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You have a fair for traditional card games and play online for your heart's content? Then you should not miss a lucrative blackjack bonus, with good luck maybe even a blackjack bonus without deposit, with which you get additional credit and increase your starting balance attractively. As an experienced player, you have the opportunity to secure promising benefits with such a premium.

With a visit and the game in an online casino you are very much in the advantage over the players in the traditional gamebanks. Because there you will hope for in vain to the best blackjack bonus. On the internet, the promotions, free games and bonus actions have long been established at the online casino providers. With a little luck you can get a worthwhile blackjack premium and thus one, two hands play more.

The important facts should be known

If you are on an online blackjack sign up bonus and want to bring it through this a few $ more on your player account, then you should definitely know the most important facts in this cover. If you are blindly trusting the advertising promise of the online casino provider, then it is possible that you experience a nasty surprise, as the advertised extra can not be used as well as adopted first. Guilt at this disaster are the usual bonus conditions associated with the offer. A player who knows he definitely needs to read the fine print for Balckjack bonus, knows very fast, what matters and where the stumbling blocks are.

Crediting missions in the bonus filling

Regardless of the rollover specifications as well as the question of whether to do it with a blackjack No Deposit bonus or other promotion, it is often found that the blackjack players have a conscience. Because while the gamers get their assignments to the slots at 100% credited to the sales conditions, the conversion of blackjack game is often considered only with a small percentage between 5 and 25%. So do you want to play a bonus, then you should know this fact. Because only so you have an overview of what you can do to get the bonus amount later as a real money repaid.

There is also another fact: The rollover specifications are partially very different with the individual blackjack variants. So it often happens that special variants and the live dealer games are evaluated.


  • Pay attention to the bonus specifications
  • Inserts in blackjack are often not credited to not at all
  • Also time specifications must be considered

Which online blackjack bonus fits me?

If you are about to find a suitable online casino and play there, then you should definitely take into account some important criteria. From experience, we know that, above all new entrants quickly influenced by the "free" starting credit. But even if a tempting bonus is made available, this does not mean that at the same time is the best and also corresponds to the personal demands. The reason is that there are a variety of bonuses that address the different demands of the players, with a bonus code needed only in the fewest cases.

For beginners: an extra, without having to invest money

Each player who visits an online play hall for the first time should first decide for a no deposit extra, which means a bonus without deposit. Thus, it is possible to examine the casino provider and to familiarize yourself with the offer and user-friendliness. Another alternative is to choose an internet casino, which offers a demo account, which can be played free for some time.

For experienced players: VIP offers, premiums for highhollers and tricks

Players who are already active online, they should decide for VIP bonus offers or for highhr bonuses. These premiums are particularly lucrative offers. There are also useful tips, such as Blackjack table.

To find the winding blackjack bonus offer, it is advisable to make a comparison of the individual pages. However, since this is a very lengthy process and many things need to be considered, you should put on serious comparison pages where you can view and compare all offers at a glance. Our experience shows that there are some very lucrative premium offers in which you can benefit from a supplementary credit of 300% and which sometimes even keeps the minimum turnover within limits. Many providers choose to donate a welcome bonus that is not only granted to the first deposit, but equal to several and thus we mean up to four deposits.

Our tips

  • Compare bonus programs of different providers
  • Use comparison pages
  • Welcome bonuses are suitable for beginners
  • Bonus conditions on the slots free

The different blackjack bonus offers

Best free blackjack bonus without deposit

Not infrequently, the online gamebanks offer a variety of bonusoffs. These include, for example, bonuses for selected slot games such as the "slot of the week", where you can then secure a deposit-free premium in the form of free spins. For the live dealer area there are the cashback bonuses, where you get a part of your losses, but these are more likely to apply to stock or VIP customers.

The welcome bonus is the more common attention and these will only receive new customers. However, there are differences here, as an account charge and sometimes a code is needed to get it and not in a few cases. Here is a brief explanation including the conditions:

  • Welcome bonus

    In many or. Most virtual casinos displays the deposit bonus at a very prominent location. Here is a generous credit offered, which offers you the provider. It is all about the amount of the addition, which only once per household, IP address or name is. The offer should serve as an incentive so that you register. Such a premium is easy to get, because after the "sign up" you usually have to make only one deposit between at least 10 and 20 $, where you can choose the payment method. After the entrance of the deposit, the bonus is then credited automatically, so you can start directly with the game pleasure.

    Before you can reception the bonus money later than real money, you have to implement it several times. For this, the bonus regulations are to be considered, which differ in each provider. As a rule, it is given to play the bonus amount 30 to 50 times, sometimes even the deposit amount be included. Furthermore, there are a deadline for many operators who can vary between 7 and 30 days.

  • Blackjack bonus with deposit

    In addition to the popular welcome bonus, some casinos also offer special bonuses like the Reload Bonus. It often has it to do with a 50% drives for another deposit. Some internet casinos often offer these on a given day of the week and in some cases certain payment methods are excluded or are preferred, for example, PayPal. But here too, the bonus conditions must not be forgotten.

Blackjack bonus without deposit: Is there it?

Surely, in some cases, there is also a so-called No Deposit Bonus, which is a donation that you receive without deposit. This premium was a time very widespread, but now there are only very few casino providers who offer such an offer. Mostly they are granted as free games at certain machine games. If you are interested in a no deposit bonus in blackjack, then you will have it extremely difficult.

Surely such a driving has the advantage that you can try blackjack bonus without deposit and even achieve real profits. But do you have luck and find such a bonus bonus, then this is also this or. Your profit you have achieved with certain rollover conditions are subject and they often have it in themselves. For this reason our recommendation: It is better if you put on an online blackjack sign up bonus with deposit.

Conclusion: Hardly a casino offers free offers

There are currently very few online gamebanks that offer a blackjack premium and even rarer you will find a no deposit bonus for the popular game with the cards to be able to test the offer risk-free. Surely the online venues offer good alternatives with greed for the first transfer, but the problem is that blackjack is either excluded from the bonus specifications or only with a low percentage to it is credited to it. So if you want to try blackjack once or to test strategies and tips risks, then you will stay in most cases only the free game.

5 important questions

    • How do I solve a bonus?

      There is no lump-sum answer here, because that depends on the specifications of online casinos. The exact procedure can be found in the terms of use.

    • How is a bonus paid out?

      Basically, the bonus amounts will be paid out, but any additional capital granted, including a blackjack premium is always to be activated. It is the provider that decides how often you have to play through the bonus amount and in what time span.

    • Is always a deposit required?

      You have to distinguish between two bonus types:

      Deposit bonus: Here is a deposit of at least 10 to 20 $ necessary.
      Bonus without deposit: This is granted directly after registration without deposit. Some operators offer, for example, a blackjack live bonus, for which no deposit is required.

    • Is a bonus can be combined?

      It is basically not possible to combine individual bonuses. However, there are often bonus offers in which the deposit bonus is combined with free spots.

    • How can I find the perfect bonus?

Remember: A bonus is always as good as its sales specifications that are linked to him. Each player puts other claims and of this reason there is unfortunately no lump-sum answer. It is recommended to regularly take a look at the provider pages and inform oneself about the continuously changing bonus offers.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 2, 2021

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