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Gladiator Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Gladiator properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Bonus game, bonus signs, freespins, scatter symbols, gambling
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
TV / movie
Profit lines
25 freely selectable
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
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overview & experience

Gladiator play for free without registrationThumbs up high & # 8211; Gladiator Free. There are two ways, you already know this slot from Playtech and looking for a good strategy and some tricks, or you want to play the Gladiator Slot for free & # 8211; in USA, immediately and without download. You will find everything here.

Based on the original 2000 Ridley Scott movie, the Gladiator Online Slot looks like it is expected from a modern slot machine with original blockbuster graphics.

Gladiator & # 8211; what are the basics?

That this is not the first appearance of Playtech with movie-licensed machine games, and that you can play the gladiator for free without registration, is clear. Over the years they had developed a very large number of these, of which the most famous are the slot machines based on different Marvel characters. Some of those, like "The Avengers," are really good, while others, like "Iron Man 2", & # 8230; in my assessment, not.

But while the online Marvel Slots are usually hit and miss, I am happy to say that & # 8222; Gladiator & # 8220; definitely a hit is. Surely, it is not the most outstanding slot ever made in history for the online casino, but that does not mean that he is not absolutely solid and definitely worth your attention. For the most part, it is a standard slot machine with 5 rollers and 25 paylines, but the care made with which this is made really unique.

  • Type: Video slot machine
  • Competition: 0.01 $ - 1,250 $
  • Free Spins: up to 24
  • RTP: 94.09%
  • Jackpot: No
  • AutoPlay: Yes
  • Mobile version: Yes

I have to & # 8222; Gladiator & # 8220; really give props to have exploited the license to full trains. Why, however, the face of Russell Crowe nowhere emanates, is probably related to license conflicts (every now and then there are great celebrities to sign their resemblance with a product, which is why action figures of popular film figures do not see them very similarly).

All other performers, however, are here again in business, including Joaquin Phoenix, as the always wonderful Emperor Commodus & # 8211; The original ruler, all hated before King Joffrey of King & # 8217; S Landing took his crown.

Features & design

The symbols consist of fairly well-made photos of the characters, and if you get a few of them aligned, the slot plays a short clip from the movie for you. The border is quite simple & # 8211; A simple black background and very few details, which actually contributes to the advantage of the slot, the symbols really jump out.

Symbols and payout of Gladiator

There are eleven symbols in Gladiator without taking into account the scatter and wild symbols. Six of them are unfortunately only letters and numbers & # 8211; 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

It is always a bit sad to see a machine game that uses it back and use this instead of more attractive symbols, but I suppose this is one of those inevitable slot traditions that nobody really likes, but serve to save money. But you can eventually Try out the machine games for free.

Profits with symbols

With the symbols, the least is what you can earn 8 times your bet (which is actually quite good if you consider the fact that you can choose how many profit lines you want to play. So if you play less than 8 paylines, you will definitely benefit, no matter what the hits are).

For 5 AS or KS, you will get your mission 200 times. Most characters from the film do not bring you much more than the letters, 5 in a row, give you 250 to 350 times your mission.

Lucilla & Commodus

However, the two exceptions of the rule are Lucilla, the Empress of Rome, which gives you up to 1000 times your bet, and Commodus, the Emperor, who not only shows you the thumbs up, but also your bet up to 5000 times multiplied.

Overall, the payout table is quite pleasing & # 8211; The lower end is more average (that is not too low, but not so high), but the higher end will definitely make you rich.

Bonus Game & # 8211; Double or nothing

After every win, you can use the remaining? Double or nothing & # 8220; Bonus game play by guessing whether a randomly drawn card would be red or black.

I personally would recommend you to play for free for free Gladiator to get without real money a better feeling for this feature. Of the more than 20 games in which I tried the gambling, I only once won what makes me believe that I either had terrible luck or this is more of a trap for gullible players.

Bonus rounds & # 8211; Free games

There are two bonus rounds in & # 8222; Gladiator & # 8220; but only one of them offers free spins.

  • 3 x wild symbol & # 8211; Gladiator Bonus Round & # 8211; no clearance
  • 3 x Scatter symbol & # 8211; Coliseum Bonus Round & # 8211; play with free

Gladiator bonus

Is activated by 3 wilds (shown by maximus & # 8216; Helmet). You automatically receive 9 helmets & # 8211; Bronze, silver and gold give you different amounts.

The helmets you get are chosen completely randomly, and while you can theoretically get all bronze or all golden in this turn, but you will most likely show you a uniform combination of all three, along with a clip from the movie to you To feel good about it.

Coliseum Bonus Round

Triggered by 3 Scatter symbols, you will be confronted with a 4 x 5 board full of hidden symbols, as well as a whole game with larger bonuses and winning combinations. Your task is now to select at least one icon from each row, starting with the lowest.

The thing is, each row gives you another bonus:

  • The lowest gives you free games
  • The above is a multiplier
  • During the third and fourth determine how many scatters and wild symbols you get.

Behind each of the 5 blocks in a particular line is a number that determines the variable associated with this line. Together with this number you may also receive a bonus (yes right, a bonus bonus!).

Most of them have a positive effect by selecting, for example, an additional block in the same or in the area above (or even all-blocks in the series).

Collect bonus

However, you will get the Collect bonus, you will not be allowed to select more blocks, even if you have not yet arrived.

Experience with the Gladiator Online & # 8211; recommendation

Total is & # 8222; Gladiator & # 8220; certainly not the most striking or most spectacular, but still a great casino slot, which is definitely worth your time and can also play with the mobile app. The clips from the film are crystal clear, the profits are relatively common, the amounts gained can keep you in the game for a long time and the bonus game is very interesting and unique.

While I believe that the double or nothing feature is a poorly thoughtful & # 8222; Gambling option "is (which seems to me rather unfavorable than being a real feature), this is not enough to get to it Hinder, & # 8222; Gladiator & # 8220; to recommend the player looking for a solid game to spend an exciting afternoon with thrill.

If you are new in the world of licensed slots, then I would recommend you to play slot machines for free and try "The Avengers" without registration. He is absolutely brilliant and probably the only movie licensed slot, which I have the & # 8222; Gladiator & # 8220; think about.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021