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Juicy Fruits Slot - Play online for free Demo
Juicy Fruits properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Bonus properties
Bonus game, bonus sign, risk (double) game, wild
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Fruits / retro
Profit lines
Left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
Video and screenshots: How to play Juicy Fruits

overview & experience

Juicy Fruits Slot MachineWell-known fruit symbols in a new look, so the slot machine Juicy Fruits can be described by Allbet shortly. To convince yourself, players Juicy Fruits can play for free.

The fruits were refreshed to funny figures, which disappears the somewhat tensioning atmosphere of ordinary fruit slots.

The machine game was created by the software provider Allbet, which is now known in USA for its slots. Under the machine game, a strawberry bathes in the cocktail and looks to the player while winning. Animations play the game for a lot of entertainment and a funny flair.

Juicy Fruits for mobile devices and desktop was created. It can be used without download or app, as it is called by the browser.

The properties of the Juicy Fruits slot machines

The slot machine is built with five rollers and three rows. There are nine paylines that can be set individually. Players should first play Juicy Fruits for free without registration so that everyone can decide which attitude is more meaningful. All profit lines are given more profit opportunities while the use of fewer lines with higher missions will become higher.

Per line amounts can be used by one to 25 coins. By start the rolls are started. The following symbols roll over the rollers:

  • Mug with fruits - this sign is the wild symbol and serves as a joker. All other fruits can represent and completes profit combinations.
  • melon
  • pineapple
  • Apple
  • lemon
  • peach
  • Cherries

If there are at least three same symbols on one of the paylines after rotation, the gain will be distributed depending on the number of identical characters and symbol type.

So Juicy Fruits is played

To play Juicy Fruits for free, the gamer chooses the machine game and can play immediately.

In order to use the digital slot machines with real money missions, he reports briefly in the online casino. Then the gamer has a customer account available on which he can book money to play. There are several payment options to choose from and the user chooses the most pleasant option for him.

If the deployment amount was selected, the game is started with Spin. On a autoplay function was waived at this machine.

After a profit combination, the user has the following possibilities:

  • The profit fee is accepted. Then the profit is booked on the customer account in the online casino and gamers can close the slot to request the money for disbursement. With the gain can also be played more rounds. The jackpot or. The highest profit amount due to a rotation is 125,000 coins.
  • Risk game: Through this bonus game, the gamer has the opportunity to increase the profit amount by using it with this feature.

Features at Juicy Fruits

  • Bonus game: By the appearance of at least three strawberries on the screen starts the bonus game. The arrangement does not matter. The additional game shows three symbols in the center of the screen. By a random generator one of the characters that these symbols are reached. If it agrees with one of the three central signs, a profit is distributed. This free spells take on until the exit sign is made.
  • Risk: The user has decided on the risk game, the screen transforms itself. It appears five cards. One of them is open at the table. This belongs to the dealer and the player must uncover one of the remaining four cards. If this is high-quality like that of the dealer, the profit is doubled.

Tips and tricks for Juicy Fruits

Juicy Fruits is a pure gambling. Before being given to the online casino, it had to undergo an examination of an independent authority. This can guarantee that Juicy Fruits can not be manipulated by players nor the operator.

To play for free Juicy Fruits can maximize the odds of winning because possible profits can be predicted by some experience. In addition, fewer mistakes such as false inserts or similar are made when the player knows the slot machines.

Free games help users can cope with a suitable strategy that lies to budget and operational readiness. Who likes to play risky, can z.B. Equip fewer paylines with higher amounts.

Juicy Fruits without registration

Play slot machines for free can get gamers by clicking on the slot. It is loaded for the free mode without registration and dowload via the browser and users can play immediately.

Even without own investments, Juicy Fruits ensures entertainment through his funny design and features that are not boring. Therefore, many players like to use the free service to expel with machine games for example, for example, waiting times for example or reach the flair of a casino at home.

Our conclusion

Juicy Fruits Online is an entertaining slot machine that brings gamer to laugh. An RTP of more than 91% in the online casino says that the winning opportunities are rather medium. Therefore, the game should be used more with small missions if Gamers want to keep the chance of profits open by real money.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021