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For many years, the software of the Austrian developer was in the land-based

Casinos The highest standard for slot machines that you could find in the industry. Therefore, the step into the online casinos was the logical next step. In 2017, however, the manufacturer disappeared with his entire program from the US market.

Thanks to the new US Gambling State Treaty, the 01.07.2021 entered into force, the well-known game developer has decided to return. One reason too great joy for many players, because the provider has loyal trailer, which is due to some classics in the portfolio, which were defining the genre of online slots.

Let us now clarify what a Novoline Casino is, because this term will show up again and again. Thus, we describe online casinos where games of the manufacturer are offered. This does not mean that only games of the Austrian provider can be found in the program of each casino. Another point should be clarified at the beginning, as he always ensures a little confusion at casino visitors. Often the slots are also referred to as games of Novomatic.

That too is right, the company that has established itself at the beginning with mechanical machines, carries this name. Novoline is, so to speak, a brand of the big group, under whose name the games are running. A Novoline Casino could also be described as well as Novomatic Casino.

In the following, all aspects are to be illuminated, which are for the playership in the Novoline Online Casino of the relevant.

Title of the manufacturer offer many interesting topics
Exciting additional functions ensure voltage
Novoline Slots are also suitable for beginners
At the casino interesting bonuses are waiting
Graphic modern games offers significantly more
Title of the manufacturer often resemble heavily in the functions

Novomatic founder: a man with a vision

It may sound a little bit like the story of an American plate washer, which as a selfmade millionaire rise. But the success story of the founder and today's main shareholder of Novomatic has similarity. For the former butcher teaching of modest circumstances developed into a multimillionaire and his story sounds like a fairy tale. The founder NOVOMATICS is blessed with two things: his vision and the hand to enter at the right time. He started his company with the import of flipper machines from the US and when the first slot machines came up, he had the right rier and jumped up to the train.

The success story of NOVOMATIC started in 1980 and now the machine games as well as the classic casino games are known worldwide. However, the software vendor rather sat on the traditional casinos and less on the internet. But since the trend led more and more to online gaming, they covered the company strategy and Novomatic online machine games were developed or developed. The machines were programmed from the real gambling halls 1: 1 by GreenTube for the casinos.

Features of Novomatic

Facts about Novomatic Group:
  • The company was founded in 1980 in Gumpoldskirchen (Austria)
  • The Novomatic Group includes both Astra Games Ltd. as well as the GreenTube GmbH
  • The portfolio finds online slots, table games, card games and live casino
  • New games appear regularly
  • The games are high quality
  • There are over 220 games overall

Note: Since the beginning of 2018, the NOVOMATIC GAMES for US players in the online gambling halls are no longer available, as the provider has withdrawn from USA. This is the game for real money no longer possible. Only in the Stargames Casino and on some other platforms the NOVOMATIC games can be played for free.

What causes the Novoline Games?

It is not easy to explain what makes the fascination of the NOVOMATIC machine games and classic casinogames. But one thing is certain: There are certainly beautiful slots that are more complicated in the gambling market. But nevertheless: Novomatic is only once! For decades, the fans love the achievements such as Book of Ra and the experience shows that many ideas were "abatored" by other developers - this is especially true for the gameplay and the theme of Book of Ra.

Also, the risk Game or Gamble feature implemented in more and more slots was used to play it used to play only in the Novomatic and Mercury (in other form). But the fans love the games from this software provider, because each slot machine has a special feature and thus convinces its own way. As far as sound and graphics are concerned, these are presentable. Otherwise, the games are characterized by:

  • A simple operation
  • Simple menu navigation
  • high winning opportunities
  • a separate software style & # 8211; to recognize in all games
  • Interesting topics: Underwater world, history, Egypt etc.

The popularity is certainly due to the fact that the classics were already known from the times before the NOVOMATIC online casinos. Almost every player in Austria and USA is familiar with at least one of the machine games, as long as he has already played in a Novomatic Casino on site or in a traditional game room.

The Novomatic games and their functions

We could name many advantages in terms of this software. This is one of the reasons why the Austrian developer has developed into such a successful on the Igaming Market. First of all, the many years of experience should be mentioned, which speaks as an argument for this software developer. The Group was able to create an impressive expertise over the years and this is still benefiting him today today. But not only NOVOMATIC benefits from modern developments, but also the players, as great entertainment is offered. In addition, one must always rely on the reliability of games and random generators.

  • Slots, card and table games, live games
  • NOVOMATIC is very popular
  • There are regular new releases

Table games from NOVOMATIC: You will gladly forget

That there is also card and table games under this brand, often forgotten. The developer has some highlights in the typical casino games in his playbothe. Therefore, there is also from the provider:

  • Video poker
  • poker
  • Blackjack
  • roulette
  • bingo

The Novomatic Casinos also find some titles from the Royal Crown series:

  • Royal Crown Blackjack
  • Royal Crown Roulette
  • Royal Crown 3 Card Brag

There are also bingo variants, including Bruno Bingo falls. The system is simple and everyone can risk real money in a immediate game. Even a jackpot is available at the bingo with 30 balls played.

Slots: Novomatic always has a trump in the sleeve

The Novomatic slot machines are always good for a surprise. The developers of the Austrian company again creates it again and again to link the different properties to a skilful way, so a gambling arises that the modern time corresponds to. In addition to the chance to clear high gains, the slots are also appealing and offer some surprising extras within the game. Thus, the game pleasure in a Novomatic online casino always remains exciting and varied - even over hours.

The most prominent games in the online casino NOVOMATIC are mainly:

But the list of NOVOMATIC titles is far longer and so there are some more games that make it to pull the casino visitors in the spell, such as:

  • fist
  • Columbus Deluxe
  • Amazing stars
  • Roaring forties
  • Serengeti Heat

There are also tempting jackpots. At the progressive jackpot slot, you have the chance to take the multiple thousand times of its mission as a profit. That makes gaming a lot more attractive.

Why are Novoline Casinos so popular?

Many casino players are the classics from this manufacturer still in memory of the days when they were only played in land-based gambling halls and corner pubs. These are the followers of the first hour, which, of course, of course have become in large numbers of customers in the online casinos and always loyal to the provider. In the past, there was just not so much choice, as you can find them today on the internet.

At that time, the manufacturer's games were simply the best thing to find in the market of the machine games, and until today, some successful concepts and topics of popular titles are imitated by other manufacturers. Alone the legendary Book of Ra is today with the theme of the adventurer in the Egyptian pyramids, a magical book and the exciting bonus rounds with special symbol in countless variations as copies in the online gamebanks again.

In a Novoline Online Casino, you will also encounter more classic topics at the slots that have repeatedly emerged today and the manufacturer's titles were lifted out of baptism. The manufacturer was a pioneer in countless variations of modern fruit slots, the subject underwater worlds and fantasy topics, to name only a few.

According to which aspects one chooses a serious novoline casino?

If you want to play real money in the Novoline Online Casino, then security should be at the top of your priority list. The first look should therefore apply the gambling license, you will find them in the footwear of the website. Particularly common are licenses from Malta and Curacao. From July 2021 US licenses will also be awarded again, with providers with appropriate license you can expect the highest standards in regulation.

Each platform should also secure its data transfers via SSL encryption from external access, as it finally reveal sensitive data as soon as real money is played. That's why there should also be a good selection of different serious payment methods in the casino.

Transparency over the respective regulations is also extremely important in terms of bonus offers. Do not play on a platform where you have the impression that important details are hidden or overulated. A serious provider communicates open and is therefore honest with its customers.

Also a customer support should be available around the clock, most commonly this service is offered by e-mail and especially as a live chat. Support via telephone is also often available, but our point of view is not a MUST, especially because it can lead to fees at foreign numbers. If a casino provider is aware of a deliberately player in USA with his offer, customer service should also be available in US in US, as well as the terms and conditions.

In the overview - pay attention to:

  • Lucky license
  • Payment methods
  • Data security
  • transparency
  • Customer service

Play real money in Novoline Casinos

For many players, tension occurs only when it's really about something. If you want to play real money, you must definitely register in the casino. Some of your personal data are queried. For the previously mentioned criteria, select a reputable platform. After registering, you can first look around on the platform and usually test the most games in the demo version.

Then go to the cash register area and select your preferred payment method for a deposit. Note which limits exist for the minimum deposit, usually there are 10 $ or 20 $. Do not forget to check if you get offered by the casino for your first deposit (or follow-up payments) a bonus or even a whole welcome pack. It can be worthwhile. After the deposit, you can then start playing immediately.

Briefly summarized, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a trusted casino
  2. Register for free
  3. Take your first deposit
  4. Get a welcome bonus
  5. Play with real money

Bonus offers in Novoline Casinos

Every online casino, which keeps something, enjoys your guests with bonuses for new customers, but also faithful players receive premiums. Let's take a look at the typical offers once:

In order to win new customers for their own platform, customers always receive a premium during registration. In this case, a percentage additional payment is usually granted to the first account upload. Often there are also free spins.

This particularly coveted premium is usually available for new customers. Credit and Free Spins will be awarded without deposit to the welcome.

  • Reload bonus

Reload bonuses are payments for further deposits on the player's account of existing customers.

  • Casback

Casinocondund receives a monthly or weekly partial repayment losses.

  • Loyalty program

Often also referred to with the addition "" VIP ", bonus points can be played with each real money use, which then ensure higher ranks and associated bonuses.

Especially the bonus offers that do not require a deposit from the player are relatively rare and of course extremely popular. Incidentally, they are also referred to as no deposit bonuses. If you do not find appropriate promotion in the bonus section of an online casino, it can be worthwhile, simply request a live chat in the customer service of the platform. Sometimes this method still leads to the desired free bonus.

There are often exclusive promotions offered only on links to partner pages of a casino operator. You will then be forwarded to the registration of the respective platform via these links, as these tips are mostly intended for new customers. Also note that it may be necessary to enter a bonus code during registration or later a bonus code without the offer not available. The codes are always released clearly on the partner side or in the bonus section of the casino itself and are therefore not hard to find.

In any case, you should always study the bonus conditions and look into the terms and conditions of the platform. For as good as all bonuses, there are sales specifications for bonus credit and profits, as well as there are restrictions on bonus games that can be used with the premiums or to earn the required sales. As a rule, only online slots are completely credited to meet the sales specifications. Other games are often completely excluded or beat only 10% or 20% for sales to book.

Which is the official Novoline Online Casino?

We have already suggested it, there is not one or a chain official novoline casinos. Rather, the manufacturer cooperates with various casino providers, which he gives a license to use the titles of the provider. Offers an online casino novoline games, does not mean that do not even have tracks of other manufacturers in the program. Of course, this is an advantage for players as there is more choices.

Novoline ensures that its partners are reputable providers with valid lucky licenses. So you will find the games of the manufacturer in the portfolio of an online casinos, this is basically a quality seal. Nevertheless, check all the criteria mentioned above, you can never have enough information available.

What advantages offers a Novoline Online Casino

Since the manufacturer's titles can still be played in the game banks on site, of course, you will quickly ask if there is a difference if you play the same slots of Novoline Online. If you use in the online casino Novoline slot machines, of course there are a lot of differences that have nothing to do with the game in itself.

Of course, they already save themselves the journey, do not have to comply with dresscodes, in addition to the game's use have no additional costs and can indulge in the familiarity of their own four walls quite the game. Will of course be missing, of course, the special atmosphere of a true casino and interaction with other players and employees, which will of course also be a plus.

Further advantages can not be dismissed in a Novoline Online Casino from the hand. The internet never sleeps and so you can use any daytime and night time for a game wherever you are currently, because even with mobile devices, unobstructed access to your casino experience is possible today. You can also carry out mobile deposit and payouts or use the bonus offers of a platform.

In an online casino you will always find a much larger game offer than in the game banks on site. While you always have to choose from hundreds or even thousands of slots online, the traditional gaming halls quickly reach a limit in terms of available place. Because even if the machines are now very modern and offer many different games, only a single player can sitting and playing. On the other hand, online come in the embarrassment that the desired title is currently occupied and therefore not available.

Not insignificant is the fact that the same games online and offline have a different payout rate. This is also called RTP (Return to Player) is higher in the online casino and thus cheaper for you as a player. This is explaining that land-based game companies also have much higher costs than online gamebanks. Think of rent, personnel and cleaning costs. So you enjoy many advantages in an online casino.

Play over mobile devices in Novoline Online Casino

Investigations have shown that more and more people via smartphone

or use tablet casino games. The tendency is steadily rising and the mobile game will be more and more about the most important usage variant in online gambling. Of course, most players want to enjoy the on the way in the online casino Novoline Games. The colorful games simply offer themselves especially to make ideal waiting times, travel and breaks with a little gaming pleasure.

The mobile casino should be in nothing in a good provider of the variant on the desktop in nothing and offer the same functions and the same comfort. This is based on a good mobile implementation of the actual platforms, an app for download is now offered by the fewest operators. A good mobile implementation of the casinog site is now an absolute must for the provider, in order to stay competitive at all, as the players otherwise would certainly alternate quickly and look for an operator with a corresponding offer.

The technical possibilities are therefore no problem at all, all modern mobile devices can master this task, provided that a stable Internet connection exists. Then you can also use all the functions such as the PC or laptop in a Novoline Online Casino and also deposits or the use of bonus actions is possible without any problems.

Conclusion: Novoline stands for classic slots and quality

If you choose the game in a Novoline Online Casino, you can assume that you can find yourself on a safe and reputable platform that can show a valid lucky zealizer. The manufacturer's games offer a colorful and diverse range of topics, so most players can certainly find a matching slot machine.

Even beginners are in good hands with these online slots, because basically everything works by themselves after they have set the use and started the spin. You can then just sit back and enjoy the slot machines.

Also experienced players come with the titles of the provider at their expense. Many old rabbits among the casino players will certainly be particularly looking forward to the return of the classic titles, as above all Book of Ra on the US market, which will be reminiscent of the good old times. A certain nostalgic factor is also one of the great strengths of the Austrian gambling skills.

Frequently asked questions about Novoline Online Casinos

You can play for free in Novoline Casino?
As a rule, the slots in an online casino can first be tested free of charge in the demo version. Whether already a registration on the platform is needed, differs from provider to provider.
Which is the ideal strategy in Novoline Casinos?
Slot machines are pure gambling, large possibilities for influencing the process does not exist. But it is recommended to read one or the other rating on test portals. Experience that experts collected in a test can give useful information about special features of individual games and be helpful above all when choosing the matching slot machine.
Is needed to download in the online casino novoline title?
Downloads are not necessary, a stable internet connection is enough to play the games on the computer or by mobile device.
Which tricks work in Novoline Casinos?
The internet is full of tricks that you can safely disregard you. Online gambling run over random number generators and are not to overlap. Bear yourself to the rules of online casinos, otherwise you are locked faster than you think and any profits are deleted by the provider if manipulation conservation.
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last update: September 24, 2021

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