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Magic Kingdom Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Magic Kingdom properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
Bonus game, freespins, multiplier, wild, scatter icons
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Profit lines
Left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
Video and screenshots: How to play Magic Kingdom

overview & experience

MAGIC Kingdom Play for free online without registrationVisitors can be killed in the world of Magic Kingdom. The popular topic was introduced by the Software Provider Novomatic into the machine games with which Gamer can enjoy the flair from the game.

In addition to the fairytale presentation with decorated signs, the king, carriages and more, the slot machine offers many profit opportunities that can be seen. Therefore, the slot is not only popular with fairytale fans.

Magic Kingdom online can be used for free or with real money. Gamers convince themselves in free mode of winning opportunities and then play with small missions to keep the opportunity to be open to significant profit amounts.

Properties of the slot machine

The structure:

The slot machine is built with three rows and five rollers. Play Magic Kingdom for free. With real money inserts includes nine paylines. However, visitors can also decide for fewer lines in the online casino.

The functions:

  • AutoPlay: Impatient players use the AutoPlay Button. This will not have to trigger each spin by clicking. Automatically roll the rolls until the button is pressed again.
  • Lines: The slot machine has five buttons, which can be set by application lines. The more paylines with inserts are equipped, the higher the odds. Some players rather choose less lines and pay them with higher deployment amounts to collect higher profits through a hit.
  • Gamble: Due to the red Gamble Button, inserts are driven up in small amounts. The black button is immediately set the highest amount of use. After a profit, the red gamble button can be pressed to set the sum obtained in an additional game with a 50:50 chance. Cards are revealed and players first decide whether this will be red or black.

Features of the machine game

For winning a winning combination of at least three same symbols on a payline is necessary. These extend without interruption from the first roll on the left side to the right.

The symbols are:

  • the castle
  • the king
  • the coach
  • Golden goblet
  • a shield
  • The famous map symbols rovested.

The king includes the highest multiplier. If he appears five times on a payline, the Jackpot of the Magic Kingdom games was cracked. He multiplies the use 5000 times.

In addition, the king as a bonus represents the wild character and replaced with its function as a joker all symbols.

The scatter symbol is the blue sign. It appears three times in any order on the screen in the online casino, then start free games, whose number varies depending on the number of scatter symbols.

During this feature, all profits are multiplied by three. These payouts are credited to the player account in the online casino. Since scatter symbols can reappear during the free rounds and this will be granted free games again, this feature often affects very lucrative. Even with a small commitment, significant amounts are collected.

So Magic Kingdom is played

After the visitor has decided to play Magic Kingdom for free or with real money, he sets application lines and amount for rotation. This can be set from a coin up to 100 coins variable.

It can be played free Magic Kingdom or by cash inserts through mobile devices or on the desktop. It is neither app nor a download required.

If the rolls were gone, the player is waiting for these to stop again. Then he can see on the screen whether a profit has been retracted or the use is lost. Then he can decide if he wants to make a turn again or leaves the money for later games at the account. Of course, the profit can also be requested for payment.

Tips and tricks for Magic Kingdom

Visitors can play for free automatic games for free to familiarize themselves with the rules. Thus, winning opportunities are optimally aligned, because by Play slot machines for free Gamer along a strategy.

Especially beginners should use as all paylines as possible to get as many hits as possible. So the budget is not used up too quickly and the chance is kept open to the coveted and often lucrative free spins long.

Risk-relevant users choose less lines to capture them with higher inserts. The profit is therefore much higher.

MAGIC Kingdom play without registration

Magic Kingdom games without registration can Gamer in the online casino. By clicking on the game, visitors can play immediately. For fast games in between to distribute annoying waiting times, this free mode is ideal. Also to explore the different games the free service is happy.

The disadvantage of free mode is that profits can not actually be paid out. Also the thrill is not quite as high as playing with real missions. Therefore, more and more gamers decide to make luck with real money to the test. Magic Kingdom is also ideal for players with a small budget. Beginners also like to use this slot machine because it is easy to use.


Magic Kingdom in USA has an RTP of more than 95% in online casinos and thus shows that winning opportunities are relatively high. MAGIC KINGDOM Free play without registration - if you do not want a risk. Even with small inserts, the game can be worthwhile. Therefore, more and more users are reporting in the online casino to keep up with the chance of winning sums.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021