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House of Fun Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
House of Fun properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
x2.000 per turn
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Bonus properties
Bonus game, freespins, scatter symbols
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Fantasy / myths
Profit lines
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
Video and screenshots: How to play House of Fun

overview & experience

House of Fun Free play without registrationThe title House of Fun makes players in the belief, it is a colorful slot. Surprisingly, Gamer reaches through the benefit from the slot machine into a dark castle, where fear live driven beings.

Nevertheless, the game deserves the title, because fun users have enough to play. In addition to the incredibly high-quality design, House of Fun offers online numerous winning opportunities.

The slot machine was created by Betsoft. The software vendor knows how to make slot machines that provide entertainment.

Properties of the Slots House of Fun

The machine games House of Fun are classic with three rows and five rollers. 30 paylines can be used to keep the opportunities as high as possible.

House of Fun play for free helps collect experiences. Through real money inserts Gamers have the chance of real profits and already an amount of 1 coin per turn is enough to get the chances of winning.

Automatic games free or with real money often have an autoplay function. House of Fun also offers this feature. Users can choose the number of turns individually.

The RTP of House of Fun Free or with real money is over 95% in online casinos. This percentage indicates how much money to play players from the vending machine.

An additional jackpot is not offered in the game, yet gains can be retracted that contain similar sums.

Features at House of Fun

The slot is peppered with some features, which also ensure entertainment and help fill the wallet:

  • Free games
  • Click me feature
  • Bonus Round

As a scatter symbol, a chest serves, from which a dark kaspar hopping. If this character appears three times on the screen, then start ten free spins. The arrangement on the rollers does not matter. Therefore, scatters may appear arbitrary.

During free spins, the middle roll remains equipped with wild symbols. As a result, winning opportunities and amounts are even higher as in the usual mode.

On the first three rollers a slimmer, somewhat creepy Lord appear. Players are still looking forward to his appearance, as the click Me feature is started by him. Through luck then high win sums are retracted.

The appearance of three creepy demons turns the screen in the online casino. The slot turns into five doors and the gamer must choose one of them to help the two children and collect a rich bonus.

House of Fun in the online casino

First, players select if they are Play slot machines for free or with real missions. Want to play gamer with real money, sign up in a short time in the online casino.

Subsequently, the number of paylines and operating amount is entered. Then the button Spin is pressed and the rollers come in momentum.

If a winning combination is made, a payout is made to the player account. To get profits, the same symbols must be within a line. Against each other, from the first roller left, this extend to the right. In free mode, no real win sums are retracted.

Through the special symbols, the features that can affect even more lucrative.

After a profit has been retracted, the gamer has the choice to move the roles again or retain the money on the player account for the next session. In the online casino, the real money can also be requested for payment.

House of Fun without registration play for free

House of Fun Free play without registration is suitable for all users. Some gamers want to test the gaming machine free of risk, while other players in free mode build a strategy.

Players travel for free House of Fun to distribute waiting times. Since no download and no app are needed, the game can be started by mobile devices after a few seconds.

Without registration, the free service works. Decide gamer for real money missions, sign up in a few steps in the online casino.

Tips and tricks for House of Fun with real money inserts

House of Fun offers a total of 30 paylines that can be equipped with inserts. Beginners use all lines and choose small missions to get into progress after any turn with luck with happiness as possible. As a result, the winning opportunities are high.

Risk-relevant gamers pay for a spin the same assignment, but choose less lines to drive higher profituous sums through a hit.

Games with many paylines offer these two strategies and everyone depends on happiness. All gambling has no guarantee for profits.

Conclusion to House of Fun

For Horrorfans, this scary slot machine is ideal. With its numerous profit opportunities, it can affect the encouragement that scary castle. Customers in USA log in to the online casino, pay real money and drive with a little luck to significant profit amounts also with small inserts.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021