When willing slot machines best?

Anyone who plays at a machine, which turns out a question again and again: When willing slot machines best? It does not matter when and where it starts with the game or is there a very cheap time in the player?

We have accepted this topic once and gathered everything important. But the same thing is mentioned: Slots are gambling and that means that Alone Fortuna decides whether to win or lose them.

An old wisdom says: There is no stupid questions, but only stupid answers. But that's not always the case, because there is always players who make it to ask nonsensical questions. An example would be about why the gained money from the demo mode is not payable. Not quite unjustified, however, is the question of when the best time is in a recording shop or. When a slot machine pays the highest profit.

Is there something like the best time for the arcade?

First, we would like to start with the time frame. Many lucky knights looking on the internet for information for the best time for playbothe. Surely it is possible to pay off this as a stupid question, but in truth, every question has a qualification for us.

Basically, there is no difference to what time you play in the casino. Whether you visit your favorite slot in the morning, at noon or in the evening, does not matter. The right time can be, however, if you With a bonus without deposit to play. Such promotions can be found here in online casinomits starting credit.protect. Although no profit is guaranteed, but after all, they do not go into a financial risk and can still win with some luck real money.

There are also bonuses granted within the framework of a deposit. In this case, the own risk is at least reduced. Thus, it is definitely a good thing to use a bonus, which by the way is one of the best tips for the game in an online casino.

In the morning or in the evening: when willing slot machines best?

When should you play? In the morning hours or more in the evening? For this we once ask the following consideration:

"In the morning it is more likely to achieve high profits, as the players have made many missions at night."

But we are honest, this consideration is nonsense, because online machines have no cash registers that have to be emptied. The fact is that the evening is quite more frequent and higher. What does that mean? The explanation is simple: no matter what Slot machines you play, In the evening, the peak time, so the time in which it is played. In the evening hours more players are active and therefore statistically more frequent profits are distributed. Thus, no one has to become a magician.

So the big profit is waiting for the evening?

Now the question arises as to whether it is actually the case that you win more in the evening. When it comes to when a slot spends the best profits, then it must be clearly clear here that a win in the evening is as likely as in the morning.

But there is still a difference in the evening. So there is Under the Casino Tricks One: play at later hour, because then other players are usually active and there is a good atmosphere. So the tension rises and often comes with the other players. At the same time it is possible to look the others about the shoulder and find a suitable game.

When willing slot machines most? There are certain days?

The time does not matter. But what days do you have the best prospects for success? Our answer: every day! Because all slot machines and online casino games run with a random number generator, so they always have the same chance of proceeds as the machine automatically determines the profit cycle. This circumstance may be disappointing, but he cares for absolute fairness.

Once again: at what time or on which days they play, does not affect how often or how high machines pay off. The winning opportunities are always the same. Incidentally, the payout ratio of Automat to Automat vary. Therefore, it is worthwhile to throw a closer look at the respective RTP (Return to Player) and the payout table.

It does not hurt to believe a little at your own happiness

Have you ever "play a game hall when you get used best" in the search engine, there was probably many hits. But who is serious, will not give you a certain time, easy because it does not exist. Incidentally, there are none Slot machines tricks, which can help you more frequently. However, it can not hurt to think positively and to believe in your own lucky strap. Some players claim that a good turn has a further profitable consequences.

An important tip 2020 is that you are taking a break with a pitch strap. It is absolutely not useful to try to reverse incurred losses immediately, because that works as well as always in the pants. It is better to adapt the inserts again and again. In addition, it is advisable to set a budget before the game, which should by no means be exceeded. As soon as the amount is playful, you should take a break. Even better is to complete the game for this day, even if that means you have not won anything.

5 characters when they should stop playing

We all know that slots are extremely entertaining and can provide for hours of entertainment. But machine games are not called for free even one-armed bandits. You are quite your pitfalls, because you do not fit up, a big amount is playful in no time. Some players therefore do not ask themselves: "When does a slot machine give the best profits?"But expose a stop loss limit from the outset. It represents the maximum amount that the player is ready to lose. Others set up a certain amount of time or listen to when they are enough or. Just do not feel like having.

The smartest way to play in an online casino is to set a stop-loss limit. However, if you prefer to follow your feeling, you should consider the next five hints that point out that it is time to stop playing.

  1. The losses suffered should be made up again
    There is no guarantees from a turn to the other that the next spin brings the desired money. Nevertheless, some players of the firm view are that they are able to reverse their losses. This is a serious misconception, because many slot automates are extremely suddenly what the profit payments are concerned. Thus, you can never be sure that you win in the next round. The opposite is much more likely.
  2. The belief that the slot is due for the next big profit payment
    Also, the belief that it is now your time to win a great win or even a jackpot is a wrong way of thinking. You are already inferior millions of players. Especially for slot fans who have already played a specific title over a long period of time and now the solid view are that the big gain or jackpot is only one or two spins away, can be fatal.
    The hook is that each spin is performed independently of the previous or next. So it is not very likely that just the next rounds bring the hoped for proceeds. Never should you extend your playing time or use more money to continue the hunt for a profit. In the long run, they will only lose.
  3. Allow emotions when playing
    Who plays a long enough, will certainly make the experience of a pitch string, in which the rolls are turned over and over again, without achieving a single profit. As soon as the frustration begins and you feel caused to play more and to use more, it's time to stop playing.
    This also applies in the event that they are sad, dejected or cooled. When playing with such a feeling situation, you can assume that you use more money than you have planned. Then it's time to stop. Certainly, the climmer of the machines can give up, but if they can not stay responsible or even dependent on the game to come to a better mood, they should immediately seek another valve for it.
  4. It is used more than you can afford
    When is the best moment to play a machine? Players who ask this question will try to initiate additional deposits to continue playing and determining whether the question can be answered. As soon as it goes to the reserves, which are intended for housekeeping or other important payment obligations, they commit a big mistake.
    It is better to put a fixed sum every month to the side, whose loss you can cope with, you should have a pitch strap. How to train your money management and play only with the amount you can do without having to accept financial loss.
    If you have problems with it, it is advisable that you set appropriate limits in your arcade, for example weekly or monthly upper limits. If you play in a traditional casino, take only so much money with how you can easily relax. Bank card and credit card should stay at home.
  5. Play if you are tired
    One of the Tilt factors that a player can experience is that when he is tired. Once the fatigue uses, the game only makes half the fun. For who is not focused in the matter, makes mistakes and possibly gives more than he would normally do it. If the eyes are heavy, it is better to end the game.

Myths to the question "When is a slot machine best?"

There are a variety of myths when it comes to turning out slot machines best. Here is a short selection:

The early bird catches the worm

Some players assume that slot machines pay best after the curfew in the morning or in the morning. But this assumption is complete mischief. We know from experience that the algorithm and the random generator (RNG) do not know times.

Best to play between 15 and 19 o'clock!

Many players are the firm view that slot machines will spread the best profits in the early afternoon time and early evening. However, it is not clear how they come to that, because the greatest player's revenue is in the evening, so there is no meaningful explanation for this thesis.

The big profits come between 20 and 22 o'clock!

When are slot machines at the spendable? For this we stay with the approach that you pay most of the winnings in the evening. Some players think that the machine manufacturers program their slots so that the high profits will be paid between 20 and 22 o'clock. While this is the time span in which most players are active, but there is not this programming. Again, the algorithm and the random number generator flow into the justification. Thus, this acceptance is wrong.


It is at the end exclusively her luck, which decides whether to go as a winner or as a loser from the game. It is impossible to answer when slot machines most frequently pay off. A profit is always achieved when the random number generator is wonderfully.


How is it possible to legally increase its winning opportunities?
Online you have the highest opportunities to achieve profits as the RTP is much cheaper for you. In addition, you often receive a starting credit in a online casino in the form of a bonus. With the additional credit you can play longer, which logically increases your chance of profits.
When should you best play in a game room?
Here it has to be clearly underlined that there is no time to which a slot has a different payout ratio than usual. Also certain days have no influence on the profit rate or height. Rather, it depends on playing and not let go.
On which days can you win at the slot machine?
Slot machines do not change, not even in their payout behavior. For this reason, there is no difference if you play in the morning or in the evening or choose a certain day for the winning hunt. Much more important is the atmosphere, because it decides if you feel comfortable while playing. Therefore, you should select an online casino that meets your wishes and requirements.
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021

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