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Fire of Egypt Slot & # 8211; Play online for free Demo
Fire of Egypt properties
Rollers * rows
4 * 3
Min. mission
Max. mission
Maximum profit (coins)
Bonus properties
Multiplier, risk game
Publishing date
Slot machine type
Video slot
Egypt / pyramids
Profit lines
25 unalterable
Left to right
Free games
Progressive jackpot
Video and screenshots: How to play Fire of Egypt

overview & experience

Fire of Egypt online online without registrationThe theme of the Slots Fire of Egypt online is the ancient Egypt, which has already found in numerous slot machines. Automatic games with the topic have countless fans, as they offer an exciting flair, which drives the thrill further upwards. Gamer in USA also prefer such machine games.

Fire of Egypt was created by the well-known software developer Mercury and is just as high as all the games of the manufacturer. The RTP of the game is over 95%. A minimum use of 0.25 $ and a maximum use of 10.00 can be used per rotation.

The properties of the slot

The slot machine is set up with a number of four rollers, three rows and a total of 25 paylines. If there are on a line that starts at least three same symbols together from the first left roller, a profit is distributed. This varies depending on the character and number of same symbols.

Here are some additional facts:

  • As with most machine games, a winning combination is also needed at Fire of Egypt to allow payouts to the player account in the online casino.
  • The symbol with the pharaoh is the highest quality icon with this slot. Because it is equipped with the highest multiplier and brings through his fivefold appearance after the spin on a payline on the screen in the online casino a win amount in Jackpot height. 500 times the insert is multiplied.
  • Further properties are the sound settings and autoplay function. Individually, each player can adjust as he wants to play.

Playing slot machines for free can users to get to know the symbols for free and to view the payout table.

Features in Fire of Egypt

Features such as bonus or free games does not offer the slot. Nevertheless, high gains are possible because the multipliers are richly equipped. In addition, the slot machine like all Mercury has games via the gamble function. Each profit can be used at this feature to multiply it.

For free Fire of Egypt we recommend above all beginners and players who are not familiar with the gamble function yet. So you can get to know free features to maximize winning opportunities.

Especially at the machine is that same symbols can occur on one another. This makes a frame of four rollers and three rows with the same symbol. This is a huge profit distributed, since all paylines are multiplied and paid out.

Fire of Egypt in the online casino

In the online casino Gamer choose the game Fire of Egypt for free or with real money. For the mode with real money, users log in to a few steps with the required data. After the bonus was adopted, playing can be started. So gamers also keep the chance to significant profits with small missions.

Play for free Gamer without registration. No download is needed for the game. The machine game as well as the slot twin spin was designed for use on the desktop, but also for mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. An app is not available for this because the game is opened directly over the browser.

Fire of Egypt without registration

Play Fire of Egypt for free Without registration, Gamer can only in the online casino. Also experienced gamers use the free service to cope with a matching strategy, which they then use with real money and achieve big gains with happiness.

Automatic games Free Recommend for gamers, who are not familiar with playing. As a result, the functions are tested, determined profit opportunities and strategies for free.

Tips for Fire of Egypt with real money inserts

The paylines can be chosen individually. Here are some tips to contribute to a positive gameplay:

  • Risk-relevant players use the slot machine with fewer lines and equip them with higher amounts to achieve higher sales sums through a hit.
  • Beginners and users with small budgets should therefore rather use all paylines in order to get profits as often as possible. As a result, the budget is not used up so quickly and the chance of large gains kept open longer.
  • Since the slot is suitable for both gamers with small budget as well as for high scooters, all interests will take advantage of the game. Each gamer should play his budget accordingly and always make sure it serves for entertainment. Because a winning guarantee is not available as with all gaming.

Conclusion to Fire of Egypt

Fire of Egypt Play for free provides entertainment. Nevertheless, it can be annoying when gains are achieved that do not land on the account. Therefore, Gamers should at least keep up with small missions opportunities on profits.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: June 17, 2021