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King of Cards Slot - Play online for free Demo
King of Cards Features
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Bonus properties
Freespiel, risk (double) game, scatter symbols, wild
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Classic slot
Profit lines
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
advantages disadvantage
  • 10 paylines
  • Wild and scatter symbols
  • Risk games
  • simple presentation

King of Cards is a slot from Novoline, which is now presented by Greentube. To make yourself a picture, you can play here King of Cards for free. The machine is already a little outdated, this is already noticed on the design, which is simply held. It is a classic video slot that turns to map symbols and the joker. There are 5 rollers and 3 rows in this slot machine. If you like to find King of Cards, you can later switch to real money mode and try your luck. Have fun!

Video and screenshots: How to play

graphic & Sound Effects: Retro sounds tones

Since it is an older slot, not only the graphics are accordingly easier, the sound reminds of the 90s. There is no background music, only when the symbols turn, a classic mechanical sound sounds. If it comes to a profit, a tick starts, which merged the risk game. Activate free spells in this game, sounds a simple music that sounds all the time.

The game mechanics: easy and ideal for beginners

If you want to play a simple game to get started, King of Cards will be fine. He is relatively simple. Bottom left is the menu, next to it lines, the insert button, the application display, the Max Bet button, autoplay and the start button.

The player can choose the number of lines and one. Then click on Start and the symbols begin to turn. Depending on the profit combination, there is a profit or loss. Tip: If you do not want to click on Start, you can activate the autoplay function. Thus, the rotation of alone. Until the player deactivates this feature or until the player goes out the balance.

These symbols are available in the King of Cards Slot

The game consists of card symbols. A, K, J, Q, J, 10, Karo, Pik, Heart and Cross. There is also the playing cards icon. There are at least two same symbols necessary to achieve a profit. Whereby it returns only a part of the profit. Depending on the symbol, three or four same symbols are necessary to achieve actual profit. Who sets 50 cents, receives at 3 karos, for example, 75 cents. Five karos yield 12.50 $. The Joker symbol acts not only as a game: appear five of them on the roll, the player wins with a use of 50 cents fabulous 450 $.

Tip: In the PAYTABLE slot machine, players find the winning combinations and can read the possible gains there. Really influencing this can not be influenced anyway, but it's worth playing a little with the use to increase the profit opportunities.

The wild symbol bomb

How could it be different, there is of course the classic joker at King of Cards, which acts as a wild symbol. This replaces all other symbols except the scatter and acts as a multiplier. In addition, the Joker himself has a value. Depending on how often this appears, players may look forward to high gains.

The scatter symbol

Furthermore, there are scatter symbols in this game, these are displayed by coins. If these appear on the rolls, the player may look forward to 15 bonus games. In addition, the X3 multiplier is started in the free play. Thus, the player wins 3x as much as in the main game.

Just held, for those who just want it

Just does not mean bad. On the contrary, especially beginners and older players like slots that are easy to use. This slot can. To test if you can deal with this and whether this works on your own device, every King of Cards can play for free.

  • Wild symbol
  • Scatter symbol
  • Free games
  • Multipliers

King of Cards play and win

Now we would like to introduce the most important feature of the game. Paylets, RTP, risk game and co. Further helpful information will find players in the Payable or. Under Help in the game.

What is the RTP at the King of Cards Slot?

The RTP of King of Cards is 95%. That's the average area, compared to other games. The payout quota does not guarantee that players achieve a profit. It is an average value. You can also win a lot more or nothing. Since it is a gambling, the random generator decides who wins or not.

Is there a jackpot in the King of Cards?

There is no jackpot in the King of Cards. In any case, relatively high gains are possible. Who plays the maximum use of 500 $, has the chance to 450.000 $, if 5 Joker symbols arrive on the rollers. Even with other symbols, relatively high gains are possible if several of them appear.

How many paylines are there?

In the King of Cards there are 10 paylines that the player can record or deselect. Just click on the lines and click one of the buttons with the number. It makes sense to play around a little with the lines at the beginning to find out which value has the best opportunities.

There is a risk game?

Yes, in King of Cards is an exciting risk game included. Every time it comes to a profit, the player can either accept or renounce the risk game. If he assumes it, it is a color to choose. Black or red are available to choose from. He guesses the right color, the profit is doubled, in the wrong color the round win is lost.

  • RTP: 95.00%
  • 10 paylines
  • Risk game
  • High profits possible

Mobile version: King of Cards is always there

King of slots runs without problems on mobile devices. Although it is a slot machine that is already pretty old, this was modernized. Thus, the play in the online casino is nothing in the way. It is no download necessary, just start the game in the casino or on a games page and start.

The functions are identical to the desktop version, but we find the playing on the smartphone something tedious. The buttons are small. It depends on the respective device and on the player. Whoever sees badly, will have less pleasure. Those, with big fingers just as little. As a good solution, a tablet is recommended. There it works fine and everything can be operated by touch. If you do not want to use the game with your finger, you can use a stylus for this purpose. This is recommended for small devices and facilitates the operation.

Basically, the game should work on newer devices. To find out if your own mobile phone is suitable, you should play all machine games in advance for free. This makes it easiel to find out if it runs or not.

King of Cards without registration

Who does not know King of Cards online, can play this slot in demo mode. A slot machine usually explains itself, but it makes sense to play for free first to try all the functions. Sometimes money is lost, because players are clear. For example, 100 $ instead of 1 $ are set. During risk game, some are also surprised, and do not know what to do. Do not happen at the King of Cards without registration. Here the player can try everything and still change to real money later, if everything is clear.

Play slot machines for free makes sense to develop strategies. Casino vending machines tricks, It does not work 100%, yet it's fun to test different ways. Martingale is a possibility for example. The use is always increased until it comes to a profit. However, this strategy is not as ideal for a machine as with roulette because there are different profit opportunities.

From Novoline also come other cool games. Everyone can try the machine games for free and then real money. No one wants to buy the cat in the sack.

King of Cards to play real money

At some point the moment comes when king of cards do not play anymore. As a result, the registration is recommended in a casino. Some providers are available on online casinomits.org. presented. To get started, the player can also be free games or Casino bonus offers to fetch. This can be redeemed online and the deposit is doubled. Sometimes there is Casino FREE start credit for registration.

No matter for which casino the player decides, it should be licensed so that security is guaranteed. Playing for free at the King of Cards is important that the website is SSL-encrypted. In real money mode, all prerequisites should vote for a safe game possible. Those casinos we imagine are all serious and popular.

Conclusion: The King of Card is waiting

King of Cards is an older slot of Novoline. Despite everything, he is still exciting and exciting. There are different map symbols that are stimulated and provide different combinations. Players are looking forward to wild and scatter symbols. There are also free spins and a risk game. There are high gains in this game, and it remains interesting even after many rounds. Who wants, can play the game online immediately in the casinos. Whether without registration or directly in real money casino. The King of Card is already waiting.

King of Cards Review
graphic 5
Bonus rounds 9
Fun 7
Mobile version 7
variety 5
Payout 6
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: April 12, 2021