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Jurassic Park Slot - Play online for free Demo
Jurassic park properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
Multiplier, Scatter icons, wild
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Profit lines
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
advantages disadvantage
  • The heroes from the movie are present
  • Good graphics
  • Many free play modes
  • Much variety
  • Free play features can be selected free after a 25-color trigger

Here you can play Jurassic Park for free! This is an award-winning premium slot of microgaming. This slot machine is not for a weak nerves. Gloomy monsters from the stone time run through the picture and can put the player in terror. There is a lot of bonus features with good profit opportunities.

Jurassic Park Online is a video slot with an All-Way Win system. There are no paylines, every combination counts. The roller set consists of 5 rolls and there are 3 symbol rows. In the basic game, the T-Rex Alert Feature can be triggered at each rotation, which ensures additional wild symbols. It will be particularly interesting if the free spins are activated by scatter symbols. There are 5 dinosaurs that contain 5 different free play modes. You can set yourself on mystery multiplier, wild-reel, running wilds with subsequent re-spins, sticky wilds or on splitting wilds with profit multipliers. So under warranty, not so fast boring with this stunning slot machine.

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Video and screenshots: How to play

graphic & Sound effects: a forgotten world

The roller set is at Jurassic Park in the middle of a dense and gloomy jungle. In the background, there can be lifelong-acting dinosaurs through the picture. The animations are really fascinating and provide genuine goose bumps. The game is built on the film of the same name and you will find familiar characters on the rolling. In addition to the heroes, there are of course some dinosaurs awakened to life. The music is a little shiver-awakening and underlines the image to be transmitted. It is created a captivating atmosphere and you will be taken to a breathtaking adventure in a forgotten world.


There are two special symbols in the basic game. This is the wild symbol and the scatter icon. The free spells convince partly with additional symbols. The standard symbols responsible for the formation of winning combinations consist of film characters and dinosaurs.

Standard symbols

High quality symbols Basic symbols
  • Dr. Grant
  • Dr. Saddler
  • Dr. Hammond
  • Dr. Malcolm
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Velociraptor
  • Triceratops
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus

The game mechanics: There is much to discover!

The Slot Jurassic Park has a whole range of special features. Most features relate to the free spells. In the basic game, in addition to wild and scatter symbols, there is only a special feature that can be triggered by chance with any spin. This is the T-Rex Alert feature. Who wants to make it comfortable, can use the advanced autoplay mode.

T-Rex Alert Feature

This bonus can happen to be activated in the basic game. You get the chance of up to 35 additional wild symbols that occur in stacks. This mode stops for 6 rolling rotations. As soon as it has been activated, the inserts can not be increased until the end of the feature.

Wild symbols

The wild symbol is the Jurassic Park poster. This character can be used as a joker at the point of all standard symbols. This can generate or completed profit combinations. The only sign that can not be replaced with the game is the scatter icon. In the different modes of free spins, more wild symbols can occur.

Scatter symbols

The scatter icon at this slot machine is a moscel enclosed in amber. From a number of two scatter symbols you get a profit to the overall use. In addition, this symbol releases the free-play feature from a frequency of 3 characters.

Free games

Before starting the free spells, the DNA contained in the mosquito is analyzed. The result is always one of the 5 breeds of dinosaurs. Each kind leads to a specific free play mode with 12 free spins. In each mode, the character appears with the respective dinosaur in stacks:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

The T-Rex can random in every round and turn up to 5 rolls in Wild Reels.

  • Velociraptor

Coincidentally, a Velociraptor can jump on the rollers and spell special wild symbols on the rollers. A splitting game is counted as two symbols. This extends profit combinations to up to 6 characters. A combination with 6 symbols provides twice the profit of a combo of 5 characters. There may also be a multiplier wild with a multiplier of x4, x5 or x6.

  • Triceratops

On the roller belt is increased by a character for each turn of the wild stack. A wild stack can create a free re-spin. If a wild stack does not completely cover a roller, the triceratops can appear and move the roller so that the stack fills the entire roll.

  • Brachiosaurus

The Brachiosaurus ensures a multiplier for each rotation for a multiplier. The multiplier varies between X2 and X6. This free-play mode is the only one in which additional free rounds can be played.

  • Dilophosaurus

As soon as the Dilophasaurus comes into the picture, additional wild symbols may appear. As soon as a game leads to a profit, the game is firmly taught on the roller set until the end of the feature.

Jurassic Park play and win

Although Jurassic Park is only so bubbling in front of additional functions and it has been difficult for the first moment to preserve the overview, this slot is pretty simple structured. Most special functions relate to the free-play feature. Only one mode can always be used at the same time. In the basic game, there is only the T-Rex Alert feature and two special characters in the form of a game and a scatter.

RTP (Theoretical Return to Player)

The rate of profit distribution at Jurassic Park is 96.67%. This value was determined in the long term. There are no claims for distributions at this amount in individual playing sessions. The rate of short-term payouts may differ greatly in both directions.

Profit system

This video slot has an All-Way Win system. A single payline can not be added or removed. The inserts are made per game round. A winning combination consists of several equivalent symbols located on adjacent roles. Every winning combo always starts on the first roller.


There is no progressive jackpot at Jurassic Park.

Tips and Trick

Basically, you should try all non-known automatic entries for free before you decide for real missions. Here you can test Jurassic Park for free. There is a Lifehack in the gameplay. As soon as the free-play feature has been triggered at least 25 times, the mode of other free releases can be selected to its own discretion. The progress and the already achieved frequency of the feature can be carried out via the payout table.

Mobile version: play mobile with dinos

The Jurassic Park Slot is optimized for mobile applications. Here on the website you can use a demo version with the smartphone or tablet play without download. Jurassic Park and other games are flawless in the web browser of the mobile terminal. The slot recognizes the terminal and the screen resolution is automatically adjusted. All control elements can be conveniently controlled with the touchscreen.

Jurassic park play without registration

Here you can Jurassic Park Play slot machines for free without registration! This website offers a free service and provides demo versions of all machine games. You do not have to register and does not have to install additional software. You can choose the slot in the web browser and play for free Jurassic Park. On this way, you can easily talk to the pleasure or work on a suitable strategy. The game is really varied and brings the necessary entertainment factor with it. With the demo version you can make your pause times entertaining or bridging waiting times. The virtual game credit can be recharged as often as you like. Possible profits are unfortunately limited only on play money and can not be paid. Play anonymous and free of charge Jurassic Park!

Jurassic Park play for real money

Jurassic Park has an appealing payout and lucrative features. The game is certainly a very good option for the playing to play real missions. When choosing a suitable online casino, players from USA should pay eight to a $pean gambling license. A casino without a license can not be considered seriously. In case of dispute, you can not rely on legal protection with online casinos without a license.

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Conclusion: A fascinating experience

Jurassic Park is one of the most varied and fascinating slot machines at all. Microgaming has acquired the film rights for this slot machine. As a result one finds the heroes again, which one knows from the film of the same name. It is created an authentic atmosphere and it can be really scary.

This machine game provides sufficient profit opportunities. There are a lot of wild features. Especially the free spins designed as extremely varied. Long game sessions are not boring and could really be worthwhile. Once the free-play feature has been triggered at least 25 times, you can freely decide on the played free play mode. In the basic game, however, there is only a special function.

In summary, one has to say that this game is out of the crowd and is really recommended. Who does not know Jurassic Park yet, should definitely try it.

Jurassic Park Rating
graphic 9
Bonus rounds 9
Fun 9
Mobile version 9
variety 9
Payout 9
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: April 12, 2021