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Roulette strategy

Roulette is one, since the beginning of the 17.Century, worldwide known gambling, which people are fascinated online today. Also in USA there is hardly a casino that does not have at least some roulette tables on offer, whereby, of course, especially in the live casino area to find interesting options. But even in the range of machines, there are a variety of varied ways that are happy to be used in neighboring countries Austria or Switzerland, as well as worldwide,.

Roulette win plan: Tips and tricks

The deeper meaning of roulette playing is in addition to the fun, of course, the fact that you would like to win cash. Who does not dream of being quickly becoming roulette millionaire with a simple system? For this over time, in fact, has actually been developed for more than 250 years, many strategies, of which our team of experts has taken some of the most famous for the players. The use is not illegal, but If you are looking for 100% security, unfortunately will be disappointed, because there is a perfect roulette system in 2019 not yet.

A strategy for roulette? Various tips have been known for years

Roulette tactics and system

Roulette strategies open up interesting opportunities to influence the game happening with some sophistication and consideration. Although roulette is a gambling with random character, but some tactics should be worth a look and a try, because through strategies and setting options one can exploit the statistical probabilities of the percentage chance of roulette profits a little.

Roulette systems that work, you can not find 100% certainly because the random generator of the casino can always make a stroke through the bill here. On the other hand, some technology brings to the player a certain certainty in the gameplay, which also influences the very important budget management, The online game like roulette play a big role.

In any case, it is advisable to get a new roulette profit system first in Free games at a machine Try on our page. Thus, functional methods are internalized and also evaluated whether this strategy for the personal style of playing is the right one. There are very simple systems that are easily implemented for newcomers and more complicated theories for which you have already needed a little exercise and view.

There have already been many studies on the topic, partly with long-term studies and the use of a predetermined amount. Although these results have naturally scientifically no significance, they often showed that players often achieved better results with a system. Whether this is due to the structure or on the system itself remains questionable.

Here are some of the most famous roulette systems that the question "How to win the roulette?"At least partially lightweight and show the interested player opportunities he can test on our site for free to get to know them.

Martingale, a system of doubling

Roulette Martingale strategy

The Martingale Strategy is one of the most famous roulette tricks that one can try to make up to losses. It's about the betting on simple chances (red or black, straight / odd; under 18 / from 19) which have a payout of 1: 1.

In Martingale you have to double the use during a loss, after a profit you start again with the basic use for which one has decided before.

This roulette tactic equals losses, but one is still having a small profit after a high bet over several loss lessons. This roulette system is simple and understandable, but does the danger that by Commissioner Catch can also follow each other many loss lessons and can be found so quickly either to the table limit or to the limit of his own budget.

When betting on a color, for example, it can certainly come to more than 40 rounds (or more) without this color. Here you have arrived quickly at the end of the application. Therefore, though so well known, this system is rather unsuccessful and especially for the beginner disillusioning.

Paroli, a different doubling

The Paroli system also works with a doubling with simple opportunities, but this time in the cost case.

It means that the player as always begins with a basic use and then, after a profit, the use and the same high profit as a new use on the table leaves.

With this roulette trick you have a fairly low risk, because you first risk only its basic use. With a lucky strap, which brings several profits sequentially, you can accumulate a nice sum that you either continuously uses, or at some point to pay off. This decision depends on the risk-taking of the player and thus also shows one of the weaknesses of this system, because many players can be torn too long to risk the entire amount. Another weakness is the fact that many loss lessons often need to be accepted until once a sequence of multiple gains are pending.

Parlay, a profit doubling with numerical specification

Parlay system

Parlay is a betting system used in different games such as roulette, blackjack or sports betting. Again, it is about simple opportunities and doubling the profits to certain prerequisites. The basic idea is, to secure a win amount in between, so that overall losses are avoided:

  • First, you determine what basic amount you want to set and then on which distances you doubles or even more relies.
  • For this one listed a number of numbers, for beginners, for example, 1, 2, 2, 4 is recommended, each number for the multiplier of the insert.
  • At a loss you go back a level in the number series. This series can be extended arbitrarily, but then requires a lot of stamina to get to the end of the number series.

If you keep close to the game plan, this system, especially for beginners or unsafe players, is very well suited. The biggest weakness is here in the fact that the random factor can also provide many loss lessons, which then quickly leads to a strong increase in profit.

Labouchere, a more elaborate tactic with chances of success

This roulette gain system for simple opportunities is called one of the most promising and is very popular with dieharded players.

  • The first decision to be hit is not too high for beginners who would like to achieve a number. Example: 25 $ which are then divided into a number series, which results in the end 25, as 1-2-4-5-4-3-2-4.
  • It is started with the two outer numbers, in this example 1 + 4 = 5, and sets the sum 5 $.
  • If one wins, the 2 outer numbers are painted and you continue with the two next numbers (2 + 2).
  • If you lose, add the 5 to the full number row right and starts again with 1 + 5 = 6.
  • When all numbers of the series are processed, a pass is completed.

This roulette system is a little more complicated, but can be mastered with some exercise and small rows of beginners. A big advantage is the strict regulation of the betting insert, making the player not in temptation to make uncaughted missions to compensate for losses. When compliance with the series is a profit after a passage, if small, probably.

Again, in a pitch strasid, all inserts can be lost, which should always be expected as a player. Therefore, the betting insert must always be adapted to the budget, taking into account that a large number of games must be completed for many losses. As a beginner, the definition of the series must therefore be well thought out so that you can overlook all the consequences.

Otherwise, here we have a very interesting and promising system that will be used by experienced players. Who has exercise, this system can also play in reverse order, so the deletion of the numbers occurs in losses and the extension of the number of numbers.

Dozen grid

Roulette strategy dozen

This theory was determined by the US Engineer Wilhelm Ernst, which he sells on the internet as a strategy book. According to his calculations, one can observe the three dozen number groups or columns on the roulette field and determine those who show more frequent profits. For this he developed a grid procedure to determine the one, currently preferred number group, which is then set.

It is questionable here if one can determine the corresponding group quickly enough to generate even profits, in addition, the fall of a zero is not considered.

Should be set to a group only if there is no profit there at least 7x, which is determined by the grid. Since the random generator and the zero are constantly working against the player here, a reliable profit is unlikely. Statistically, there is such a bigger chance that now this column will win, on the other hand, there is the possibility that a column has not won more than 30x. In addition, the book is quite expensive and the right time for determining a "preferred" section is not certainly determinable.

Reverse Fibonacci, a balancing act with numbers

The Italian mathematician of the Middle Ages, Fibonacci, has developed an emergency strategy in which the two previous assignments are considered.

  • It is based on an infinite number of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two previous figures, namely: 1-1-2-3-4-8-13-21-34-55-, etc.
  • Is set to simple chances and numbers of the numbers series give the multiplier of the base competition.
  • If the player wins, he moves to the right in the number series.
  • After a loss lesson, he goes back two steps on his number of numbers.

The basic idea are with this tactic loss avoidance and discipline during the bet. Disadvantage is that if you play a long number of numbers, you have to cope with larger missions quickly. The responsibility to stop at the right time is the player and the seduction to continue with a lucky strap is great. In any case, there is a mathematical advantage, but one should never forget that random factor can throw all calculations over the pile. In the long run, one can develop a good advantage here, but the budget needs the best preliminary planning and often it is possible that one goes home after many exciting rounds with a profit in no more than the height of the base use home.

Markov system

The Russian mathematician Markov has hardly been interested in the gambling at his work on analyzes and probability theories. His theories have played players but to create a bunk chain of the roulette wheel, ie from 0 to 26 for the prediction of future numbers.

  • After Markov numbers of a chain often often occur one after the other. That is, if you take 2 or 3 numbers as a basis, you can assume that any numbers will fall as next.
  • Example: The roulette numbers 10 and 33 fall one behind the other. After Markov would now have to be beted on the numbers 5, 24 and 16 in between.
  • It is therefore only to determine the numbers to be bought, while the betting insert and any elevations or reductions, as well as the permitted distance between the marker numbers remain the player.

An interesting system for math fans, but without a betting system and for beginners to confusing. Since the random generator rules, every rotation is independent of the previous and the theory Markovs is perhaps on some shaky legs, although there are surveys that speak in some casinos of good successes. A combination with a tactic for betting mains would be conceivable but also quite expensive.

D & # 8217; Alembert

D & # 8217; Alembert is a very simple system, similar to the Martingale strategy, but one believes the statements of many experts, much more safer, as it has a flatter progression, say, a lower risk, which makes it not so fast a table limit. As a result, you also have to accept that losses are not caught up with a single profit.

  • Again, you play in simple chances, with the theory that this seems balanced in the long run and sets a base for a betting.
  • With this mission you set until you first lose the first time. Then the insert is increased by a base insert.
  • For a profit, one reduces a base use. The aim is that after many reductions by winnings, the original base is reinvested again in the original base, which then ends a game passage with a profit.

A risk of this strategy is the theory of long-term compensation of simple opportunities. While this is right, but in the long term, it refers to a really longer period of time and if you get a bad evening, everything can be changed. At the same time you have to bring a lot of time and patience to play a full pass, so you should plan aware of previously.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

This strategy springs from the well-known James Bond films in which the hero is always successful. Unfortunately, that is not so easy in real life. The system is designed for the $pean roulette with a zero. Per game 20 betting units, ie 20x the base sum that the player decides for himself. Either high units for high gains or low units to limit potential losses. All this happens in a three steps bet:

  • 14 competitions are set to the numbers 19 to 36.
  • 5 competitions go to the numbers 13 to 18.
  • 1 betting unit is set to the zero.
  • If one of the numbers fall, which was not set (1 to 12), one turns the principle of the Martingale strategy and doubles the next assignments until you wins again.

Roulette tricks by James Bond

The system is quite risky, because you do not lose all the inserts in the not unlikely case that one of the unnosted numbers are wins. Even by inserting the Martingale system, one has only the chance, but not the certainty of offset his losses. Who has a big budget, has quite the option to stay in the game long and always get small profits.

Again, it is important to secure won amounts at some point and not re-use. Ultimately, the house advantage of the casinos is repeatedly striking and bringing the player losses, as it is still based on all profits for happiness and chance. So if you are able to recognize your lucky strap, you should take advantage of it and stop playing in time to push the profits to the account.


Roulette Shotwell System

Shotwell belongs to the roulette tricks that are not based on the betting height. It is about a Theory, which tries to create a betting situation with 10 numbers, in which every fourth round would have to win, as you set to 27% of the numbers. When playing with only one zero, the opportunity distribution is slightly cheaper.

  • 5 simultaneous inserts are made on a double-road that consists of 6 numbers, and to 4 individual numbers which are not included in the selected double-road.
  • Profit of the double road means a use.
  • Profit One of the numbers means 36 inserts.
  • If none of the numbers fall, you lose everything.

Originally the numbers to be set were determined, but the theoretical opportunities are the same for all numbers, one can choose what a popular. It is an interesting system with a lot of potential for voltage and fun, but ultimately, as in all strategies, no continuous advantage is achieved. However, one can try here with a structured method to achieve some profits without causing the budget.

Red system

This tactic also plays with the theory of covering many odds through the use of as many numbers as possible and so theoretically to achieve a hit all 4 rounds.

  • Two-thirds of the planned competition per round is set on black.
  • One third is set to the third column that contains more red than black numbers.
  • Thus, 26 numbers of the game are covered.

Again, everything works only balanced if all numbers fall smoothly in the long term, which hardly happens by the random factor. Thus, this system is interesting and exciting, but brings barely more or less than other tactics in the end result.

The same idea can be implemented when putting on red and the middle column with more black numbers.


Roulette boiler

The boiler is not a system, but rather The ability and talent of certain people to predict the next profit position by observing the lap profiles. Necessary is certainly a thorough and years of training, coupled with the ability to throw things like behavior of the ball in the boiler, the type of dealer and its effort to throw the ball, tilt of the boiler or other irregularities, emotionally and quickly to evaluate things. Since even small things like the more or less crumpled fingers of the croupier can influence the result. It is possible that only in land-based casinos in which one has physically in front of the boiler.

To implement all the observations well, the boiler jacker sets as late as possible, namely just before the announcement "Rien Ne VA Plus".

Through the ever better technique and the aversion of casinos against Kesselgucker, followed by house bans, it becomes more and more difficult, even for experienced persons, with the boiler look still to have success.

Columns and dozen

Roulette strategy dozen columns

In this acquaintance and in the base quite simple system is bet on two of the three columns or the horizontal dozen rows in the field. The numbers are covered with an option 2/3 And with a little prior observation you may be able to determine which columns fall more often. For bets about both options, the chance of winning is already 86%.

Similarly, the system is dozen grid, which has already been discussed above.

Whether one sets a certain time on the same columns, or after every profit the columns changes, the coincidence often does not play with and it has already given studies that have recorded the 30 or more losses laps.

At first glance, this system is convincing and full of opportunities, but one must expect at least the use plus after a loss as a new bet. Some systems even talk about doubling to produce more profits. Thus, however, one comes back to the dangerous spiral, which already known from other systems, and the fast to the table limit or the budget limit.

Other help and tricks

So it shows that there is no system with secure forecasts, though many systems can be quite interesting and in some cases can be very profitable. This yield can, but randomly synonymous with a normal game.

For the systems you distinguish 3 main categories:

  1. Systems with progressions in which more and higher missions should compensate for losses.
  2. Systems without progression where the deployment remains the same and be omitted here after the possible next number or number combination.
  3. Physical systems like boiler watch, which is as good as it is as good as the land-based casinos are always successful.

Some additional tips from our experts are:

  • The free roulette earnings calculator enables the player to calculate his winning opportunities for various betting items. In addition, important roulette terms are mediated. & # 8211; A good help to set the optimal bet and to keep overview of opportunities, especially if you make several bets at the same time or uses multiple systems.
  • For the calculation of the base sum of the betting insert, you should start 1 to 1.5% of the total budget so that you can bridge a longer phase of losses.
  • A slot machine offers the invaluable opportunity, strategies Free and without financial risk to test. This possibility should always be used because it not only helps to opt for a strategy, but you can thus also make excellent preparation for real money games. Who dominates his system without consideration, makes less mistakes with less errors even more exciting and is more relaxed.
  • Under online acasinomits start credit.org can be found casinos, the Bonuses without deposit or good Deposit bonus forgive and thus help the player to get more credit to try out the various systems.
  • Low house advantage games are better suited for almost all systems, as simply the theoretical possibility of winning is higher.
  • Only those who think of the chosen system can also really perceive opportunities for this tactic. The player should therefore have stamina and the discipline to follow all information exactly.

The theories and tricks promise a positive outcome, but each casino should be aware of the risks of risks. The random factor, even if the systems are legal, can always and at any time all mathematical computers and statistical evaluations override. Gambling is still lucky and should be considered as such. Anyone who experiences the exciting possibilities of many systems and likes to try, will produce and enjoy next to the game fun through happiness and coincidence, nice profits and enjoy.

Roulette Systems & # 8211; Summary

This list of our experts already shows the versatility of strategies and systems. Roulette manipulating is still not possible by modern technology and so roulette remains an exciting and entertaining game, in which one should not count on big profits. Who puts the fun of the game fun, can add more thrills and winning opportunities with various systems. Ultimately, the uncertainty of the part, which gives the player exciting moments again and again.

Objectively, systems are not sustainable, because they are usually based on the calculation of probabilities due to previously successful games, which is not possible at roulette, as every game is repeatedly recalculated and calculated as a single game.

Tactics, however, bring the one or other player advantages in terms of structure and budget management. Some thoughtful and interesting strategies can, especially in the mix, also be a help on the way to win. However, you should stay away from advertising for 100% secure systems with huge winning opportunities. These anchors only serve to fill the bags of applicants and often flee false hopes.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021

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