Postcode lottery experiences

What is postcode lottery at all?

In 2016, the Postal Lottery system under the motto "for a good purpose" went to the first time in USA. The following report gives an explorable overview of our postcode lottery experiences and shows what awaits the gambler after now four years. The special incentive of this unique social emergency is undoubtedly in the combination of trying its luck and to support local support projects at the same time.

Lotto games for the well-being of the general public:

  • Donate with every lot for a good thing
  • Win together with the neighborhood
  • Monthly prize pool of 2.5 million $
  • Daily and weekly winning opportunities
  • 1x a month drawing of the main win
  • Additional raffle for brand new 1er BMW

We explain what kind of game communities arise to win together and promote charitable projects in their own federal state. Because anyone is one of the happy winners, with each lot a social aid project is supported. In advance, our test lit all the facts as to whether the lottery organizers act serious or if any kind of scam behind it.

Is the offer of postcode lottery serious and reliable?

The charitable postcodes Lotto was originally founded in 1989 in the Netherlands of the Novamedia. Meanwhile, the social lottery system of the charity group in Sweden, Norway and since 2016 will also be offered here by internet. The responsible organizer for all USA is the Postcode Lottery DT Non-Profensive GmbH, whose firm is located in Dusseldorf.

The Lotteriesellschaft has state permit from the Ministry of the Interior and Sports of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, which is responsible for gambling supervisory authority. The granted approval is equally valid in all US federal states. Therefore, there are no doubts about the seriousness of the site operator.

In addition, the website is operated via an encrypted SSL security log and is awarded with a Saarland certificate as TÜV tested lottery system. In addition, secure payment methods are available for the settlement of money transfer. So loosely can be purchased via SEPA direct debit, the credit card VISA and MasterCard or the electronic purse PayPal. Profit payments are made automatically via the same online payment service.

What does postcode mean at the postal codes lottery?

Before choosing for a loose purchase, it is of course important to understand what the profit determination is based. To participate in the drawings, each player receives a virtual lottery with an individual number. Each lot number consists of a combination of three basic components that are systematically bonded.

Then a detailed explanation based on an X-arbitrary lot number as an example for the better understanding of the individual elements. So the breakdown would look like a lottery ticket with the number 80686 Yes 007 as follows:

Postcode + Street code (= Postcode) + Number Code = One-time win

  1. 80686 - Five digits that correspond to the postal code of your own place of residence.
  2. Yes - two letters as a street code for determining the respective partial area.
  3. 007 - Three digits as a unique number of numbers for the uniqueness of the lot.

The postcode thus always consists of the five-digit postal code and a specific letter code for residence. There is a little more than 8 for all US federal states.800 different postal codes with private households. From the lottery driver, every single postcode district was assigned averaging approximately 150-200 different letter combinations, which represent the street code for around 25 households in the immediate vicinity.

This results for about 1.8 million different postcodes for all USA. This basic code is supplemented for a unique lot number in which computer-controlled via random generator automatically adds a three-digit number code for each release purchase. Depending on the type of draw, either postcode or individual lot number forms the basis that decides on one or more common winners of the neighborhood.

Commonality as a game principle of social postcode lottery

The lottery game communities are generally widespread, with the participants often not know each other personally. Here, the non-profit postcode lottery is fundamentally different from other lottery systems. Due to the unique postcode principle, recent logic properties are automatically formed under the next local residents in the same street block and on top of that are supported by the lot purchase aid organizations of the direct environment.

If the own postcode is pulled, just as all the neighbors who are owned by a valid lot of the US Postlottery. So you can cheer and celebrate together with your own neighborhood. In order for participants in metropolitan centers no disadvantages arise, each street community only includes about 25 households, such a whether in the big city or in the countryside.

The monthly costs of lottery subscriptions amount to 12.50 $ per lot. From this amount, 30 percent of non-profit support projects in own federal state. Thus, independent of the chances of winning each month, 3.75 per lotterielos is donated for a good cause.

How does postcode lottery work?

Online players have the opportunity to conclude a subscription for one to a maximum of three permness. You can either register by phone and contact customer service via a toll-free phone number or simply fill in the practical order form on the homepage.

  1. Specify exact address with postal code, street and house number to find out the own letter code. For the personal Lotterielos, a single number code determined by randomly determined number code is added to the assigned postcode.
  2. Select preferred method of payment and grant direct debit authorization for one, two or three lots of 12.50 $ per month to complete the subscription contract.
  3. Each paid monthly is automatically participated in the entire draw scale of a month. The current deadline for the decance date is on the website, usually the Tuesday, which precedes the first Thursday of the month.
  4. Every week every week all drawn postcodes are published on the website. In addition, all winners receive a personal understanding by phone, e-mail or on normal postal route.

So it's easy to participate in the social emergency and pursue the profits. Our own postcode lottery experience in the login process via the formed form on the website went quickly and uncomplicated. On as little problem, our test participants encountered the logo by phone.

What are the winning opportunities at the Postcode Lotto?

Since the soothing feeling of doing something good for the general public, of course, is not enough as a game of gaming, the US Postcode Lottery promises 2020 warranty profits from a total of 29.7 million $. Where the monthly prize pool is divided into several exciting postcode draws at different prices. In addition, the organizers raffle once a month from the individually unique lottery loots a sleek new car as an extra price.

Currently the lottery society guarantees a total amount of 2.500.000, - $ per month and each participant can work together with his neighborhood prices from 10, - $ and up to 550.000, - win $. Daily winners are drawn from all filed lotterios and every month ends with the drawing of the main profit as a final highlight of the profit period. The postcode lottery game system is based on a very special draw calendar, as the following monthly overview shows.

  • Every week Sunday: At the weekly Sunday education, 24 will.000 Postcodes pulled and to each lot number that includes a profit code 10, - $ paid out.
  • Every week Monday to Friday: During the week, two postcodes will win daily, which match each participant whose monthly with one of the two combinations 1.000, - bring in $.
  • Every week Saturday: At Saturday education, only a winning postcode is determined, but each loose owner of the drawn postal code and the corresponding street code with a rich profit payment of 10.000, - $ pleased.
  • Every 4. Saturday of the month: On the fourth Saturday of each month, the tension increases by the additional raffle with the raffle of a sparkle star 1er BMW & # 8217; s to the holder of the drawn number code of the unique lotterielose.
  • Main admission to the end of the month: The big monthly gain over a total of 1.1 million $ is raffled by the drawing of a single postcode. Where 550.000, - $ to be divided on all lots with the winner postcode and the remaining 550.000, - $ on all participants with the drawn postal code.

Package seen the winning opportunities depend on the number of participants. As a pronounce the main profit, we are similarly small to crack like a jackpot in the casino and is certainly pure lucky thing. It always matters how many neighbors of a revier play. The more lots of participating with the same postcode, the higher the prospect to be pulled. On the other hand, this drops the proportion of the grand prize, for this, in turn, the entire street community has a reason to celebrate.

Who has already won the postcode lottery?

On the website you can see all the latest results and exactly follow the profit numbers by 2016. Month for month, details of the check handover of the main win and weekly road prices will be announced. Since the names are only allowed to be published with the explicit consent of the lucky winner, of course, not every single lottery player is named with positive experience by name.

What is the social factor in the Postcode Lottery?

Together with the organizers in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands, US social emissions are one of the world's most significant fundraers in the private sector. For example, around 10 billion $ were provided for charitable projects within the last 30 years. Whoever participates in the US Postcode Lottery, automatically donates 30% for charitable social projects from the 12.50 $ of the lottery. The power per lotterielos monthly 3.75 $ and up to 11.25 $ at three loose.

As a result, since the existence of the Social Online Lottery in USA has already been able to benefit numerous funding projects in all federal states of more than 47 million $. On the homepage you will find a good overview of the enormous range with informative details and experiences of all projects. The facts are undoubtedly speak for themselves and some kind of postcode lottery fraud in terms of social projects can definitely exclude.

The most diverse aid organizations, such as SOS Children's Village, Greenpeace or WWF USA are supported. The conveying areas include the extensive protection of the environment and nature, educational projects for equal opportunities and various charitable social cohesion events. Aid projects with a focus on old-age poverty and homeless people are promoted as well as for victims of domestic violence, to the latest support projects to the corona crisis.

How can you terminate a subscription at the postcode lottery?

Participation in the monthly lottery licenses can be revoked at any time. To finish the contractual relationship, there are generally two options. Each loose owner can dissolve his subscription either in writing by post or by telephone at customer service.

Termination by phone:

Free phone number 0800 800 66 80

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00

Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00

Address for letter of termination:

Postcode Lotterie Dt gGmbH

Martin-Luther-Platz 28

40212 Dusseldorf

Any termination will be effective only after the end of the current drawing period. An already deducted monthly post can not be refunded and the loose takes place automatically at the drawings of the following month. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the deadline.

Pro and Contra of the US Postcode Lottery

Legal online lottery for a good cause
Low monthly cost of 12.50 per lot
30% of the month's contribution serve regional charity
Daily drawings with profit guarantee
The more neighboring participants, the higher the winning opportunities
Only three permanent can be subscribed per person
No additional game options are offered

Summary and Postcode Lottery Reviews

Deutsche Postcodes Lotto is a state-approved online lottery, whose seriousness there are no doubt. Whether you decide to the lottery game or prefer his luck in one Online GamesCasino Challenges, still a personal taste question. The non-profit postcode lottery offers some interesting aspects in any case to play lotto.

If you donate at a gambling simultaneously for a charitable purpose and does something good for the general public, then that's definitely a fine thing. Moreover, the extra fun factor in common playing with the narrowest neighborhood can not be made by hand. All in all, the lottery organizers are therefore cutting with a consistently positive rating.

Excerpt from the FAQ area

You can choose the social funding goal yourself?
Each subscription will find a selection under my account a selection of what kind of aid projects one wants to support. On the website, useful information about countless charitable organizations can be broken through in all variants.
How can you update or change your data?
Some updates can easily be made in your own account itself. For changing the payment method or postcode due to a new home address, customer service is to be contacted. Either free of charge by phone 0800 800 66 80, about the e-mail info @ postcode lottery.or alternatively on the normal post.
When and how will profits be paid?
Each winner will be informed by post, e-mail or telephone and the payout is automatically within 28 days via the payment service, from which the monthly release fee is debited.
Must be taxed by a profit achieved in the social nottery?
No, in USA Lotto winnings are generally tax-free. However, social assistance recipients are subject to the obligation to register with the competent authority, which can be accounted for or reduced social benefits from a certain amount of win.
Author: Steffen Baumann
last update: April 12, 2021

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