, best the title can be played on a tablet. But it's like always a matter of taste. While you want to play Wishing Well without registration, you can test it yourself.

Wishing Well without registration

Life is usually not a wish concert, but with this slot already - at least for a while. Want to try Wishing Well, but do not risk money immediately? Then the demo mode is just right. With us you can test Wishing Well for free without registration. Try the different functions or play warm before you change into real money mode. Something exercise can not hurt if you want to risk real missions.

If you can generally know nothing with the topic, you will find other with us Free machine games. Our game shop has something to offer for every taste and is completely free. Click through the different slots and discover such a highlight, whether of Novoline or other providers. There are always new and exciting games to discover on the web. Take time when testing, sometimes the enthusiasm comes after a few rounds.

Wishing Well in the online casino

Playing automatic games with real money, brings significantly more thrills because they receive real profits, but also lose money used. We introduce you to online casinomitsStart.Org some game banks in which customers from USA can sign up without hesitation. In one or the other casino you will even get free a bonus without deposit, with whom you get to know Wishing Well without risk and still gain something payable.

Of course, all platforms that we introduce you are serious and licensed. We want you to play in a trusted environment in which you feel comfortable. Compare the offers and discover how many options can offer you a bonus.

Conclusion: Wish yourself something

Wishing Well is truly not the latest slot of Novoline, yet he is still magical after all the years and has its own charm. Get to know the slot machine for free or test it directly in real money casino! Let yourself be enchanted online and wish you something.

graphic 6
Bonus rounds 6
Fun 7
Mobile version 9
variety 6
Payout 8th
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: July 2, 2021