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Sizzling Hot Quattro Demo
Sizzling Hot Quattro Properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Risk (double) game, scatter symbol
Publishing date
Profit lines
Video and screenshots: How to play Sizzling Hot Quattro
Four slots in one
Scatter icon included
Classic fun for retro fans
Risk game included
No wild symbol
No jackpot

Sizzling Hot Quattro: Quadruple fun

Sizzling Hot Quattro is the successor of a well-known classic of Novoline. With us you can play Sizzling Hot Quattro for free and recognize the differences directly in demo mode. The biggest difference to the original game is that you play here on four playing fields at once.

Look forward to a classic fruit lot, as he stands in the book. Here are the different fruit varieties on the rollers. Each playing field is quasi a separate slot on which five rolls, three rows and five paylines are. Say, the rolls turn per round in four different windows. This increases the odds of odds.

While playing Sizzling Hot Quattro for free, you will immediately notice that you get it to do with a variety of fruits. We introduce you to the machine in detail, and we give you tips on how to get the most out of the slot machine.

graphic & Sound Effects: Pretty Square

The graphic has changed to its predecessor only minimally. The fruits like the lemons, cherries and plums are still so lovingly drawn as you know it from. The construction of the machine is different when you are used to it, as there are four slots in this game, which are played in parallel.

A continuous background music is not listening to Sizzling Hot Quattro. Start the game, but immediately sounds the classic retro sound from the speakers. Since fruit slots can be classified in the vintage department, the sound is ideal for this game. Who seeks fabulous graphics, bombastic music as in the cinema and Hollywood feeling, will of course be disappointed with this machine.

The game mechanics: more possibilities than the predecessor

Although there are more profit opportunities, not much on the game principle changes. Click on the button located on the right side of the screen. It opens a menu in which you can perform different settings. First select the number of lines that must be between 5 and 20. Attention, only fifter steps can be set.

Then select a use between 0.05 credits and 5 credits. Here you always invest per line. If you want to play with the maximum set, set 100 credits per turn. Tip: Clicking on the "Max Bet" button leaves the amount immediately to 100 credits.

The game also includes an optional autoplay. This feature activates you by clicking the Start button for more. In the episode, the rolls turn away from alone until they stop this function or exit them until the balance. Unfortunately, further settings in terms of autostart was omitted. Try all these features while you play the machine for free with us.

The symbols at Sizzling Hot Quattro Online

At Sizzling Hot Quattro, very classic symbols gather on the rollers. If the red seven appears five times on the roll, you will receive your use 500 times return. To generally win something, you need two or. Three identical symbols on the rollers.

These characters can be found in the game:

  • Watermelons
  • Plum
  • Lemons
  • Cherries
  • Oranges
  • grapes
  • seven
  • star

Throw a look at the payout table. This is best done first in demo mode. There you can see what payout values ​​you can count on in the event of a profit. You will also find all symbols listed in this game.

The bonus symbols at Sizzling Hot Quattro

A wild symbol can not be found at Sizzling Hot Quattro unfortunately. In the payout table, you see a scatter symbol, but does not cause free spins. The special thing about this sign is that it can appear arbitrarily on the rollers and must not appear in series for combinations. Free spins, bonus rounds and similar highlights are not here, this is not common in a retro game. If you are looking for more action, you may be able to try another version of Sizzling Hot. In the following we present the differences shortly.

Sizzling Hot Quattro games and win

In the Sizzling Hot series, some automatic games have already been launched, which are similar, but still own their peculiarities. The classic Sizzling Hot or. Sizzling Hot Deluxe comes with five rollers and five paylines. Basically, he is similar to Quattro, except that he only plays in a window and the number of lines is lower.

Sizzling Gems also has five rollers and five paylines. The biggest difference to the other versions is the contained joker, which increases the opportunities.

Another version is Sizzling 6. Here the players find six rolls, five paylines and bonus rounds. In addition, a scatter and a wild icon are included. The topic itself is the same for every version. Everywhere the fruits drive their misrepresentation. Should you play the other versions in advance before daring to Sizzling Hot Quattro? It is left to them, it is not necessary, because the versions are very similar.

The Return to Player at Sizzling Hot Quattro

The RTP is 95.36% in this machine game. A value that moves something below the average. Volatility is classified as low to means. Average often comes to a profit. The amount of revenues probably moves in the middle area. Of course, higher profits are possible. You can not forget, these forecasts for payouts are long-term statistical calculations. Do not rely on the quotas alone.

You can influence Sizzling Hot Quattro?

There are no slot machines tricks that work 100%. If you want to try a strategy, then put low inserts. The trick behind it is that you play longer and thus enjoy more opportunities. Each spin means that new winning combinations are possible. While you Play automatic machine games for free, You can test different tactics and develop. But there is never a guarantee.

There is a risk game?

Yes, who wins a lap at Sizzling Hot Quattro can use the risk game on request. You must decide with the next revealed card for red or black. Guess the right card color, your profit is doubled. If they are next to it, they lose the round win.

Is there a jackpot at Sizzling Hot Quattro?

A progressive jackpot is unfortunately not available in this game. The profit opportunities are still high. In the end, you determine your possible proceeds. The more you invest, the higher the payout if you win.

At this point we summarize again briefly:

  • Roller system: 5 & # 215; 3 on 4 playing fields
  • Paylets: up to 20
  • GAMBLE option: Yes
  • Jackpot: No
  • Mobile version: Yes

Mobile version: Sizzling Hot Quattro on the smartphone

Yes, there is a mobile version of Sizzling Hot Quattro. Already the desktop version is optimized accordingly, so you can call it on all devices without download. Thanks to HTML5 programming, the game runs on Android and iOS devices alike. There are certainly differences in the resolution. On small devices, the four slots may be slightly small. We recommend testing the game for free on your own device. If everything runs as expected, you can also switch to the online casino if you want to set real money.

Play Sizzling Hot Quattro without registration

Who wants to play immediately, has the opportunity for us. You can play Sizzling Hot Quattro for free without registration. Test the machine as long as you like. Try different tactics, test each feature and take a look at the values ​​of the symbols. As long as you play for free Sizzling Hot Quattro, you do not guarantee a risk.

We always recommend the entry into the demo mode, in this way you can get to know a new game without pressure. Some use the mode for free to warm up for the real money game. Others are not interested in the real money game and just want to play a few rounds for relaxation.

You like no fruit slots or want to try something different? From Novoline there are many other titles that we also introduce you. You can play all slot machines for free. For everyone is thematically something. Let yourself be convinced by testing the different games without obligation.

Sizzling Hot Quattro to play real money

If you want to play a slot machine for real money, you must log in to an online casino. On online acasinomitsStart.Org provide you with some recommended platforms on which customers can register from USA. In addition to Sizzling Hot Quattro you will find many other providers and their games. There is also occasional there a bonus without deposit or other rewards for new customers.

We recommend that you compare the offers well to find the actions that are optimal to fit them. Pay attention to the sales request. As a rule, you have to free any bonus multiple times before you can receive a payout. Who does not do this, loses his bonus. All casinos we present to you are serious and licensed. We want you to play safely and enjoy Sizzling Hot Quattro Round for Round.

Conclusion: Classic but with great special feature

Sizzling Hot Quattro is a slot machine of the well-known Sizzling Hot series of Novoline. With this slot machine, however, play on four machines at the same time and this means even better odds for you. Register today in the online casino or play the machine without registration with us.

graphic 6
Bonus rounds 4
Fun 6
Mobile version 8th
variety 5
Payout 7


Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: July 9, 2021