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Löwen Play GmbH

advantages disadvantage
  • Best quality
  • Many extra functions
  • Years of experience
  • Not so strongly represented online
  • A few table games available

Information about the company

Who hears the name, usually knows what this company is. Löwen Play Online is one of the few providers from USA and also deliver very good slot machines. Also Löwen Play One of the first in USA, which has dealt with the development and production of slot machines. Especially in the traditional game banks there are many of the machines of the producer. Unfortunately, the company has left a long time before it has positioned on the online casino market. Nevertheless, the provider has also started travel. A variety of customers estimates the playing at the manufacturer's machine.

In addition, the games are not only played in real money mode. The free games also enjoy the players of great popularity. This is again a clear sign that good games in the casinos are not only played by money. Game Fun and entertainment are also important to the players. This is only possible if the quality is right. The offer of the manufacturer is rounded off by the possibility to play all games without registration. In addition, the company even has a more or less independent lion Play Casino in which visitors can test each slot machine.

Special features of Löwen Play

Key facts at a glance
  • The company has been on the market since 1949
  • The games all offer a top design, but never overload
  • The provider also attaches value to the best sound
  • The machines have very good average repayment quotas

The special feature of Löwen Play is probably that the company always overparts itself. For example, the online games have better payout quotas than those in the real gambling halls. The fact that the company can look back on a long tradition and experience is not self-evident in the casino industry. In addition, the developer's games can not only be convinced by an excellent graphics, but also with the best sound in gambling quality.

Why are the titles of Lowen Play asked so much?

Probably the most important aspect, why the games of the US manufacturer are so needed is probably the fact that Lions Play is one of the few providers from USA. The games have a high recognition value. Alone the logo with the lion head is well known. But above all, the outstanding quality of the Games Made in USA is one of the biggest success factors.

About the games

  • High misty value
  • Best quality
  • Exclusive bonus features

Features of the Lion Play Games

Why Lions Play belongs to the best developers in the casino industry, is already clear at the slots at first playing. Of course, the quality is always a very important factor. But that alone does not help if the total package is wrong. Of course, this also knows the provider. That's why the company offers a colorful variety of different topics in its games. Also, the construction and the game flow with the slots never the same. This ensures that when playing the machine games no boredom comes up.

The characteristics summarized

  • Colorful diversity
  • Different topics
  • Many bonus features in the games
  • High quality with implementation and graphic

Table games

Table games are rared at Lions Play rather. Nevertheless, the US provider of Casino software has to offer a few of the most famous games away from the coveted slots. Which ones are exactly, you learn at this point.

  • Online Roulette. Even with the provider from Bingen, the roulette game must not be missing in the offer. The classic under the casino games are available at Lions Play in three different versions. Probably the most famous is the $pean roulette. In this variant we have to do it with the most famous and simplest execution under the roulette derivatives. With different winning opportunities, Roulette offers for beginners always best
  • Blackjack. Other table games from the studios of the provider include the popular casino game blackjack. Under the card games you have the biggest winning opportunities as a player at Blackjack. Since the rules of the game are quickly learned for each, inexperienced gamers in this card game have very good chances of money gains.

There are other games from this provider?

At this point, it becomes clear that Lions Play is mainly involved in the development of slot machines. Because in addition to these and the already mentioned table games the provider currently does not lead any other games in his portfolio. The playing to the Lion Play machine games is worthwhile for that.

The games summarized

  • Different slots
  • Blackjack
  • roulette

Slot machine

At this point we now dedicate ourselves to the Steckenhorse of the company. The Lions Play slot machines not only enjoy a very high reputation at the US clientele. Since the games are all clearly clearly built, an immediate game can be started on them. In addition, the company is constantly striving to regularly provide the casino operators with new games. The quality of the games is always at an extremely high level. So that the fun greater will get bigger, the customers expect a pretty sizable payout rate every game. The table below contains the most popular lions play slots.

slot topic RTP Roll Lines
New Crazy Seven fruit 94.48% 5 5
Triple X fruit 95.15% 3 5
Treasure Iceland Pirates / adventure 96.14% 5 11
Lucky Unicorn Unicorn / mysticism 95.81% 5 11

Where can the Lions Play Games be played?

When it comes to the question of the online availability of Löwen Play Games, it can be sometimes to be difficult to find a good or a large selection of online recordings. Although the company is one of the largest US gaming providers, yet the company has begun only relatively late to expand its offer on the online market. Therefore, the games of the US provider in the casinos are not so strongly represented. But now Lions Play is strengthening strengthen on a broad online offer. Here is the list in which online casino Löwen Play games can be found.

Bonus offers and promotions

A good online casino also includes a good bonus program. The best bonuses are mainly those in which no bonus code must be specified. Also no deposit bonus actions and welcome bonuses for new customers with high percentages on the deposit at the customers are very popular. It should be clear, however, that a bonus without deposit at players is always ranked first. For machine friends, a free spin bonus is usually available. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. In the table we show the most popular bonuses that are used most of the players in a Lion Play Online Casino.

Bonus style description Deposit Bonus code
Free games Here is free rotations for most slot games. On average between 10 and 30 free spins Depending on the casino Not mandatory
Bonus without deposit New customers get free credit without having to make a deposit no Depending on the casino
Percent on deposit At least doubling the deposit, available for all customers Yes Depending on the casino

Tips and tricks for lions play games

Tricks for sure win there is no and they would not be legal. But that is no reason to despair. There are at least a few helpful tips with which winning opportunities and thus the profits can be increased. For example, the right distribution of the game inserts. It has also proven that the chances of winning progressive jackpot are smaller than, for example, on video slots. Here are a few tips for better chances of lion play play games online.

Helpful tips

  • Progressive jackpots better avoid
  • Use vending machines with high payout quotas
  • Best winning opportunities are generally at the slot machines
  • Never to do too high, but not too low assignments

Play the Lions Play Games Mobil

If the company was initially only available in the traditional game banks, there are now more and more internet movies that use Lions Play Software. That's why the company has not to be taken to optimize its games for mobile gaming. To play the titles mobile, no app is needed. The games that are mobile to run all about the supplied browser of the smartphone or tablet.

Operating systems for mobile games

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry

Lion Play Title to play real money

The games from the developer studios of Löwen Play are among the best from USA. Last but not least, this is due to the great experience that brings the company into the development of its games with. Above all, it is the very good payout rates that make the manufacturer's games so desire.

In order to set real money in the Löwen Play Online Casino and get started correctly with the play, a deposit must of course. For this, the payment options PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or Neteller are usually used. But it always comes to availability in the casino. In the following the games, where playing for real money is worth the most.

The top 3 of real money Games 2019

  • Treasure Iceland
  • Triple X
  • Hot Wheels

Play free without registration

The free gaming of Casino Games is also used as playing with the use of real money. Since the slot machines are very popular, it is free to play a good option for free to get better familiar with the games from Löwen Play. After all, it does not always have to go to Casino Games only to get real money. The game fun should be in the first place. In order to be able to play the Lions Play Games for free, no registration or registration is needed in the corresponding Löwen Play Online Casinos.

On which Lion Play online can play free of charge, shows partially the following list. Actually, all games can also be tasted for free, but these three vending machines make it a lot of fun.

TOP LĂ–WEN Play Free Games

  • Mega Wheels
  • New Crazy Seven
  • Dracula


Among the US-speaking providers of online casino games, there are not many who could assert themselves on the market for a long period of time. Here the Löwen Play Group represents a successful exception. The machine games can not only convince players from USA by their uniqueness. Since most of the online titles can be found in the gambling halls, the company has developed a good reputation far-reaching.

Although the relationship between the real game banks and the availability in the Lion Play Casinos is not balanced, yet there is some very good scenery in the network, which only offer the best games of the game enjoyment online. Friends of titles from the slot machine area will be more than satisfied with the Lions Play products.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the company fit its seat?
Lion Play GmbH is a company from USA, which has its seat currently in Bingen on the Rhine. Here, among other things, the concepts for new machines and online games are designed.
How many online gambling halls are available?
To name the number of online casinos, in which the provider's games are represented, is difficult. In the traditional gaming halls, however, the number is known. There are currently around 370 different venues.
How big is the competition?
At Löwen Play we have to do it with a US-speaking provider, which can look back on a long tradition. Accordingly, the experience is why the competition in this area is more limited. Seriously to take competitors are the Gauselmann Group as well as the Schmid Group.
Represents Lions Play only money games?
no. Although the development of money sweepstakes belongs to the main business of the company, yet there are numerous other game variants that are not about money gains. These include billiard tables, table football and sports games.
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021

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