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advantages disadvantage
  • Top fruits slots
  • Good selection of video slots
  • Not only slot machines on offer
  • Online not so strongly represented as the competition

Worth knowing about the provider

The company is part of the software developers dealing with the production of games for online casinos. The company has its origin in Bulgaria. The EGT online provider is one of the more younger developers in the industry. According to own information, the company has now over seven years of experience in creating online games for the big internet gamebanks.

Even though $ Games Technology, As the developer is completely means not too long in the market, he can still have a large bandwidth of a wide variety of casino games. Predominantly, the company develops automatic games for online gambling halls. Especially the fruits slots belong to the best at all.

Even if the Bulgarian provider develops predominantly automata for the online area, the classic casino games are not too short. Thus, in addition to the already mentioned games in the segment of slots also further game genres again. These include, among other things, the classic roulette, as well as blackjack and other table games.

Although the EGT automatic games are not so strongly represented as much as the competition, the Gaming Provider nevertheless managed to build a handsome partner network from which, of course, players benefit greatly. Because not only playing for real money on the EGT slot machines is very popular with the players. Also for free to play is increasing popularity.

The peculiarities of EGT

The peculiarities of the provider at a glance
  • Over 150 different games can be found in the portfolio
  • The provider offers first-class instant play slots with fruit topic
  • The company has built a large partner network
  • The availability in different countries is steadily expanded
  • New games appear regularly

Every company, no matter which industry, has its own special features, with which it is trying to withdraw from the competition. This also applies to the gaming providers in the field of online casinos. And of course, $ Games Technology is not an exception here. Of course, the provider has its strengths and weaknesses, but also his fine peculiarities towards other companies.

That's why the Casino games are so popular

In the area of ​​classic casino games, the titles of EGT do not differ significantly from those of other providers. Of course, there are differences in the quality and implementation of the respective games. But like any other company in this area, this provider has its own personal focus and this is clearly in the field of machine games.

Especially the topic of fruits plays a big role here and so the fruit slots are one of the most popular games of EGT. The implementation is very high quality here and can always convince with colorful design. But not only this aspect draws every fruit slot machine. Even the good payout rates of these casino games are another important factor that makes this kind of games so popular among customers. In the following list some of the best Fruit slots from the studios of EGT.

Facts on the productions 2019:

  • Specialization on online slots
  • Excellent graphics at all games
  • Over 60 Games online, alone with the slots
  • Top jackpots
  • All games of the player also playable in US
  • Games online for free

Special characteristics of the EGT Games

The Games of the Bulgarian Developer, like those of most other providers, have some special features with which they clearly identify and recognize themselves. More or fewer these features represent a kind of trademark. Titles are recognized, among other things, their versatility. Thematically there are no fixed specifications, so no game is like the other.

Graphically, all productions are a true eye-catcher, with realistic illustrations to the standard. The slots are characterized mainly by the many special features, which include free spins or multiplicators. Likewise, the EGT games can be played for free. Only a trusted EGT online casino is needed.

The characteristics at a glance:

  • Realistic graphics
  • Many bonus features
  • Jackpot games with high winning opportunities
  • All games are available for USA
  • Large selection in the topics

Table games

The provider EGT is one of the few developers who have not set itself on a specific game area. That means in plain text that here is a good mix of different games ready. Thus, the manufacturer can cover a wide range for the EGT Online Casino division with real money. In the following list, we give an overview of the games that can be found in the online gambling halls that work with the software of the provider.

$pean roulette

In the table games the roulette game is strongly represented. The classic may not be missing in any of the EGT online casinos. In addition to the $pean Roulette, $ Games Technology is still the virtual roulette and Lucky Circle, which is also a variant of the roulette.

Card games

In the field of card games, the manufacturer offers three different poker variants. The card game of card games is the most popular at all. With the three existing variants, a suitable version is likely to be a suitable version for each poker friend.

All games summarized:

  • Poker variants
  • Roulette variants
  • Keno
  • Jackpot games
  • Video Slots

Slot machine

In this section we dedicate ourselves to the slot machines of EGT. The selection in this division is very big. Especially the slots with a high jackpot or with good average repayment quotas (RTP) are welcome by customers. In the overview, we have the most popular slot machines of the provider and give a few additional information about these.

slot topic RTP Roll Lines
Like Diamond Classic / diamond not specified 5 20
20 Dazzling Hot fruit not specified 5 20
40 lucky king Middle Ages / King not specified 5 40
DICE HIGH Cube / Fun not specified 5 20

Where can you find the EGT games?

So that you can enjoy title as a player in the online casino, you need self-sufficient a corresponding Casino. In the network, there are now some playbanks, which work, among other things, with the software of the developer presented here. The selection is quite considerable. In addition, most casinos offer very good bonuses with which it makes twice as fun, on the corresponding portals to play the big gains. So we come to the online gambling halls, where the EGT title belongs to the portfolio.

Bonus offers and bonuses

Bonus offers are among the casinos like the players themselves. The bonuses are not only pure advertising offerings, but of course bring the players to enormize. But it always depends on the fact that you also use the right bonus as a customer. For example, a welcome bonus should not miss a new customer unless the bonus conditions are acceptable. Likewise, a NO DEPOSIT bonus should not be spurned, as this is a free credit. The variants of bonuses are manifold. No casino has the same offers in the program. Some companies also work with so-called bonus codes that customers have to specify when using the respective bonus.

Bonus style description Deposit Bonus code
Bonus without deposit Free credit for new customers, no deposit necessary no no
Loyalty program Accessible for all customers, benefits and extra credit, permanent action Not necessarily no
Free Spins Free games for certain slots, available for all customers Depending on the casino no

Tricks and tips for Games

Tricks that allegedly have the winning opportunities enormously enhanced, there are many in the network. Most of them are nothing to use, while others in turn include at least one granule truth. Manipulations are at the games, no matter what kind, not possible and of course they would also be punishable. But even before countless years, some thinkers dealt with various systems that were more or less crowned by success. One of the most famous systems is, for example, that Martingale principle, where the player doubles his bet until a profit is setting. However, this can lead to high losses. In the following some tips summarized.

Short and sweet:

  • Use Demomode
  • Do not make too small missions
  • Different systems test (for example Martingale)
  • Progressive machine games in the beginning prefer to avoid
  • Play free without registration

Mobile games of EGT

The developer also offers its customers the opportunity to play the games on the go. Almost all games are also optimized for mobile devices, as they run via Flash on the supplied browser without a separate app needed.

With these operating systems mobile play is possible:

  • iOS
  • Android

The EGT Games to play real money

What distinguishes casino games from other games? Clearly - the possibility of real money profits. Without this possibility, casino games would not be so needed for a long time. So that it can start with playing real profits easily, here is a small manual.

That's how it works:

  • Select suitable online casino
  • Register at the Casinoportal
  • If necessary, select bonus
  • Payment option Choose if PAYPAL use possible
  • Deposit
  • Choose game and use

Free Play - Free game fun in the casino

Meanwhile, the game providers are common that most games from the portfolio can not only be played for real money. So that potential customers can test the various games of the provider, there is also a demo mode for almost all games, in which, of course, only play money. Apart from that, all other functions are exactly the same as the real money game. The EGT software provider does not take advantage of this free option. In the following some of the games that can be used for free in game mode.

Games with Free Play Mode:

  • $pean Roulette
  • Imperial Dice
  • 20 Joker Reels
  • 40 lucky king
  • Almighty Ramses 2

All these free games come without download and without registration in an online casino.

Summary & # 8211; our conclusion

Among the providers especially for casino games, $ Games Technology takes a special importance. The company has long been one of the Big Players of the business. Nevertheless, the provider is not resting on his laurels. Continuous improvements in the offers are a fundamental success factor for the company.

Despite the good quality in the implementation of the games, it must be clearly said that the EGT title will not be anyone's thing. But that's exactly the world of internet play halls so exciting. Varied offers of different providers ensure that every lucky friend finds the right one. In doing so, he has earned his solid state in the top providers quite well.


  • In how many countries is the provider represented?

    EGT has been on the market for many years and has ranked into the ranks of the top providers and established there. Due to the high quality and experience, the provider is currently represented in more than 70 countries.

  • How big is the game selection?

    Unlike other providers of gambling, EGT is quite well positioned on the market. Currently the provider has a bit more than 150 games from a variety of divisions in his program, which he will expand in the future.

  • Works with partners together?

    Here, of course, a very clear yes. Because without a partner also comes a software provider not far. In addition to the Casinos, the developer has built up a large network with which it is possible to achieve thousands of players in the world. The partners include Isoftbet and Lucky Games.

  • Is $ Games Technology also offline available?

    The provider specializes in Games for online casinos primarily. For this purpose, the company always develops new solutions in order not only to meet the requirements of the casino operators, but also those of the players. In traditional gamebanks you can find the rare games rather rare, whereby it arrives on the respective country.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021

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