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Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Sizzling Hot Deluxe Properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
Risk (Double) Game, Scatter Symbols
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Classic slot
Fruits / retro
Profit lines
Free games
Progressive jackpot
advantages disadvantage
  • Liquid game
  • Classic functions
  • Classic look, clear design
  • Exciting Gamble Feature
  • No jackpot
  • No bonus rounds
  • No free spells
  • RTP rate relatively low

overview & experience

Sizzling Hot DeluxePlay a slot machine with fruits is every time a trip in time. It is no different from the Sizzling Hot Deluxe Online Slot, who takes us into the golden fruit players era of the 1970s, as works by pop art artists increasingly influenced the design of everyday objects and at the same time, slot machines with fruits approached their triumphs in the restaurants.

Like other machine games, interested players can also play Sizzling Hot Deluxe for free. Because even without registration is the possibility to make a picture in advance from the design of this slot machine and its functions.

  • Slot name: Sizzling Hot Deluxe
  • Provider: Novomatic
  • Theme: Fruits / Retro
  • Type: Video Slot
  • Number of rollers and rows: 5 x 3 roller system

In the Novomatic Portfolio are many vitamin rich slot machines in great variety and wear names like Happy Fruits, Plenty on Twenty, Fruitlicious, Fruit Sensation, Sizzling Gems, Golden Sevens, Ultra Hot, Spinning Stars, Roaring Forties, Supra Hot, Mega Joker, Fruits 'N'Sevens, Amazing Stars, 7 Jokers.

Often several variants of a machine are on offer. Even From the classic Sizzling Hot, the Austrian software company has several fruity new editions in the program. In addition to the Sizzling Hot Deluxe discussed here, further versions were developed & # 8211; Z. B. The 6 rolling slot Sizzling 6, which designed sizzling Gems, where the fruits mutate to gems or Sizzling Hot Quattro, in which the start button is activated simultaneously four games simultaneously.

Nostalgikers will be pleased that except Sizzling Hot Deluxe can still be played their original version (Sizzling Hot).

However, it remains hoping that Sizzling Hot Deluxe can now be officially played again in this country again with real money use again. Because as a result of the "Paradise Papers" publications, NOVOMATIC has been temporarily withdrawn from the digital gambling business in USA. Sizzling Hot Deluxe can not be played for real money at the time of our test, but only in the demo version provided free of charge.

Video and screenshots: How to play Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot

graphic & Sound Effects: Consistent nostalgia with surprise moments

Colors and formally reminiscent of the slot machine to the design inspired by the Pop Art, which has often been taken up in the 1970s in the use graphics and has already experienced several revivals since.

The pop-art influence shows, for example, in the black and white contours of symbols, but at least? And this again differs from typical pop art works & # 8211; not quite flat, but impressively possess a little depth. The bright clear colors are only minimally nuanced. In addition to black and white, only primary colors are used exclusively.

How the functions is the design of this new edition that the Sizzling Hot original version is deceptively similar. The design of the symbols was & # 8211; with the exception of the grapes & # 8211; unchanged.

Characteristic feature of NOVOMATIC fruit automatues is a mini animation that makes the fruits rise in a winning event in flames. Acoustically accompanied by a nostalgic look of a contemporary and entertaining sound design to this in contrast, which increases play pleasure through some surprising moments quite entertaining.

The game mechanics: proven tradition

Spartan textured and with the simplest rules This automaton is consistently concentrating on the essentials. Not only visually, but also in the content conception, Rigoros has been renounced on everything from the pure gaming experience.

A profit is still recorded when after a rotation at least three identical symbols appear uninterrupted side by side on one of the five paylines. Only the cherries are an exception of this rule. Although you have a relatively low value, but already generate a profit when you land twice next to each other on a payline.

Together with the melons, the grapes under the fruit symbols have the highest value. If you fill out a whole payline with five copies, the player may look forward to a profit to 500 times the amount of application.

But there are not the fruits to primarily aim to the Sizzling Hot Deluxe Insider, because they know that the best payouts can be achieved with the only number on the field: The red "7" can contribute a gain to 5000 times the insert at five appears on a payline. For a slot machine with only five payments is quite remarkable. There is also the possibility to use the slot machines in the AutoPlay function.

Scatter icon:

  • The special feature as a scatter symbol star is its independence from a payline. So he can generate a profit without being bound to a special gainline. At the same time, three or more stars appear at anywhere on the field, the one gains in the amount of double use.
  • At four stars, the playing end of a profit can be pleased in ten times the amount. For five stars, a profit in the amount of 50 folding is paid out.

Wild symbols:

Since no wild symbols are in the game, it is not possible to replace symbols.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe play and win

RTP value:

With not a stunning 95.66%, the theoretical payout rate only reaches the lower midfield.

Gamble Feature:

  • Each time profit combinations are achieved, the "Gamble function" is automatically offered, with the risk-to-risk playing opportunities: With activation of the "gamble" function you will be asked to decide for a color & # 8211; Red or black. If the subsequently drawn card coincides with the selected color, you can enjoy a doubling of the profit. Otherwise, this is reduced by 50%.
  • After pressing the "GAMBLE" button opens a separate page. Glücksstilze, who made the right decision in the first Gamble Round, can continue to play. This can continue up to five rounds.
  • Less daring players who are too risky to set their previous profit to the game, also have the opportunity to pay off their profit by simply rejecting the gambling.

Bonus Spins, Jackpot, Freels:

On bonus turns, you also wait in vain as on a free spin. Even A jackpot is not on offer.

Mobile version: Liquid playing also on the way

Also on mobile terminals, the slot machine is easily playable. If you want to install the game as your own program on your device, you will find in the well-known app stores, because There is a separate app for Sizzling Hot Deluxe for download. The app is not mandatory. If you call the slot with smartphone or tablet over a browser, you can play immediately.

Sparfüchse, who want to play automatic machine games for free, can also distribute the time on the way with Sizzling Hot. Because also in the mobile function Sizzling Hot Deluxe is available for free & # 8211; required, one is satisfied with a demo version. The functionality of the mobile version is the desktop variant in nothing after. The game runs smoothly and is displayed very well on the phone or tablet.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe without registration

To develop a strategy for successful and profitable games in "Ernstfall", it may be helpful to try at first for free Ultra Hot Deluxe before risking real missions. Especially insecure players should familiarize themselves before the real money game with the functions of the machine by playing ultra hot deluxe for free without registration.

Many casinos allow the players to test their slot machines easily. The free versions are understood as advertising that encourages customers to use real money later. However, some internet playshots want to know about this. Here you have to register first and no game can be regarded closer without registration.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe to play real money

That one in one FREE offered demo version play the slot machines for free May, may be helpful for inexperienced players. For many, however, the appeal is just in bringing real money into the game. Because that's not only exciting, but of course it is only possible to win real money. It's best to sign up for online casinomits starting credit.org recommended online casino. First read over Tricks with slot machines, To increase your winning opportunities.

Considerable is that Sizzling Hot Deluxe is currently no longer available to real money players in USA. After the game manufacturer Merkur 2017 had blocked all online slot machines for customers in USA, the NOVOMATIC AG voluntarily followed to prevent the loss of their lucrative investments in stationary gamebanks.

Since the online casinos were instructed, Sizzling Hot Deluxe & # 8211; as well as all other Novomatic Slots & # 8211; To block customers from USA, the slot machine in this country can currently be played in the demo version, but no longer readily with real money inserts.

Unless you are already a customer in a Mercury-operated online casino. For example, those who are registered as a customer in Mercers Sunmaker Casino, can still use non-complex products from Mercury, but also the other players.

Conclusion: Entertaining tradition reissued

Sophisticated design freaks, which always expect new creative adventures from slot machines, will be bored as well as lovers of elaborate special features. These players will turn into more modern slot machines, which now offer new progressive game mechanics in addition to sophisticated graphics and bombastic sound.

Traditionalists but who are looking for a classic fruit slot machine with simple functions because they feel overloaded graphic chips rather as a disturbance of the gaming experience because enriching, are right at Sizzling Hot Deluxe.

As with the overwhelming majority of fruit slot machines, the optics reminded of pop art art of the 1970s and thus to the analogue machine classics. The well-tried conventions also consider the most essential restricting functions.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe Review
graphic 6
Bonus rounds * 0
Fun 7
Mobile version 8th
variety 5
Payout 4
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021