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Founded in Ukraine in 2009, this software offers providers to the newcomers in the Central $pean Igaming Industry. With more than 80 machine games, table games and instant games, EvoLay online introduces a solid assortment for all tastes.

Information about the company

Still, the manufacturer is not represented everywhere in the $pean gaming halls. That may be on the focus of the company, which has a developer office in Ukraine, where it is geographically at the heart of its target market. Because the company produces its games for the Eastern $pean area (especially the CIS countries), Asia, but also $pe and thus USA. The company also has a branch in the gamehower Malta, which is anchored in the core of the gambling industry.

This proximity to the top providers can also be seen in the attitude towards themes, technology and marketing of the games. The manufacturer proves with its sophisticated and detailed vending machine games that one would like to trade in Ukraine only with the best. So you will find in the portfolio of the game studio video slots that do not have to shy away from the comparison with the Scandinavian competition. The company has already received some awards for its strong development team, for example 2020 with a triple victory at the login Casino Awards.

The company is also certified at the independent testing center ECOGRA.

Evoplay slot machines software

The operator is very focused on technical innovation and a high quality of the games. So he not only convinces through creativity, because all games are unique in their design and content, but also with the technology used. Unlike many other giant in Igaming business, evoplay casino games are all available in Full HD. This makes the playing of high quality screens with the best quality possible. At the same time, the developers also provide in programming that everything expires smoothly.

For this, since the beginning of the company, all games have been programmed only in HTML5. That was precisive, because Flash-based games have now become obsolete, which makes many other manufacturers just hard to create. The company consists in its technical quality compared to the partially old-baked competition mainly land-based software manufacturers. Together with the high-resolution graphics for all games you can count on EvoPlay machine games with the currently highest quality.

Characteristics of the evoplay machine

If you look through the evoplay games list for the first time, you will notice that no game is like the other. The software developer relies on uniqueness. So every game is whether table games, instant game or machine, designed in original style. You quickly realize the play that it is not just about the use of the tastes of the players community, but that they are actually heart's projects of the developer team. Because every title has his own topic, which is worked out with great attention to detail.

So you can find not only suitable symbols here, but also a specially built game mechanics. Many slots do not have the usual 5 & # 215; 3 grid, but are designed according to topic. Behind every game of the manufacturer is always a surprise, which the developers in Ukraine have come up with new ones.

Among the topics, you can find the following genres: Fantasy, Vikings, Egypt, Adventure, Fruits, Kobolde, Mystic Worlds and Much more.

The most famous evoplay games

Of course, we can only present a snapshot here, which is the most famous and most popular games of the manufacturer. Because both seasonal and depending on the new publication, it is constantly up and down in the rankings. However, we would like to introduce you to a few of the games elected lately.

1. Tree of Light

This still very new game in the list of manufacturer has a very own fairytale topic. Protagonist in this game is a rabbit that laces with a book around the shoulder and goes through a magical bird as an accompaniment a fairytale landscape. It encounters floating symbols, which are presented in a 5 & # 215; 3 grid, if he brought a new distance from left to right behind. There are no rolls in this title, but combinations expired.

The whole thing is understood with enchanting music and is supported by numerous optical and playful effects that make the machine a unique experience. Only published at the end of 2020, the game is currently on top places.

2. Treasure Mania

This game is also one of the new evoplay. It has come to the market at the end of 2020 and has already gathered a big followers around. No wonder, because the machine offers a lot of humor. He shows a miner, who fugs in his mine for gemstones and gets stealthy from a goblin and again. Once again, the roll system has been revised to the topic accordingly. So the symbols come out in wagons on rails out of the mine driven out. From time to time also reminds a chicken that you can continue playing.

3. Hot Triple Sevens

A classic game hides behind this title of 2019. The machine shows a one-armed bandit, which presents two rows on three rollers, on which one has to earn his winning combinations, which is not as easy as it is fast. As symbols you can see herein according to Classic slot machines The title fiery or cool soven and free spins symbols. For this a disco-like music fires the games shank for the witches.

4. Wheel of Time

This game does not have much to do with classic slots anymore. For here the developers and developers have made a new view of the gambling, by transferring the rollers to a bike, which turns within a second larger wheel, which in turn rotates in an even bigger wheel and thus by turning new ones Combinations. The manufacturer itself also looks like an instant game, as it is a crossover from different genres.

In a spin, the first wheel is first moving. If there is a profit or a triggering symbol, the second wheel is turned and so on. The game is quite customary, but as it shows, quite very popular.

5. Rise of Horus

Anyone who knows in the symbolism of the ancient Egypt will know Horus, the Himmels God and God of Light, who presents himself as a falke. At the Rise of Horus Slot If this God is a special role, because it is not only the most significant symbol, but also brings more bonuses into the game that can increase the chances of winning. The whole rolling system is held here in a stone wall. Rather classic, you will find here all the advantages, which makes an Egypt slot so fascinating, including mystical magical symbols and a spherical accompanying music.

Other evoplay games

Currently, the brand has more than 80 types of automotive games that represent the company's main source of income. In addition, there are other games in the assortment. There is a larger selection here at the table games. Currently you will find nine table games on the company side, including poker, roulette, baccarat and blackjack. As an exot here also finds teen Patti, an Indian card luck game, which has similarities to poker.

In addition to these table and card games, the provider still has numerous instant games. Overall, the company has 21 different games, all of which serve its own theme, from the dice game to the fortune wheel. Even Scissors stone paper is available here as a MiniGame.

Play EVOPLAY for free

If you like to try the countless unique pieces of the manufacturer yourself, you can get this on our platform onlineCasinomitsStart credit.Take a free of charge. Here you have the opportunity to test all the functions and peculiarities of the games themselves, and even without registration free house. Best of all, you do not have an app yet Other software download. All games are playable immediately via their browser.

If you are looking for incentives for a first game, you can also get over here a bonus without deposit inform who has to have in selected gambling halls.

Real money games at evoplay

Incidentally, you will also find matching games on our platform if you like to play a round after our idea of ​​the top games yourself. That only under the best conditions happens, we have taken care of. Because a real money game in one of our top game banks offers a trusted environment and ensures fun, high profits or even jackpots. Safety has always priority for us. Our recommendations for the best gambling halls are always up-to-date.

Evoplay slot machine bonuses

If you feel like gambling, will soon realize that some slot machines are much more generous with bonuses than others. Especially the evoplay games are full of surprises in this area. What advantages the games offer here, we have summarized here:

  • Free games
    Very common come in the games of the manufacturer options for Free Spins. These are free turns that are triggered by a symbol or a combination. You can then play more rounds for the use of the previous spin, which of course increases the chance of a profit significantly. Within the free spins, it can even come to a game in the game, other bonus points can be collected or multiplier can be activated. The creativity of the developers were not limited here.
  • Bonus games
    This is meant to understand games within the classic main game, which presents mostly rollers. For a bonus game, which can be a 50/50 chance, a game where you can cover symbols that can bring profits or that contains small skill games, the imagination of the developer teams is also infinite. However, since this can make a slot very complex, they are rare to be found as free free games.
  • Re-spins
    This bonus is a subcategory of the free spins, because you can usually only turn a part of the rolls again, but just as free. Here, too, you get a further chance of gains without having to use a cent.


If you want to play games of evoplay, will not be disappointed. Because the manufacturer's titles attract with numerous ideas that highlights the game provider clearly. Not only every imaginable genre is to be found, but also new forms of the machine luck game, which shows itself in the varied different systems. Every game has other bonuses and optical and acoustic surprises that make the games varied and exciting.

How it continues with the provider in the future, is already recognizable, because first 3D / VR slots have already been published. The fact that the provider in the field of technical innovation will be further pioneering is very likely.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you play evoplay for free without registration?
You can do that on our platform. We have selected games of the manufacturer for you as a demo version.
Which are the best evoplay casinos?
This is a focus on your personal needs. However, top casinos with excellent reviews, valid licenses and games this brand can be found in our.
Are there any of Evoplay Jackpot Slots?
No, currently not found in range. In USA progressive jackpots are also not allowed.
What is so extraordinary to Evoplay machines?
The special feature is the diversity here, because the slots are all unique, which have their own approach to the subject. The provider is therefore like no other for fun ideas and yet high technical expertise.
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 25, 2021

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