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Golden Ark Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Golden Ark properties
Rollers * rows
5 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Flash, JS, HTML5
Bonus properties
FreeSpins, risk (double) game, symbols expand, wild
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Egypt / pyramids
Profit lines
10 freely selectable
left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
advantages disadvantage
  • Many profit opportunities
  • Simple game system
  • Popular gameplay
  • Good chances of free games
  • Expanding symbol
  • No jackpot
  • Annoying soundtrack

overview & experience

Golden Ark play free online without registration

Why always always Egypt? Whether you want to play Golden Ark for free or works equal to real money - always lands in the land of pharaohs and pyramids, such as felt thousands of other slot machines, such as the success title Book of Ra von Novomatic, who for this manufacturer in the development of Golden Ark Online Unmistakable godfather and many other games inspired to desert sand and catacombs.

The game principle is identical. Both slot machines differ only in the presentation. If Book of Ra is a male daredman with a daring hat identification figure as a treasure hunter, so it is with Golden Ark his female counterpart called the manufacturer "Adventure Girl". She has no name, but we know who we should think about.

The bond at Lara Croft and thus to the success title Tomb Raider is obvious. High recognition value also has the gameplay: in turn, as with the bestselling Book of Ra, a mystical book symbol is the key to winning the free spins and the allocation of the expansion symbols that duplicate the profit combinations. And again the Views on high payments enormously, The treasures in the desert sand actually within reach.

Slot name Golden Ark
Provider Novomatic
topic Old Egypt, treasure hunt
Type Video slot
Number of rollers and rows 5 x 3

It would be interesting to learn what has posted Novomatic to equip this slot with a Lara-Croft clone instead of an Indiana Jones-Jones. If female players are supposed to feel better? Or should male gamers be attracted by the half-undressed lady? It is in the nature of the business of both treasure searchers, the male like the female that secrets surround it. And just pretty little fabric one of the breasts of Adventure Girl.

All this can only have a marginal impact, because in the chest of the player, his heart beats only for one: the profit. Of course, that does not really pay off when you play Golden Ark for free to see what the machine has on it. Golden Ark test is in the truest sense of the word only foreplay.

Golden Ark play for free Without registration, however, is a great way to get to know one or the other feature and might justify a personal strategy. There are five rollers, three rows and maximum ten paylines available, which are freely selectable. The strongest position among the symbols has the mystical book because it leads to free games. However, the greatest conventional profit in the normal round opens up the adventurous girl when it comes to five times contiguous and the player then rested.

Novomatic has remained true to its sympathetic habit, for the scatter symbol, so the book, not to demand that it is a continuous winning line - three times somewhere on the screen is enough. This has already been one of the strongest advantages of the older title Book of Ra and has contributed significantly to his worldwide success

Video and screenshots: How to play Golden Ark

graphic & Sound effects: More from the usual

The graphics of Golden Ark is appealing and sophisticated. The rollers move against the background of the eye from Horus, the ancient Egyptian God of Light. This ancient symbol also represented a stand-alone hieroglyph. It appears as a profit symbol on the rolls, then it is medium visible. The other symbols are partly old Egyptian, partly based on a card game. Letters represent the highest values, "K" for example stands for "king".

Mysterious as the ancient Egypt remains why NOVOMATIC for the soundtrack annoying gambling sounds Return instead of mysterious oriental sounds. Because no one knows how the music of the ancient Egyptian actually sounded? Anyway, like a to loud Daddle Machine is not to hope. We recommend for the acoustic accumulation: switch off.

The game mechanics: classic with full hit feel

The game principle is classic and should not overgrow anyone, play immediately for beginners. Free to try out automatic games for free, is always a good idea. An online casino offers a significant advantage over conventional venues, because it is always one free demo version of his games in parat, even without registration.

In addition to the consentless adventure girl with the quite unbuttoned blouse you should always keep an eye on the book. On the one hand, there can be ten free spins. In this case, it also fixes an extension symbol, which fills the entire roller for each rotation, if it occurs at least three times. The result is an unsurpassed full hit feel. Even better, the matter is that During the free-play round more Free Spins as a bonus possible are - unlimited often.

On the other hand, this book, apparently written by a universal genius or a direct gift of the gods, also a game. It Complements in each payline with each spin missing symbols, Just like a joker in the card game. Books are already in real life very practical, decorating every wall, balancing wobbly tables, you can also read in them! This is even rich here. Therefore, there is little imprisonment that a progressive jackpot is missing.

Wild symbol:

The smorer with the eye of the Horus on the cover helps as a replacement symbol or wild to fill gaps in paylines.

Scatter icon:

Three books, no matter where on the screen, mean: Ten twists of rollers free with additional odds.

Expanding symbols:

The book scrolls such an extension icon. During the free spells it fills complete roll rows when it appears at least three times on the screen.

Number of scatter symbols Number of free spins
3 10

Other features:

  • AutoPlay function:

Automatic turns are unlimited possible and do not require any further settings.

  • Gambling option:

You can use any profit to increase it immediately. For this, the color of a card to be applied must be predicted. If this does not work, the profit is unfortunately away.

Golden Ark play and win

Already with 0.01 coins use and a single payline you can get in Golden ARK. The minimum inserts can vary slightly from casino to casino. The highest profit gets everywhere with 50.000 $ reported. Also the RTP value, which is equal to more, is subject to the venue to the venue fluctuations. This has to do so that it is calculated according to the payouts over a certain period of time, which, after the laws of the likelihood of probability, is always different, but in a manageable target corridor glatt.

  • Compare payout ratio:

The RTP of the machine game is at least 95% and can reach over 98%. RTP stands for "Return to Player", so the resource used to the player. This is a statistical value, no profit guarantee.

Mobile version: Just so good on the way

One or more mobile apps are now a matter of course for machine games, Golden Ark does not make any exception. More and more players want the little kick and click in between and pawn on the way, whether with iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet. In the mobile version you can quickly find up, a download is often not required. Play slot machines for free is also possible on the go, as well as on the desktop.

Golden Ark play without registration

Try free to try out the machine games, anyone who wants to test the often confusing functions, which offers a widely developed slot machine according to all rules of art and technology. You will quickly remember: Here's what, I want to learn it. The joy of a free-play series is then violent, the risk button to the thrill. Of course, it is meaningless for mere play money. But in real game to real missions, it is tempting and threat at the same time and wants to be defeated, from time to at least. Or not?

Golden Ark to play real money

The entry opportunities for playing with real money summarizes onlineCasinomitsStart.Org together. It will be apparent from this: Online Casinos Umfew New Customers with Welcome Gifts. They consist of a bonus that they turn on the first deposit. The starting credit can thereby exceed the first payment amount many times over. It is worthwhile to compare these offers to exactly and do not even spare the effort to study the terms and conditions. They determine how the bonus amount granted by the provider and the profits achieved after several commitments.

Conclusion: not new, not old

Golden Ark has a strange intermediate status. Confident fans of Book of Ra will feel fast at home and probably acknowledge that the presentation of modern considerations is sufficient as your favorite game. At the same time you will ask yourself: Why do I play Golden Ark and not more Book of Ra Deluxe? Just because a few hieroglyphs look better? The differences are otherwise negligible.

You could also say: Golden Ark works just as good as Book of Ra Deluxe, But looks horny. The ancient Egyptian symbols such as Skarab and gods of gods are better performed, the total presence of pleasant. A unbeatable gameplay was otherwise maintained; why not. Many competitors in the market have learned from him and many customers have had fun with it.

Unfortunately, players in USA will have to hold the competitive offers for the time being. NOVOMATIC offers Golden Ark and other titles from its Novoline product line currently not on the US Internet market. In Austria and Switzerland, the title should be easily accessible. As soon as the situation changes in USA, OnlinCasinomitsStart credit.Org react and report about the casinos that have this recommended title in your portfolio.

Golden Ark rating
graphic 8th
Bonus rounds Yes
Fun 8th
Mobile version 7
variety 7
Payout 8th
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 3, 2021