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REACTOONZ: Cool Monster AG

It is probably the funniest game of Play'n Go, that this Swedish manufacturer has published lately. If you play Reactoonz for free for the first time, you may not immediately suspect a slot machine behind it. And in fact this online game is more reminiscent of computer games like Tetris or Candy Crush than classic machine games. This is because many elements of these slot machine have similarities with those from said games.

For example, the symbols (or reactoonz called) explode if certain profit combinations are made, they combine more so-called Giantoonz or dissolve further reactions. The base of this pure gambling forms a 7 & # 215; 7 grid, showing seven rolls that turn, or. bring the reactoonz from above to fall. From payments you can hardly speak in this slot. Rather, the number or placement of the Reactoonz determines the profit combinations.

In fact, the whole topic of this machine is designed for "reactions". This happens here a lot, from implosion to change. It is implemented with wonderfully ulced little test tube monsters, just fun. If you have this Slot machines without registration for free Play, you can look forward to an entertaining evening, because you will not stop it so fast.

graphic & Sound Effects: Gaudle monster fun

In the center of the graphics is the idea to make a game about tiny monsters. In memory comes the Monster Inc from Pixar. This slot produced in 2017 has clearly used the animated film as a model. But the minions were probably modeling the game. So you will find one-eyed monsters in this machine game, which remind something of wobble pudding, but have no arms and legs, maybe a misconcelled experiment in the laboratory.

So the small animals move in resting phases of the games and look at each other curious or make other ulced faces. Also on the sound level, the fun is highlighted, with many boings, pengs, wüms when the small reactoonz burst, implode or shoot laser beams. If the game comes to a stop, the big Giantoonz figure snaps on the edge and the sound slows down. Here, too, a nice little acoustic feature that just brings joy.

The game mechanics: arranged chaos

It is not easy to understand the rules of this machine. You have to dip deep into the instructions. Because it happens very much on the grid. The best way to get to know such a slot is the demo version. Because if you play for free reactoonz, you do not have to be afraid of being overrun by all the effects.

As mentioned, the game works in the core as a slot machine. First, one amount of 0.20 to 100.00 currency units is set. Then you wait for winning combinations and if you are lucky, you get at end payments from the rotations.

As symbols serve the mentioned small rubbery colorful monsters, reactoonz. Depending on the color, these different treaties have in the game. Generally, the more eyes the monster has, the more money it can contribute, the less often it is also.

Here are the signs in descending order:

  1. Pink monster with two eyes
  2. Green monster with two eyes
  3. Oranges monster with two eyes
  4. Blue monster with two eyes
  5. Violet monster with an eye
  6. Oranges monster with an eye
  7. Green monster with an eye
  8. Yellow monster with an eye

For five or more of these symbols in a horizontal or vertical series, a profit.

Wild symbol

Players playing reactoonz for free without registration, will certainly look for scatter and wild symbols. They can not find them directly. The game has several features that are triggered when you have achieved some profits. For example, after each turn, Joker can be set to the grid. This passes through the so-called Gargantoon, a brown monster commented on the right field of playing the game. Four to eight Joker symbols, small shimmering balls, then fall on the field and can replace other symbols in the combinations.

Multiplier icon

Also a classic multiplier can not be found in this game. But probably the Giantoonz, four or more Reactoonz, who are together in the square, do a bigger monster together. They dissolve a doubling of profits at a profit combination.

Additional games and special functions

Actually, all known functions in this game are something different than in classic slots. So you can not necessarily expect a bonus or expect free spells. In principle, you will be rewarded in this slot if you play longer and win again. For example, the so-called quantum leap is activated when you win several times in succession. At the fifth loading of the quantum leap binometer, the Gargantoon function is triggered.

Then the brown 3 & # 215; 3 reactoonz large monsters on the playing surface and replaces all other symbols. But even before it comes to, reactions can already occur by the quantum function.

  • Implosion: Three to six symbols are converted into yellow jokers and destroy all adjacent signs.
  • Cut: A Blue Joker appears in the middle and creates a cross out of the same random symbols.
  • Destruction: The red joker destroys all one-eyed signs.
  • Change: The Green Joker selects a symbol randomly and all matching symbols are changed.

A autoplay can also be found in this game.

If there are profit combinations, the respective reactoonz explode and open an outdoors for more characters from above. It thus serves as a kind of free spin, as this creates new winning combinations without having to set.

Reactoonz play and win

This slot is probably one of the most complexes you ever played. Simple because the reactions of the characters are so diverse. The operation in itself does not need a strategy. You have to make a mission and then click on the "spin" button. Then the rollers are moving and the reactions take their course with a little luck.

The best way to test the game when you play reactoonz for free. Because if you Try Casino Games for free, You can eliminate all the ambiguities before a game with real money and you get a sense of how much you should set in a virtual casino or not.

Here more characteristics at a glance: 

  • 7 & # 215; 7 roll system
  • 5 or more symbols create profits
  • RTP value: 94.51%
  • High volatility
  • No risk function
  • No jackpot
  • AutoPlay function
  • multiplier

Mobile version: for all devices

Since this slot, like so many of the Top manufacturer Play'n Go, programmed in HTML5, the mobile usage is nothing in the way. So you can play the game from any device, mobile or by desktop. A download is not necessary, unless the arcade, where you play the game, has an app. With us you will find the machine as a demo version for free.

Reactoonz without registration play

A The most effective tricks From professional players is playing the demo version. With us you can have onlineCasinomitsStartBalances.Org at any time without registration all games to your heart's content play immediately. So you can get an overview of how successfully your real money game could be, and have no risk.

Reactoonz to play real money

If the free game is no longer sufficient, but you are also in this case with us at the right address. Because if you want to play Reactoonz online to play real money, we offer you a suitable online casino for your first game. Because Our casino tips are hand-picked gambling platforms that meet the strict rules for players in USA. They are licensed and secure.

Conclusion: Have fun guaranteed

This slot machine is something special. The makers behind this game have come up with great attention to detail a really different slot, which re-packed all previous functions wonderfully varied. The result is a game for every age that can not necessarily be learned immediately, but guaranteed a lot of pleasure.

Reactoonz rating
graphic 10
Bonus rounds 7
Fun 10
Mobile version 10
variety 10
Payout 5
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: April 12, 2021