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Royal Seven XXL slot - play online for free Demo
Royal Seven XXL properties
Bally Wulff
Rollers * rows
5 * 4
Min. mission
Max. mission
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
Free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Classic slot
Fruit theme
Profit lines
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
advantages disadvantage
  • Classic topic
  • Attractive retro design
  • Simple and easy-to-understand game design
  • Well implemented version for mobile devices
  • Above average RTP value
  • No other bonus functions
  • Simple car function without adjustable limits and conditions

Royal Seven XXL is a particularly easy-to-held fruit slot that is one of the most popular slot machines in US-speaking online casinos. Therefore, players can play and try in almost every casino with Gamomat games on offer Royal Seven XXL for free. Ultimately, the XXL version is a somewhat adapted variant of Royal Seven. Of course, the XXL already reveals in the game title, which has changed in the core: here everything is slightly larger. So there is instead of a layout with five rollers and three rows five rolls and four rows. Compared to the original version, Royal Seven XXL also has ten, but equal to 20 paylines.

Video and screenshots: How to play Royal Seven XXL

graphic & Sound Effects: Classic and unspectacular

At first glance, they hardly believe that Royal Seven XXL and the standard version of Royal Seven were published only in 2018 and 2016. Accordingly, Gamomat has deliberately trimmed the slot in classic and decided on retro fruit design. In the sound, therefore, there are no surprises, since Gamomat has always equipped his slot machines with traditional and thus typical machine sounds. So who expects a graphic firework and bombastic sound effects, should be disappointed rather disappointed. Fans classic slot machines is likely to raise the heart while playing Royal Seven XXL.

The game mechanics: XXL without extras

In principle, the XXL in the title only refers to the enlarged layout and the higher number of payout lines. Apart from that Royal Seven XXL online has everything with Royal Seven. Whatever means that the game is completely without extras symbols, free spins and other bonus functions. So who expects one or the other feature and would like to play for free Royal Seven XXL for free thanks to a free play, looks a bit into the tube. Finally, this game is purely traditional playing machine fun and therefore to trigger with the standard symbols of winning combinations.

Symbols of the slot machine:

  • Seven as a main symbol with the highest payout
  • melon
  • Grapes
  • plum
  • orange
  • lemon
  • Cherries

Thus, Royal Seven XXL is complete without wild and scatter symbols. There are therefore neither bonus games and free games nor other bonus functions. Even on multiplier functions you have to do without. In times where developers equip their games with more and more functions, Royal Seven XXL is more or less a novelty. Instead of enhancing players with countless features, Gamomat puts Gamomat at the end of this game and very consistently on purism, which stands to face the fruit relief under the bottom line.

AutoPlay function by Royal Seven XXL

With a view of the AutoPlay feature of Royal Seven XXL, Purism also continues. Although the game thus has such a function and the players do not have to start every turn and with them to manually start. However, any extras or comfort functions do not have the feature. Players of Royal Seven XXL can therefore not specify limits or other conditions that the autospins would automatically stop. Thus, when it runs, when it runs unfortunate, as long as the game rounds, until the credit balance is used up in the dumbest case with the last spin. Ultimately, after the start of the car function, the player should still regularly take a look at the slot and not completely leave him.

Play and win Royal Seven XXL

No bonus or free spins, no Wilds, no jackpot. All in all, the player with Royal Seven XXL thus wins solely through profit combinations with the standard symbols. These can form on the already mentioned 20 paylines, whereby the player also has the choice to play on only ten lines. The number of payout lines can therefore be adapted between these two values.

A winning combination consists of at least three same rollers, which must be located from left to right on one of the payout lines. If the player is lucky, can, of course, at a rotation of course on several lines simultaneously adjust profits and lead to payouts. Detailed information and graphics how the paylines ultimately distribute over the rolls can be found in the payout or profit table of the game.

Profitters and card game as a risk game

On a function, Gamomat does not refrain from its slot machines almost never. What is meant is the gamble function. Consequently, players can return to profits from profit combinations immediately after their education. Royal Seven XXL offers the player with the profit conductors and a card game two risk games. However, only with manual game rounds. With the activation of the AutoSpins, the game deactivates the risk games.

The profit conductor is about climbing a ladder gradually. But it can not only go up, but of course downhill. Which stages are achievable, the game makes it clear through a flashing. On the ladder there are also two extra levels. If the player reaches one of these steps, he can skip some steps.

The card risk game is even easier. Here, the player only has to predict the color of the next card correctly. If he is right, he doubles his profit. In reversal, of course, he loses his hitherto received in the wrong color.

RTP value: Average payout of the game

Gamomat does not make any exact information about RTP from Royal Seven XXL in the game info. For most casinos that the game is on offer, however, the RTP value is 96.11 percent stated. On average, the game pays 96.11 percent of the inserts back to the players. Thus, the average payout rate of the game is slightly above the average.

Strategy and tips

Due to the lack of the otherwise often existing bonus functions like Freeze, Wilds, multipliers and other things, can hardly be a suitable profit strategy at Royal Seven XXL. But that's why it is also recommended to deal with the existing balance, especially with regard to the very good RTP, with the existing balance. Instead of risking high missions, players should rather start their bonds rather low. Seen statistically should be a good profit combination with the seven as best and eponymous symbol for short or long and with a little luck. Before playing real money, it is always always recommended that players play the slot machines for free to try it without risk.

Mobile version: good implementation for mobile devices

Technically, Royal Seven XXL is very well prepared for playing on mobile terminals. In any case, the developers of Gamomat here have a good implementation for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that complete without download involved. In most cases, the game automatically recognizes whether the user calls it in a browser of a mobile device or on a desktop. The slot can therefore be played immediately without further detours in most cases.

When calling in the mobile browser, the game surface adapts for easier operation by touch input. The game even takes into account the location (vertical / horizontal) of the device. With a horizontal location can be found on both sides of the game surface turnbuttons. In addition, all other controls of the surface are adapted. Thus, the number of paylines and the operating height can also be relatively easily controlled by touchscreen.

Apart from this, no further technical or even playful differences can be found in the mobile version of the game to the desktop version. Players who already know the version for desktops should therefore easily find themselves with the mobile version immediately. Like the version for the desktop, players can also play mobile Royal Seven XXL for free without registration.

Play Royal Seven XXL without registration

Thanks to offered trial versions can be gamomats Play automatic machine games for free. Of course, Royal Seven XXL is no exception. Mostly this works, at least with the big part of the online casinos, without any account and consequently even without registration. At the demo game, it is expected to go to play money and not for real money. Risks do not hold the free game. Apart from that, there are no further differences between the free and normal version of Royal Seven XXL.

Royal Seven XXL to play real money

Due to the fact that the slot machine is more simply built, the fun of playing Royal Seven XXL for free, understandably from a rather short duration. Automatic games of this kind are just just made that the players play them for real money. Who wants to treat this fun and want to challenge his luck, finds on our platform onlineCasinomitsStart credit.Org lots of recommendations for casinos that open for customers from USA.

Conclusion: Fruit Lot with good RTP

An innovation prize or design awards can certainly not expect Gamomat for Royal Seven XXL. Added to this is the lack of any bonus functions. On free spins, multipliers and similar things, the player must do without.

All in all, the slot, however, has its charm, especially thanks to its classic topic and its retro design,. The game is probably not completely free of charge for many casinos in the lists of the most popular machine games. So Royal Seven XXL obviously owns a lot of fans. Who wants to convince yourself of the game, should just start the demo and play a few round Royal Seven XXL for free. Maybe the spark jumps over?

Royal Seven XXL Review
graphic 7
Bonus rounds N / A
Fun 8th
Mobile version 9
variety 6
Payout 9
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: April 12, 2021