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Duck Shooter Slot - Play online for free Demo
Duck Shooter properties
Bally Wulff
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Bonus properties
Bonus sign, freespins, scatter icons, wild
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Profit lines
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
advantages disadvantage
  • Exciting game structure
  • Interesting bonus function
  • Many free spells
  • Few features
  • Free games can not be retriggered

Here you can play Duck Shooter for free! This video slot is an excellent variety for real hunters when the hunting season is over. After all, you can even win real money. The slot machine is quite simple. He has a very interesting feature. It goes off to the hunting and wild ducks are shot down with the rifle.

Duck Shooter Online has up to 30 paylines and builds on 5 rolls. There are 4 symbol rows. The developer Gamomat was pretty ingenious in relation to the bonus functions. In the free-play feature ducks are shot. Any duck that appears on the playset in conjunction with the hunter is shot down and brings a bonus. As a result, the topic of the game is the duck hunt. The game will take place on the shore from a lake. Everything in one is a very good conversation in view. The player will be taken on an exciting hunt and through the bonus feature there is the possibility to get good profits.

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Video and screenshots: How to play

graphic & Sound effects: ducks and rifles!

The graphic elements are quite passable at Duck Shooter. The game is not exactly a market novice and you do not need to expect graphic acrobatics. At first glance, the game makes a solid and warm impression. The interaction between the game melody and graphics proves to be very entertaining. The symbols are in the style of a cartoon and have a slope to act a little lifelike. Especially the duck hunt is very funny. It is targeted before a shot is delivered. After that you only see some duck springs. The game environment is an enterteich with some plants. Of course, on a real hunt of the hunting dog is not missing. The music is very happy and driving. Overall, a very amusing scenario is created and the player can set itself on an entertaining time.


In total there is 9 standard symbols at Duck Shooter. In addition, there is a wild symbol and a scatter icon. During the free spells, all ducks are bonus symbols. A duck in the crosshair is the super symbol and can provide high payouts in connection with a hunter.

Standard symbols

High quality symbols Basic symbols
  • A dog
  • Binoculars
  • Cartridge
  • A drinking bottle
  • A flying duck
  • Map symbols between BUBE and ASS

The game mechanics: goals and shoot!

The basic game of Duck Shooter is very common compared to many other slot machines. There are a game and a scatter next to the standard symbols. Profit combinations can be formed on an active pay line. All payout lines start on roller one and run into the right direction on the adjacent rollers. With a little luck, the free-play feature can be triggered with any spin.

The wild symbol

The symbol with the hunter is the game. The game can be used as a joker and replace all standard symbols. As a result, profit combinations can be completed and higher gains can be achieved. During the Free Spins Does the hunter have an important additional function. Everyone on the rolls to see hunters shoots past flying ducks and ensures an extra profit with every shot.

Scatter and free spins

The scatter icon is a crosshair in the riflescope. As a stray symbol, this character does not have to be arranged in withdrawal lines. From 3 scatters on the rollers 10, 15 or 25 free spins are triggered. The free-play feature has an imaginative bonus function. Each hunter, who appears on the roll, shoots once on each duck, which is also on the roller. A duck provides an instant profit of 5 times the amount of use. The duck in the crosshair is the super symbol. The superman symbol brings a profit of 50 times the lap insert. If you are lucky enough to get several of the symbols with the hunter, all ducks are charged several times. In the course of the feature, no further games can be played.


Once the autoplay mode is turned on, several rounds are completed in a row at the same amount of use. If this mode is activated once, it continues endlessly. To turn off the autoplay function, the AutoPlay button must be pressed again.

Duck shooter play and win

To familiarize yourself with the gameplay, it is advisable to play for free Duck Shooter. It does not need very long to understand this slot. Already after some game rounds you will feel safe for the real money mode. Before the start of the game, one should dedicate his attention of the depth. For each regular rotation, a deduction is deducted.

RTP (Theoretical Return to Player)

The RTP value describes the distribution of winning a slot machine. This is a long-term value that relates to the amount of all operations made. Short game sessions are not entitled to profits in said height. Each game round is individual and is based on the coincidence. The determined RTP of Duck Shooter amounts to 96.09%.

Profit system

At Duck Shooter can be set per roll to 10, 20 or 30 paylines. The total assignments are determined which do not focus on individual payout lines. This helps to preserve the overview. The inserts do not have to be converted into coins.

Gamble feature

With any safely achieved profit you can get in a risk game. The profit height can be upgraded or the profit is completely lost. In every risk of risk, the entire profit or only half of the profit can be used. There are two ways to choose from:

  • Risk

There are several stages to get to the top for maximum profit. In each round you come either a level with a greater profit higher or you fall down. There are two intermediate stages that protect from a total loss.

  • Card risk

At the card risk you have to guess the color of the next card at a 50:50 chance. You can double the use or you have to say goodbye to the credit used.


A progressive jackpot is not provided for this machine game. The highest line gains are obtained by combinations with the hunting dog. In the free-play feature, the superman symbol can help to gainful winners.

Tips and Trick

Before you decide for the use of real money, you should all Test automaton games for free. This is ideal for the respective demo version on this page. At Duck Shooter you can get some good gains in the free spots. With a little luck, the ducks can appear in stacks. Every hunter shoots every duck in the picture.

Mobile version: Mobile on duck hunt

Duck Shooter is also available in the mobile version. This facilitates handling and additionally raises the joy of playing. You can enjoy without download with the mobile terminal to enjoy this delicious game. Just click and play immediately in the mobile web browser! The layout hardly differs from the desktop version. The screen resolution automatically adapts to the smartphone or tablet.

Duck Shooter without registration to play

Here you can play Duck Shooter for free without registration! On this homepage you can find a lot of automatic games for free in the demo version. You can test your strategy or just expose yourself to the time. All games can be easily played in the web browser. The credit with play money can be charged as often as you like and you do not have to take a risk. Unfortunately, the profits can not be converted into real money. Play now slot machines for free!

Duck Shooter to play real money

Duck Shooter can be played with the use of real money. For real money games, however, you have to register in an online casino. Players from USA must always pay attention to a $pean lucky license in the search for a competent casino. All real money games are always associated with a risk.

Here on the website you will certainly find the online casino of his trust. The best play houses with detailed descriptions and bonus offer will be presented. You find a large number of casinos that one No deposit bonus to offer. Through such offer you get the chance of real profits for free. Before the use, the bonus conditions should always be read. Casino bonus can not be paid as real money, but serve as a game of play.

Conclusion: a lot of fun at duck shooting

Duck Shooter is a very interesting and joy-revival game. With a cheerful melody it goes straight to the point. It will create a very positive atmosphere. It's just as much as a real hunt. First, one hides in the bushes and lurks on the prey. With a little luck you can then shoot a feast. Of course, the hunting dog helps to record the track. The storyline is very entertaining.

There are quite good profit opportunities in this game. The passable payout ratio allows you to risk one or the other insert. In the free-play feature you can get a few good gains with a little luck. But at least one hunter must appear, which fires all ducks on the roller set. In the overall picture you have to say that this slot machine is really recommended. The player will talk well and there are good profits from time to time. The amount of possible inserts make the game interesting for different types of players.

Duck Shooter rating
graphic 6
Bonus rounds 6
Fun 8th
Mobile version 7
variety 7
Payout 7
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: April 12, 2021