Coolcat Casino $ 25 without deposit

Low sales requirements
Bonus available for all new customers
Great flexibility in using bonus care in the playbothe
Many payment options, including Bitcoin available
Bonus amount is deducted from profit payment
Game with Coolcat only possible with US dollars

A Casino bonus without deposit, who can really be seen: this is the registry bonus in the Coolcat Casino. As a new customer of the casino, you can actually actually look forward to a $ 25 starting credit! An offer, how to find it very rare today. And to make sure that you can actually use this bonus successfully, we have considered what you need to pay particular attention to this special promotion and whether this offer is worthwhile for you as a player.

All information on the activation of the offer and the necessary bonus code as well as everything you need to know about the use of bonus care and the applicable bonus conditions can now be found here.

The Coolcat Casino at a glance

The Coolcat Casino is a casino with starting credit. The alone probably lets most casino fans. A casino, where you can start playing directly with an available starting credit, leave a very good first impression alone due to this offer. But whether this positive first impression in the case of CoolCat Casinos also confirmed with something more closely? Read on and see for yourself!

The CoolCat Casino has existed since 2002. It is based on RTG (Real Time Gaming) software and thus offers only games of this developer. A very specialized casino so how you can barely find it on the current igaming market.

The games and bonuses

The recording shop contains, as already mentioned, exclusively RTG games. A true paradise so for all fans of this game developer. A paradise is the homepage for all fans of top bonus offers! There is a whole lot of this with CoolCat, in some cases even without deposit.

Cash and seriousness

Pleasing in terms of payment is definitely the extensive selection that also includes the welcomed bitcoin option. Something disadvantageous, however, present themselves some of the terms of payment. Not only the minimum deposit amounts are very high at $ 20 to $ 30, even the minimum payout amount is highly high at $ 100.

Positive, however, is the long pass, after all, this casino has been around since 2002. The license comes from Costa Rica, the platform is operated by the Virtual Casino Group. While data is securely encrypted during transfers, some players lack security regarding protection against irresponsible play.


Advantages and disadvantages, which is available at probably almost every casino - so of course the CoolCat Casino. However, since the first bonus is available without deposit requirement for you, do not expect any risk yet and can make a picture of the arcade itself.

Detailed Description of Bonus Offer

Online casino players beware: Who logs on now on the CoolCat platform, can be enjoyed over the $ 25 bonus without deposit! Yes, you have read correctly, this is not a mini bonus amount. No, you can get a $ 25 here!

I feel like starting with the free game in CoolCat Casino? Then nothing like! We'll show you how you can easily secure yourself in CoolCat Casino $ 25 bonus without deposit.

Enable welcome bonus

Such a high quality bonus, which is still available without deposit, which must of course be activated by the casino counter. Important is mainly the bonus code. Only if this is specified correctly, the casino also transfers the bonus credit to your account. Basically, the way to the bonus is very simple:

  1. Register on the CoolCat casino page.
  2. Verify the casino account.
  3. Log in to the page.
  4. In the "Cashier" area, enter the bonus code.
  5. And already land $ 25 on your bonus account!

The bonus code for this Coolcat Casino bonus without deposit is: Coolest25.

Use bonus credit

Once you have enabled the offer with the correct bonus code, you can use the bonus money, in the entire game offering of the website. While offers that allow the casino free spells without deposit, you can try different games in this offering.

The only difference to the game with paid-in money: The profits you can do not immediately belong to you, but will not be held on the bonus account. And so long until you have met the sales requirements mentioned in the bonus conditions.

The bonus conditions

The applicable conditions of the various bonus offers differ from CoolCAT depending on whether a deposit is needed for the respective bonus. So keep in mind: If you use another offer according to the first NO DEPOSIT bonus, other conditions may apply. We now want to watch the bonus conditions for the free bonus in the amount of $ 25 for new application:

  • The bonus amount must be played through a total of 30 times.
  • Both slots and table games may be used.
  • Inserts on Slots and Keno Games are 100% evaluated, inserts on table games and video poker to 50%.
  • Some games may not be used (see specific games list on the website).
  • As soon as the sales requirements have been achieved, the earned profits can be paid.

Simple conditions and more than acceptable sales requirements, considering that the bonus money is provided with this CoolCat Casino Bonus completely without prior notice.

Leave profits

As soon as the bonus has been released, the profits will be transferred to the real money account. However, before the transfer, the value of the bonus is deducted from the profits. So it's not enough to keep the resulting bonus credit across the game rounds, you have to achieve actual profits.

An example illustrates this principle: You have received $ 25 bonus. At the end of use (if you have fulfilled the punching conditions) there are $ 100 win on your bonus account. Of these $ 100, the original $ 25 will be deducted and the remaining $ 75 as real money on your account for you to pay out.

Our conclusion to the offer

The fact that the bonus amount is only deducted from the profits before the disbursement is probably some getting used to most players. This is a typical American approach to casino bonus offers. Apart from that, however, this very high quality bonus can really convince. With only 30 times sales requirements, it is as no deposit bonus far before most deposit-free bonus actions of other online casinos.

Author: Melanie Schnurr
last update: August 27, 2021

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