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Couch Potato Slot - Play online for free Demo
Couch Potato Properties
Rollers * rows
3 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS
Bonus properties
Wild, multiplier
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Classic slot
Fruits / retro
Profit lines
Left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
Video and screenshots: How to play couch potato

overview & experience

Couch Potato automatic gamesIf you want to get to know the machine game, you can always play Couch Potato for free. Just click on the game and in a few seconds can be started without download and without registration.

As "Couch Potato" people are referred to in USA, which are the majority of their free time on the couch or. Spend in front of the TV. With this slot machines Gamers are happy to couch potatos or. To Mouse Potatos, because they sit with mouse in front of the desktop.

But no matter why the slot has received the title. In any case, the classic slot machine ensures high entertainment value. The prospect of high course sums ensures pure thrill.

The slot machine was created by the well-known software provider Microgaming. Meanwhile famous for its high-quality games, the manufacturer books a whole fan base for itself.

The properties of the Couch Potato slot machines

Roll Profit lines RTP Minimal Maximum use
3 1 97.43% 0.25 $ 15 euro

Couch Potato online is a classic slot. On only three rollers come the different symbols rolled.

These well-known signs such as cherries, bar lettering and the number seven fit the nostalgic atmosphere optimally. With a symbol of a TV with the lettering Couch Potato, the slot machine was loosened slightly to bring some comic flair.

Win visitors by getting a combination that corresponds to the table on the right side of the slot. The highest quality symbol is the TV with the title of the game in the screen. If this appears three times on the payline, the jackpot of the game was cracked, because the operating amount ends with multiple multiplied by the customer account.

So couch potato is played

  1. First, visitors decide if they play slot machines for free or use real money in the online casino. The corresponding mode opens. Gamer play immediately without registration, while registration is needed in the online casino.
  2. The desired amount of operation for the next rotation is set. In the free game, demo credits are available for this purpose. "Bet One" sets the minimum deposit, while "Max. Bet "immediately set the maximum amount per spin. If one of the buttons is used, the rollers then turn immediately.

If Gamers enter the use via +/- buttons, must be pressed after setting the "Spin" button to get the rollers going.

On a AutoPlay button and other setting options was waived at Couch Potatos.

  1. After the spin has been completed, a winning combination can be on the screen by chance. The amount according to the symbol and number of equal characters is booked for the payment to the customer account. The higher the amount of use was chosen, the higher the profit. If the player had no luck, because the payline is not equipped with the same symbols, he loses the amount used.
  2. After the spin, the game can be used further or ended at any time. In the online casino Gamer can request the profit for payment.

Features in couch potato

In addition to the ordinary profit method by the same symbols, the slot includes a feature that helps in addition to filling money bags.

The symbol of the TV serves as a wild sign. That means it can replace all other symbols like a joker. If it appears in a winning combination once, the profit amount will be additionally multiplied by five and credited.

Through his double appearance within a profit combination, it multiplies the profit with 25.

Tips and tricks for couch potato

To successfully play Couch Potato or with real money successfully, there is no strategy because it is a pure gambling. Therefore, beginners have the same winning opportunities as professionals.

We would like to show some tips and tricks, as this will keep the entertainment and increase profit opportunities may increase:

  • Couch Potato should first play all gamers. Without your own risks, you can trust in peace with the slot machines and get to know the rules and features.
  • Couch Potato is a slot machine that distributes pure profits immediately. On features such as free spins and bonus rounds was waived the classic. Therefore, it is appropriate in such games to vary with the operating amount.
  • Through experience, profit opportunities can be better estimated. With a little belly feeling, inserts are fitted. In free mode can be practiced without investment from your own pocket.
  • In the online casino, bonus offers such as lucrative welcome bonuses and other promotions are used to play with as little equity as possible.
  • Time and money should be adjusted and adhered to the budget. So it can also be played for a longer view with real inserts without the game leads to problems.

Couch Potato without registration

If visitors want to play a few round couch potato for free without registration or the slot easy to use for entertainment, choose the game. In a short time the slot machine invites Free and then users can play immediately.

Around Machine games to play for free, no registration is needed. It can be played directly without information or download.

Couch Potato can be played free of charge from home, but also on the go through mobile devices. The game is simply opened and used over the browser. Neither download nor an app needed.

Our conclusion

Beginners benefit from the simple assembly and handling of the slot machine from Microgaming. Professionals are happy to use the slot because they know the high chances of winning classic slot machines and enforce high buzz by experience. In any case, Couch Potato ensures entertaining game hours.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021