LSBET Mobile Cashback Bonus: 10% up to $ 350

Lsbet Mobile Cashback

Advantages: Disadvantage:
  • 10% hedge from losses
  • 350 $ total bonus
  • No sales target
  • First deposit and repeated deposits necessary
  • Winned

General information about the bonus for mobile devices

The mobile casino bonus for the mobile version of LSBB is based on a daily bet activity. He exists up to a maximum limit of 350 $ from a partial equalization of losses by lost sports betting from the previous day. Up to 10% of these losses the provider writes the bold of the player well, but never more than 10% of the last deposit. Only one bonus per day and player is possible and he always affects bets of the previous day.

So this is not a starting balance after the no deposit principle. Rather, it is mandatory, that you deposit at least 10 $ to get to your enjoyment. You need to repeat this minimum deposit if you have already used the premium twice. You must always qualify with deposits for the bonus up to the maximum limit of 350 $ if you only retrieve it in partial steps.

How to retrieve the Mobile Cashback Bonus:

  • You can retrieve the benefit by e-mail. Then the bonus will be credited within 24 hours
  • If you claim the promotion directly in the live chat, you will come to your enjoyment immediately

The conditions at LSBET Mobile Bonus

The other rules for use of this mobile Casino bonus are subject to the general bonus conditions of the provider. You make sure that a bonus has been used in its entirety within 30 days. In addition, they determine that they can only be able to pay out the net profit from a bet with bonus advantages. So, for example, have you used 20 $ from your bonus credit for a total profit of 40 $, then the casino transfers only 20 $.

In addition, it should be noted: The maximum amount to be paid out of all bonus gains is 50 $. The bonus balance is not transferable, is therefore only available for sports bets and not for games in the casino. The promotion is a temporary special offer, the casino can take him back at any time. Incidentally, this also applies in the event that your competition gives cause for suspicion of abusive bonus use.

Advantages and disadvantages of the mobile bonus

For casual players, this monthly bonus may not be so well suited. Some of the bonus conditions are also quite rigid. However, whoever intends to pay and play regularly anyway, which should certainly take this benefit. A ten-percent loss insurance is not to be despised. Without deposit of real money, however, this offer is not like any mobile casino no deposit bonus available. However, the minimum amount of 10 $ is not very high.

However, loss of loss does not be felt in real money, but as a growing credit for new bets. So it must first be used again to play. For this, however, no defined sales objective applies, which is an advantage. Please make sure that the bonus is deducted from your profits and only the net profit to pay.

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Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 2, 2021

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  1. Barbara S.

    Since I shut away from and from sports betting, I find this page unique. This 10% hedge gives somehow protection. Of course you need happiness, but I could win thanks to the good odds.

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