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Jackpot Jester 50 000 Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Jackpot Jester 50 000 properties
Rollers * rows
3 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
Bonus game, freespins, risk (double) game, scatter icons, wild
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Profit lines
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
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overview & experience

Jackpot Jester 50 000 Free Play Online without RegistrationClassic and on three roles - yes!
Usually and without specials - no!

Now play the game Jackpot Jester 50000 for free and get to know one of the well-suited combinations of classic 3 rollers game pleasure and special functions with features! The developers of Nextgen Gaming have created a probably unique combination here and installed two 3 rolls sets on top of each other in this slot machine.

Whether that means also double playing pleasure in the online casino? This should now show our detailed expert review.

Playplay, construction and further details of this machine games

Right on a first visit to this machine games - free or with real money - the player quickly falls up that it is a game machine that is anything but ordinary.

The structure

The slot machine presents itself with two rolling sets, which are arranged one above the other. Each of these sets consists of 3 rollers with 3 rows and 5 paylines each. These lines are simply visible and numbered.

Also positive us here is that the tables for the payouts are presented directly next to the roles. Since these differ for the upper and lower role sets and for different depths, they are also displayed separately.

The buttons under the roles are simply understandable - they are responsible for the operation of the games. The money is paid on the far left, the second button from the left you can switch between the upper and lower role sets back and forth. The middle buttons are used for use, the right button to the spin start. There is no autoplay button.

The sequence

Here it will be interesting in this slot directly. The process is a bit more special due to the two role sets. The following enumeration gives an overview:

  • First, you can relax on the lower rollers, as that would be the case at a regular 3 roller machine.
  • If you decide to set at least 20 in a game on the lower rollers and get profit combinations, the earned profits can be transferred to the upper roll set.
  • If you have collected enough credits there, you can play even greater win sales in the upper roll set.
  • However, if you do not want to use the earned sums of money again, you can simply collect them without gambling at the upper roller set.
  • Incidentally, all these steps can also be completely uncomplicated and without registration on one of the free games pages in the web.

The symbols

Here are the developers of NextGen on all the classic symbol signs such as cherries, melons and other fruit symbols, seven and the valuable Jester Joker symbol sign.

The special functions

Unlike the most 3 rolling games on the current Gambling Market, it is also available in the department of the bonus features and special functions a bit:

  • Wildlife
    The jester sign acts as a wild symbol and can form with other characters together profitable combinations. A scatter mark, which triggers free spins, does not exist.
  • Great game
    As a super game, this machine is called the upper roller set. There you have to grab something deeper in every turn, so risk higher inserts than the base game underneath. But not only the number of set coins is greater (you have to set at least 100) - no, of course, the profits are much higher!

This Play slot machines for free and get to know the features risk-free, is a very good idea. Then you can then clear in the game around Cash.

Chances of winning the Jackpot Jester 50000 online Zocken

In order to win a lot in this online game, many gamers try to always use all the profits at the upper role set and often lose a lot.

Our recommendation for even more profits, even if the RTP remains the same: use about half of the earned gains from the base game in the upper super game and cash in half without risk. Such risk management ensures longer-lasting gaming at this slot machine in USA.

A strategy with which one comes particularly far in this game - play immediately and try it yourself!

Jackpot Jester 50000 Free play without registration

Try out the first spin now without risk - yes, this game is easy with this game - and then when you try it for free Jackpot Jester 50000 as Demo Variant!

Such a free game is an ideal preparation for the game with cash on this machine. In doing so, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • How much gain can be used in the super game?
  • It's worth it to always play with maximum inserts?
  • You also play comfortably when you use mobile websites / apps?
  • If you prefer the download game variant?

Just test the game for free and find out all and more yourself!

Now Jackpot Jester 50000 free to meet - it's worth it!

A Game - Perfect for those who like to gamble classic games, but still want to have some variety. The developers of Nextgen Gaming have truly introduced impressive work and developed a casino game, which also cares without free spins and others Schi-Schi for ingenious gaming pleasure.

Try now and get to know this game full of Joker and with a terrific jackpot of 50,000!

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021