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Keno is not just a great game that is preferred by many players, but it is also easy. The game has recently won more and more fans and is offered today not only in the state lottery collection points, but you can also enjoy keno online in the internet casinos and partly even free. For example, you can use an online Keno bonus without deposit, with which you make real missions and thus make real money, without having to have previously made a deposit yourself.

About Keno Online: A worldwide popular lottery game

Everywhere in the world, the lottery game is very popular, as it gives the players the chance to make the dream of a million profit come true, if the right numbers are typed. Even though very few players just have this luck to win a sum that their lives completely changed, so it's the thought of being able to win so much fortune that the players are waiting for the drawing to the draw.

In the virtual casinos, there are no millions of jackpots in millions, as they are sometimes found in the national and state lotteries. But still the online gamebanks also have an interesting game to offer: Keno. For this lottery game, the winning opportunities are significantly cheaper and the drawings take place more often. Basically, in the online casino, a draw is made when you want it.

However, the house advantage varies depending on the provider and is above all disadvantageous if he moves in a double-digit sum. The probability that you meet a correct number of 24, is 0.25%. Even if the profits at the Keno can be really good, you should nevertheless be ingenious. If you register yourself in an online game hall to earn lucrative profits there, then you should not do without the Keno Bonus, which you receive regularly for the first account charging.

Short and sweet:

  • Keno is a lottery game
  • The drawings take place when needed
  • There are better winning opportunities than in state lotteries
  • The house advantage varies

The online Keno Bonus

Free real money bonus

To restore: Basically, there is no direct Keno bonus, but it is more of a regular welcome bonus. With this your starting credit will be improved, but you should not blindly select such a bonus, but pay attention to the conditions that linked it. Not the amount of the sign up credit is crucial, but the terms of sales!

Surely it is great and especially tempting when it is a bonus of 1 for the first deposit.500 $ exist, instead of a 100 $ drives. But what if the provider pretends sales conditions, the statements that you have to implement the bonus amount 40 times and from the 1.500 $ premium ultimately only 200 $ will be paid? The reason: The bonus amount remains at the casino and the maximum profit, which is paid, may not exceed 200 $. The 100% offer with a bonus amount of max. 100 $, on the other hand, is perhaps with a 20-fold turnover and will be paid completely at the end. Here you do not have to have studied BWL or mathematics to see which bonus is worthwhile.

Briefly summarized:

  • Special Keno Boni does not exist
  • Common bonus offers can be used
  • Not lure with large amounts
  • Pay attention to favorable sales conditions

The Casino Games: Which can you use?

Your secret "Keno Strategy" will hardly be able to use, because often games like Keno, Roulette, but also blackjack and other table games are excluded from the bonus. If this is not the case, then they are counted with a maximum of 10% in the fulfillment and that means that the bonus specifications in truth are still much harder. If you want to free your bonus amount, then you should not put on table games or lotteries like keno.

Always hold you to the terms of sales!

Whether bonus without deposit or addition to the first deposit: basically always read the bonus conditions and ensure that you understood this so that you do not experience any evil surprises at the payment. If necessary, ask for customer support! Because no matter what online game bench, violations of the rollover conditions are punished hard.

Bonus offers at the Keno

Keno is becoming increasingly popular, but it is still not popular enough to offer the casino providers special keno bonuses or free games. But we still found some of our research. They are so-called "special games boni". Also these offers are not a pure Keno bonus offer - so not only specifically for Keno - but you can use it. Often these special bonuses are connected to a bonus code that you have to specify at the deposit.

Conclusion: A Keno Bonus accept only in serious casinos

A serious online casino always has a valuable $pean license, for example from Malta or Gibraltar and puts the bonus conditions transparent and above all understandable. This means that in addition to the bonus code, the deposit and spotlights can be seen. The explanations should be clearly and unmistakably explained directly in the bonus offer as well as in the terms and conditions.

We wish you good luck while playing with a corresponding Keno Bonus!

ask & answers

  • What brings me a free (keno) bonus?

    A Keno No Deposit Bonus is the best you can find and this is usually between one and ten $. With this bonus you can try Keno risks with real money and weigh for you, whether the game suits you. In addition, you can take a picture of the operator at the same time before transferring your first deposit.

  • Which casinos offer the best bonuses?

    It is recommended that you look for casinos that can be found in the comparison on corresponding pages under the top ranks. This offers high probability the best bonus offers. Underneath, bonusoffs are often found for the mobile game.

  • What is better? A small or a high bonus?

    This is a flat-rate not to answer because it depends on the punching conditions. If you have no experience yet, however, should definitely be considered a casino bonus, because so is the risk of suffering losses, not as high as without bonus. Whether you should use an additional capital to play, no one can tell you! One thing we can tell you, however: Keno is also a gamble and if you are going to the winner or not, that decides happiness!

  • Can I play without a bonus?

    Of course, this is all alone in your decision. Many players do not use a bonus, whether with or without deposit, as they are always on conditions. You would prefer to pay off your profits right without having to fulfill the requirements.

Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: March 2, 2021

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