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Super Duper Moorhuhn Demo
Super Duper Moorhuhn Properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
N / A
N / A
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Level, risk (double) game, gambling
Publishing date
Profit lines
Video and screenshots: How to play Super Duper Moorhuhn
Middle volatility
Crazy topic
Relaxed feel
Risk game included
No Free Spins

Super Duper Moorhuhn: Crazy Chicken in Action

The Moorhühner, cult figures from the associated classic computer game, has made provider Gamomat on this slot machine with five rollers and three rows. You should really look at this, simply by playing super duper moor chicken for free. You can get completely free, without download and without other requirements these crazy chickens directly to get home and together with you not just a lot of fun, but maybe even a lot of profits dust.

Super Duper Moorhuhn is an online slot with 5 & # 215; 3 playing field, which is easy to use. And not only the operation is very easy, even winning is easy here. All details we have provided for you in the following. Simply read, Slot machines tricks take and play immediately - the first profits could soon be you!

Graphics and sound effects: is that really great?

The theme of the online slots itself is really great. Whether the graphics and sound design can also be described in this way? You can be sure that there is a lot of interest here! The graphic is quite successful and the moor chickens come well. However, something more effects would have been desirable.

However, the symbols can convince us in their design. In addition to the crazy moor chicken there are also eggs, beetles and some Egyptian treasures to discover. Yes you've read correctly. In this game, the moor chickens are on the far away Egypt. An unusual idea that works surprisingly well.

The game mechanics: This is how the game works

Do not only work in this game not only the interesting topic combination and the slightly curious game symbols, but above all the game mechanics. The technical side of the slot allows a trouble-free and pleasant game. Since the slot machine is also playable via instant play, no download of a game software is needed. About HTML5, the machine will also be accessible to all mobile devices.

Incidentally, the game mechanics is not only technically flawless, but was also implemented in the user interface. So every Super Duper Moorhuhn can really enjoy online, whether experienced players or newcomers in the online casino.

  • Play
    The machine shows in the center of the screen five rollers, on which three symbols are arranged one above the other. On the 15 playing fields, the provider has created 20 paylines whose number can regulate themselves. The more lines, the more potential payout options, that is the basic idea. But do not worry, the average payout quota is of course always the same.
  • Gameplay
    In order to serve the machine, no pre-experience requires. The buttons are self-explanatory and automatically lead you to the right direction. Set the paylines and insert height and turn the rolls - so easy can be igaming.
  • Calls
    The inserts can be selected from a comparatively large bandwidth and mainly allow the game with very small inserts. Yes, even with a cent you can turn!
  • Rotation
    Whether a cent per spin or tens of $ in a single turn, the game starts each with a single click. But you have the choice: use individual twists or autoplay.
  • Symbols
    The symbols show on the subject of matching pictures like, of course, the crazy moor chickens, but also eggs and Egyptian treasures occur. As you can actually pull out these symbols, you can either find out for yourself when you play Super Duper Moorhuhn for free without registration or below!. Of course, we have all important for you to summarize.

As it looks exactly with the emergence of the profits, the following section rotates.

Great Duper Moorhuhn play and win

Winning is in the foreground for many players, not only when played with real money, but also if Free machine games be used. Profits arise, just as you can know it from slot machines in the online casino, about the exploded combinations of the symbols or the capitalized special functions.

  1. Profit combinations
    Most commonly, profits occur on regular profit combinations. For this you need at least three same icons on one of the paylines. The number of payments can be regulated and raised up to 20 paylines. The symbols then bring differently high profits depending on their own value.
  2. Profits from features
    In addition to the regular profit combinations, the special functions also enable the emergence of profits. In fact, it is so that the highest profits are possible through these features. Gamomat held itself on the classics of the virtual casino industry: wild symbol as a joker feature, a transformation function, in which low-weight symbols are converted into higher-quality symbols. There are also two different gamble options. Free spins, scatter or own special games as a bonus is not there.
  3. Risk game profits
    Over the two gamble options, earned profits can be used in risk games. After each profit received, you have the opportunity to do this in a guessing game for the right card color or. to use in a risk. Potentially, very quickly creates a multiple of the original profit. The risk is in the possible total loss.

How often profits occur, which is just how it should be with gambling machines, of course not at your strategy. The machine decides randomly based on results and thus causes voltage and relaxation at the same time. The basis for this are the profit figures:

  • RTP
    The payout ratio is 96.1% in the average midfield for machine games in online gamebanks. A little more we would have wished, but this value is fine.
  • volatility
    The variance in the profit distributions is also in the middle area, but this is a very good news. By middle volatility, the slot machine is suitable for especially many players. There is thus tension, but no infinite thirst trails. Here Gamomat did everything right.
  • jackpot
    The slot machine is not connected to a progressive jackpot so that everything it gives to jackpot is running over the regular maximum payouts. All profits and odds between real money variant and the Super Duper Moorhuhn Free Game are therefore identical.

All key figures can thus also be considered in peace without risk of money by playing the slot machine for free.

Mobile version: Just play on the go

Like almost every slot machine from Gamomat, this game is also available on the PC as well as on different mobile devices. Just call online casinomits start credit.org in the browser and you are automatically brought to the mobile website and can start directly with the game in the mobile version.

An app does not have to be downloaded because the game is integrated directly on the homepage via HTML5 and Instant Play Technology and is immediately usable. Basically, the mobile version of the games that you find on our site is not really different from the PC variant. Operation takes place via the same buttons and also all other peculiarities of the games remain of course.

Great Duper Moorhuhn without registration

We have already mentioned a few times, you can also play without problems for free Super Duper Moorhuhn on the net. Everything you need to do is to go to our homepage. And since you are obviously already here, you only have to click directly on the game and already starts the risk-free game pleasure.

So easy? Yes, it is actually so easy. We do not want personal data from you, nor do we request a registration or even a deposit of you!

Super Duper Moorhuhn to play real money

For real money you can play after the first free rounds then in the casino. I am particularly important is the choice of the right platform. Not every game room is also really ideal for players in USA and not behind each offer is also a serious operator.

However, problems with safety and seriousness can be easily avoided by dragging reviews and test reports to rate. There you will see how a platform of experts and other players is evaluated which advantages and disadvantages associated with a particular platform, and where you can expect attractive bonuses in addition to the best games. With us you will find appropriate information.

Speaking of bonus: Whenever you play in real money mode in the casino, should also be a bonus for you! This is really standard in virtual casino operation. But not every bonus is also good. Therefore, see a little more in the bonus section before accepting the first offer. Look at best at the beginning a bonus without deposit. So you can look at risk-free in the new casino and find out before the first bank transfer, if you actually feel comfortable on the page.

Conclusion: Crazy chickens, successful game

Even if the chickens are clearly crazy in this slot, because what else would you have to look for in an Egyptian desert, the operation of the slot machine is simple, the entire gaming experience entertaining and balanced.

Basically, the provider has held heavily with special functions, almost a little too much, one could mean. The same is the slot, however, especially for new players or those who just want to relax with a game without countless features. After all, average good winning opportunities make the real money game very interesting. Whom "average" for real money inserts, however, is not enough, which can always use the free gaming version directly here with us and thus secure risk-free conversation with the crazy moor chicken.

graphic 8th
Bonus rounds 8th
Fun 8th
Mobile version 10
variety 8th
Payout 9
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: June 16, 2021